Thankful Thursday

Happy Happy Day to you :)  For this addition of Thankful Thursday I would like to make note of 3 of my favorite couples- the Cabrera's, the Tapella's, and the Dunaway's!  These people are particularly fresh on my mind because this Friday is Supper Club at the Cabrera's- and I am oh-so-excited!  I always get excited to see our sweet friends, but when the food is positively delightful (that was a Bree Van De Camp thing to say..) shared with many laughs-until-you-cry's, it is almost depressing to say goodnight (hence our many drives home past midnight.)

These pictures are a minimal justification of the many times we have shared.  To my precious friends- your constant smiles and contageous laughs puts me in the best mood everytime.  I love,love, love our talks and laughs and fun times.  I cannot get enough!  Here's to many more years of our friendship.

Next week.. Broken Bow Bonanzaaa.  Let the countdown begin!

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Jacqueline and Travis Tapella said...

Way fun post! We have had some fun nights together for sure! Can't wait for tomorrow night AND next weekend!!

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