Thankful Thursday

For those of you that do not know.. I am not only a Registered Dietitian, I am also a Personal Chef.  I cook for one couple in particular on a weekly basis.  The woman has some special diet needs, so what is greater than a registered dietitian that knows her way around the kitchen!?  So.. what does this have to do with Thankful Thursday.. Well- my Saturday consists of 3 lists, 3 grocery stores..sometimes 4.. and 3+ hours of my time.  I have a cooler in my trunk and a multitude of cloth grocery bags in tow when I shop.  My iPhone has made my life a lot easier with all the handy apps..in particular, my grocery shopper app!  Not only does it save me a ton of time, but dreaded hand cramps, too! 

 I want to give a big 'Thank You' Miss Lall.. AHEM.. Dunaway.  I was lost for my TT post today, and you reminded me of the greatness of my Grocery Shopping App.  Oh my gracious. The greatest app ever invented- well for now at least.  I've been using a different app for my grocery shopping list(s) until about 3 weeks ago I decided to browse for others to try.  I was tired of the same one.  I've been using it every weekend for almost two years now- and my eyes have gotten bored.  SO.  Enter new iPhone App. Grocery IQ provides me with a database of thousands of grocery items, barcode scanning, multi-store lists (I shop frequently at Wal*mart, Market Street, Whole Foods, Costco/Sam's..and now since the move- I've made Target, Kroger, and Central Market lists!) Allows you to add product details- like price, weight, and quanity-Aisle organizations.. my list goes in order of the way that I make my way through the store- so I don't get to the end and realize I skipped  something on the other end of the store. I is so so so so easy to use.  My other app wasn't always so user friendly. 

Plus.. drumroll, please.. It. Is. Free. 

So.. I am thankful this Thursday for my grocery shopping app.  What are you thankful for?

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