Thankful Thursday

I've been lazy on this Thankful Thursday bit I started.  I got a whopping 3 weeks of consistency and fell off.  Dangit.  Usually it would be Friday when I realized that I had forgotten about it.  Jordan reminded me yesterday that I needed to remember Thankful Thursdays.. so here I am.  I found it difficult to not be so material about the things I'm thankful for when trying to come up with one thing to blog about today.  Finally, this morning as I was doing my morning Quite Time I realized exactly what I am thankful for.  My Journal.  I spend so much time in my journal and never realized how helpful it truly is for me.  Reading and praying is one thing- but it is also helpful (to me anyway..) to write my thoughts down.  A few months back Jordan and I decided we wanted to 'journal'.. not sure how or why that conversation started but we were in the car and ended up at Barnes and Noble in the stationary section trying to pick the best one for each of us.  I selected one that Jordan picked up and said 'This is an Amber journal..'  whatever than means.. but I went with it.  I usually have it in my purse.. just in case a thought or idea pops in my brain I want to jot down. If I don't carry it with me I'll forget once I make it to the house. A couple days ago I was sitting at a red light and a song sparked my interest into something worthy of ink and paper.

So, I like to have it with me- even if it does make my purse a little heavy. 
In my new found journaling experience I've come to the conclusion that you don't have to be a great writer, perfect speller, or creative thinker to keep a personal journal. Journal writing means whatever you want it to mean.  I am Thankful for that today. 

What are you thankful for this Thursday?

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Mix and Match Mama said...

Hey girl! Thanks for your comment :). I've been checking my dashboard every day waiting to see pics of the new pad. I'm quite anxious!!! (And maybe we can come see it in person soon too?????). Have a great day!

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