Random Monotonics

I am a creature of habit.  Although random at times, well, most of the time.. I will pick and choose certain things that I repeat over and over again.  I try something new and decide I love it and will repeat that function over and over for days, weeks, months.. years.  Take for example..

Since I was a freshman in high school I have repeated the same morning routine (so this would be years of monotonics.) I fill a large plastic cup (this has changed over the years.. different cup.. although it is still plastic and big.) to the top with ice and then fill with Diet Coke to the brim (Don't forget the long straw..and the straw has to go in before the ice..) and place in the freezer.  After a shower and brushing out the mop of hair and dousing the naturally curly hair with hair product to make it straight, I grab my half frozen Diet Coke and enjoy it during the remaining time I spend getting ready.  I will say that my mom used to do this for me.. no more mom.. and Jordan abruptly denies my requests everytime :)

 How about breakfast? 

During the week and occasionally on the weekends I repeat with 1/4-1/2 cup of Organic Pumpkin Flaxseed granola and one 5oz Plain Oikos Greek organic yogurt.. this breakfast goes in the same bowl, too.  Creature of habit, folks.  Plus it is delicious. 

Most recently I have developed a liking of Snapple iced tea at my lunch meal. I have significantly cut back on my DC intake (Hallelujah.) and replaced it with other things like water.. (if you know me personally this is BIG.  Huge, actually.) Snapple is wonderfully tasty and entertaining as well.  Underneath each cap there is a funny and unusual tidbit of information that I will always remember.  So lunch is not only a time to fill my hungry belly- but I look forward to reading what is under that cap!  Some of my favorites:

*Dolphins sleep with one eye open.
*Vultures can fly 6 hours without flapping their wings
*Lemons have more sugar than strawberries
*Maine is the only state with a one-syllable name
     (go ahead and try to prove this wrong.  Pretty sure I did..)
*A Goldfish's attention span is only 3 seconds (Good.. so Lou is in the clear.)
*Broccoli is the only vegetable that is also a flower (So, what about a chocolate flower?)
*A Bullfrog is the only animal that never sleeps (poor thing..)
*President Warren G. Harding once lost White House china in a poker game.
     (Running our country right! HaHa!)
Anyway..You are now smarter because of me on this Wednesday. I'll continue with my Snapple habit, for now.  I'll keep you updated time and time again with more Randoms of my Monotonics.. I'm not so weird.  You have them, too.  I'm sure of it.

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