RW 2011

After three years of attempts, it finally happened.  No- this is not a pregnancy announcement.. this is a Stephan Pyles announcement.  This weekend marks the end of Restuarant Week in Dallas/Fort Worth.  For three solid years I've made attempts to get into this restaurant with no success.  When I got wind of reservation acceptions- over a month ago (I like to plan ahead) - I jumped right to my handy OpenTable  iPhone app (I LOVE this app..) and booked a table for 4. Frea-king-Awe-So-me.

Of course the bestie and her hilarious hubby were to be seated at the other two chairs in our table for four!
Jordan is always such a good sport.  Since my regular RW Foodie Friend moved to Chicago, he has been tagging along to celebrate restaurant week with me for the past two years.
 I love my D-ways.  Ashley and Jarret are such the handsome couple!
 About 3 minutes after this picture was shot, Chef Pyles was spotted by Jarrett greeting the guests at various tables.  Of course I began to shift to and fro in my chair- and was made aware that I twirl my hair when I'm nervous.  What if he came to say hello to our table? 

He did.  Stevie Py was so polite and courteous.  His hand was on the back of MY chair.  Mine.. yep..standing right next to me.  His addition to our dining table turned a fabulous night into a fantabulous night!  Not to mention the food was outstanding.  I chose the following off the RW menu:
  • First Course: Maple Glazed Chipotle Pork Belly with Pickled Peached
  • Second Course: Bay of Fundy Salmon with Vanilla Polenta and Bean Ragout
  • Third Course: Butterscotch Panna Cotta with some sort of chocolate trifle ball thingy... deliciousness.  Thats what it was. 
Oh yes, yummy dins and lovely times with our good friends.  Three years?  Worth the wait.

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