Tapella's Plus Top Golf..

Equals Beautifully good times and Baby Love!  This weekend Jordan and I met up with a third of our Supper Club crew to test out our golfing skills.. which equates to a lot of laughing and repeated swings and misses.  I've decided that my golfing skills-or lack thereof- are pretty sad. 
I think this picture speaks clear- Jordan is laughing at his wife..that after three, yes, three attempts to hit the ball off the tee, I did indeed finally hit it.  It landed 3 inches from the tee.  How does that happen? 
So I went right over and snagged that sweet baby Landon from his arms to get some good baby lovin' in.  I am good at that, at least! Landon has the sweetest pouty lips.. I couldn't help but giggle when he pushed it out. 
 Landon Lovin'- Jacqueline was sneaky with her picture taking!
Pretty Momma- love LOVE this girl
 Landon is quite the little observer
Jordan attempting to explain to me how to swing.  He has played golf ZERO times in his life.  His experiences stops at the driving range with his fire station buddies.   I did my best to listen with intentions to follow his instruction.  I was SURE to be a success ;)  tehe..
 Feet level.. hands in the place he showed me..
Here..let me show you.  I'm taking this seriously- if you can't tell :)
 Batter Up!  Wait..wrong sport?
Travis showed us all up.. he's only been playing for..oh- I don't know.. his entire life.  This was serious business.
Love my hubby- handsome man!
Fantabulous time with these Tapella friends!  Attempt one at Top Golf was a success- We still have our game cards, so the Massey's are up for more!  Any takers?! 

C'mon.. you know you want to see my skills.


The Dunaways said...
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The Dunaways said...

this post makes me jelly... re-do with the dunaways ASAP!

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