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Just Wanted to Share..

Jenn and Me

My sweet friend and the best office buddy- EVER

Carter and Me 

..and definitely my favorite 4-year old on the planet. 

This past weekend Jordan and I enjoyed the beautiful weather with Jenn, James, and Carter.  We grabbed a yummy bite to eat right by the house- entertained the entire meal with Carter's wildman antics.

Love these peeps :)  Just wanted to share my love for them with you!

Happy Wednesday! 


St. Patty's Day 2012

Story of the minute- I can't seem to  pull it together to get things posted soon enough.  CB keeps me really busy- and in between that and work and, oh.. being a good great wife, I'm about a week behind with this post. 

For St. Patrick's Day this year, Jordan and I opted for fun times at the Tapella's for the day's entirety- as apposed to fighting the crazy lunatics in downtown anywhere USA. 

It was a perfect choice- we had a full day of great fun with our bestest. 

The boys enjoyed green beer (blecchhh)
Love these girls beyond words.  I had a great time with them alllllll day!
 The Cabrera's
 The Tapella's and Landon being an absolute doll baby
 The Massey's showing some Landon love.. I don't know that I put him down for longer than 10 minutes the entire day.  Love that baby!
 Sweet Diana and me
 There is that green beer again. YUck.  But St. Patrick's Day isn't quite St. Patrick's Day without it. 
There was a spread of food.. but all we got was the fruit.
The Cabrera's made green Jell-O.  It was quite delish! ;)
Something called and Irish Car Bomb..?  The boys played along. 
 And then Jac and me, along with Jennifer (not pictured) played along, too.  But not before a giggle fit.  So much fun with this girl.
Ok- so from Car Bombs and Green Beer to Cake Pops- courtesy of J.Tapella. 
J and I enjoyed the yummy yummy yummy cake pops. 

Jordan ate about 15.  No lie.
The group- almost.. a couple fun peeps had already left ;(

Jordan and Chris got cozy in the back row. 

It was a random group- but so much fun!  We had met several of the other couples at the Tapella's July 4th party last year, so it was on of those 'Oh, hey- yes we've met! Nice to see you!'

I say much better than any parade we could have gone to. MUCH better :)

Thanks Tapella's!  Love, LOVE you!! 


Cabrera Supper Club

Friday marked another month under our belt for Supper Club- this time at the Cabrera's.
As you can see- it was an outstanding spread of food! 

Check out Chocolate Broccoli for the recipes, and for more fun SC times.
I snapped a few pictures over the course of the evening.. and I might say we may or may not have had WAY too much fun with the camera.   
Landon as always, cute as a button and a perfect nineth addition to our group.  Although Ashley has a pinboard titled 'Someday..Not Soon'.. she and Jarrett spent plenty of time with sweet Lando :)  You can deny it all you want, woman.. but none of us girl are buying it. 
Jordan.. laughing hysterically at the impersonations between Travis and Jarrett.  We learned a lot (and laughed a lot) about them (and at them!) at this moment. I also learned my husband has his own impersonation.  Def never something I've seen at home.. it is a fire station thing.. and now a Supper Club thing, apparently..
Our Boys
Again.. with the GQ-ish abilities.  Landon fits in so well, too.
My presh ladies. I love that I have seen them two weekends in a row (next weekend will be a third!) Sweet Diana was standing on the fireplace to get up with height.  Jacqu and I had on heels- towering over her! 
For any indication as to how much fun our evenings turn into, this picture may do it.  Jarrett being silly (classic, for sure.) Too bad the group pictures aren't blog worthy..
I threatened to frame them for my guest bath. 

You never know when you'll need a good laugh ;)


Happy Birthday to my Young 30 Year Old

Saturday marked a big day for my sweetie- he hit the big 3-0!  For about 2 months I have been plotting to figure out details on how we would celebrate this milestone, as you only turn thirty once.  Jordan continued to express his need to NOT have a real celebration, but I ignored this request.  I like to surprise him, as I have done something special to give a small surprise for the past couple of years.  He works so hard for us, and never takes time to do things for himself really.. so I decided his 30th was going to be special- whether he liked it or not!

His mom and I planned to have the usual family birthday dinner, or at least thats what we told hime we were doing :)

Andrea at Slightly Askew Designs outdid herself (as usual, and most definitely expected.)  The banners and invites were created from her talented brain.
 Bree and I spent plenty of time planning and prepping for it- we had a great time together, for sure!
More decorations!
For the record, those little fluffy paper balls are the devil. 
 Blue, brown, grey and silver was the color scheme. We did burlap accents as well.
I provided a slew of baby/childhood photos to Andrea- hoping she would be able to do something with them. 
The banner was amazing- so many fun pictures to look at! Such a hit at the party- Jordan had a good time looking at all the memories.
The appetizers :)
Chile BBQ Meatballs, Pizza Pinwheels, Homemade Salsa, Fruit and Yogurt Dip, Spinach Artichoke Dip

We were full before the main course!
 I got these mini chalkboards from Stephanie at All Things Grand off Etsy.  Oh the glories of Etsy:)
The grub! 
Dickey's BBQ delivered Jordan's favorite meats- Jalapeno Cheddar Sausage and Sliced Turkey Breast.

Bree made Slow Cooked Maple Pinto Beans AND the Potato Casserole..Good grief woman.   
Dinner is served!
We, of course, sang Happy Birthday to my sweet Pumpkin- he was making sure to hear harmony from some of his fire house buddies.  Smartie Pants that he is. 
Dessert (Sorry for the dark pictures!)
Nothing Bundt Cakes-  Whoaaaa YUM
Marble Cake, Chocolate Chocolate Chip, and White Chocolate Raspberry
..and Jordan's requested Banana Pudding.  Bree and I filled these little cups for half the evening the night before :)  Jordan was conveniently at the fire station.
Happy Birthday to YOU!!  I love him!
Our Supper Club friends came out for the 'surprise'  Jordan actually had an inkling that I had planned something.. so, we walked in after seeing Trav and Jac parking.  The look on their face was almost as priceless as the surprise look that was supposed to be across Jordan's face.  

Travis thought they had blown the cover, for sure!

Almost the complete group- one, very important person, missing here.. Thank you Ash for sending Jarrett solo- we LOVED that he came, but missed you SO-OO-OO much :)  We needed you during the debate over the timeline of our SC.. how long have we been doing this?!  All of us would agree that you would know the exact date it all started.

Oh, and I don't think I have ever formally thanked you for instigating my best friendships :)  But, this post is dedicated to the birthday boy.. so, back to Jordan! 
 Umm, hello?  GQ, much?
Luke and Stephanie.. looking forward to plenty of high heels and sports coats for the Ole Miss games ;) 
Flatwear?  At a tailgate?  Apparently yes!  

Jacqueline- we have to start planning our outfits.. and we MUST get Jordan a sports coat.  HA!
Jordan also got a healthy dose of fire house LOVE! 
 Thank you, Sanderson's, Lambert's, and Clayton's for coming to celebrate Jordan
Mason and Jordan- best friends since high school- 10+ years and still closer than ever.  Love this kiddo!
The Massey's, plus a Vineyard
My sweet lovie is 30 years old- and more handsome than ever.  I am so excited to see what the next thirty years does for his looks.. a selfish desire of my own heart :)

Life doesn't get much better than this- Happy Birthday, Jordan!
I love you!
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