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To Sum it All Up..

This past weekend was yet another busy one at the Massey household! It started Friday afternoon and didnt quite stop until Sunday evening! Friday Jordan and I went to visit Aldon and Ashley's (Jordan's cousins on his mom's side) new house in Cedar Hill. It was kind of a drive, but Jordan and I rode to work Friday morning together since he had his clinical at Children's Labor and Delivery (that is another story to note later!) We arrived at Aldon and Ashley's to find everyone there.. Bree, Roy, Jenna, Adam (Jenna's Boyfriend), Aldon's parents and Granny and Woggie. Oh, and Breann, Aldon's sister was there, too! Full house if you ask me! Anyway, we ate dinner and hung out, being entertained by Baby Rayn, Aldon's little girl. She is a doll. Anyway, it was nice to see everyone, it had been awhile since we were all together.

Saturday Jordan and I celebrated Jenna's 26th birthday with the family and some friends at Pappasito's. That place is amazing! Loves it. They sang to Jenna, and made her stand up in her chair in the mean time! She, of course, took the opportunity to dance and make a good laugh out of an uncomfortable situation. Leave it to Jenna!
Sunday Jordan yet again worked to Cowboy game, and so I stayed home and cleaned house and decided it was time to make some kind of order out of our office. The office had been in disaster state since we moved in, with boxes still unpacked and sitting in the middle of the floor. It finally got the best of me and I broke down and totally cleaned it up and filed all the old mail, ect..ect. I was completely relieved to have it done. All evening I kept going out of my way to walk by the newly cleaned room. That feeling of accomplishment is so nice :) Whew. Overall another good and jam-packed weekend with my hubby!!
I LOVE this picture. Baby Rayn and Jordan. She had an obsession with her school bus and she was playing a game with J that eveytime she would push the button to make it play music he would push her around on the car. It was sooo cute watching them, and I caught this shot right at the perfect moment. As soon as I flashed the picture, everyone made an "awwww" and she started laughing! It was adorable. Jordan looking good in his scrubs. I mentioned before he was at L&D @ Children's. He delivered a baby girl that day. So cool if you ask me. He was pretty pumped about the whole experience.
Me and J. We are both soooo tired from the week, and the busy weekend had just begun!
At Pappasito's
Jenna and her "Oh I'm so shocked you are making me do this"face
She is over it..gettin' jiggy wit it.
The Birthday Girl and Myself
Me and Roy (Jordan's Dad) I am cheesin' so hard!!!
Stay weekend is another busy one with the Massey's!!


Bicycles, Ice Skates, & a Hospital All-Nighter = One Busy Weekend!!

Whew-this weekend was full to the brim!! Lemme see if I can break it down. Friday we went to Mel and Brian's house for dinner with their sweet little ones. Brian has an interview with Irving Fire Dept. on Wednesday and Jordan and I went so that he and Brian could talk about the expectations of the interview. We ordered pizza and Mel and I talked about anything and everything and Jordan and Brian talked about fire stuff. It was a nice and low key evening. Saturday morning I woke up at 5:30am so that I could be in Fort Worth by 7:00am. I am a member for the American Diabetes Association and every year they put on an event sponsoring the awareness and study of diabetes. The past two years the ADA has put on an event called TourdeCure, a 65 mile bike ride, at the Texas Motor Speedway. Anyway, I was a volunteer (but was wishing the whole time I was a rider!!) and me and two other girls were set up at the first rest stop, The Triangle Stop. The stop was about 10 miles into the race, so we had a lot of people stop and grub on our trail mix, oranges, bananas, pretzels, animal crackers and granola bars. It was amazing to me how thankful they all were for us being there. It made it an even more gratifying experience than it already was in the first place. I also loved the fact that almost all of them were diabetics and they all looked so healthy and compliant with their lifelong committment to living with diabetes. We were offering Gatorade and water, and so many questioned what we had in the coolers, just to make sure it had some form of sugar in it to prevent their blood glucose from dropping later down the road. Overall it was such a fun experience, even if it was a chilly morning!!! Next year..I think I'll be a rider ;)
After I got home from the TourdeCure, Jordan and I left to go to the Dallas Starz! game. It was pretty much like, I walked in the door and we walked out. The game was at 1pm, and so I was rushing from Ft. Worth so we could get to the other side of the metroplex. I have been to plenty of games and it is always so fun. Hockey is one sport, besides football, that I love. It is kinda boring on tv, but at the actual arena, it is not boring at all! Anyway, we went with some friends from the fire department and had a good time. After the game we came home long enough to doctor Brittany up, and then we were off again to eat dinner. We ate at Johnny Carino's..I cannot get enough of that place! We hadn't been in awhile, so it was nice to go. They know us far too well. We always order the Italian Cream Sodas and before we could say anything, we had two at our table :) Yummy!! We ate and then I dropped J off at the house so he could go to bed. He had an allnight hospital rotation at Baylor ER. So, he went home to take a power nap before going to the hospital at 10:30pm. While he napped, I did my weekly grocery shopping. Normally I go bright and early in the morning, but, since I was in Fort Worth..I decided to do it in the evening. Needless to say it was a busy weekend, but I enjoyed it!
Abbie, Amber and Melanie-The Triangle Stop Team

Our riders getting their refreshments
James West, a Chairman of the event..He was a cutie!! He was the captain of his team The Rusty Needles. He said 'I'm an old diabetic, no pun intended.'
More Riders
American Airlines Center
Star Spangled Banner
Me and My sweetie
Brittany getting wrapped up. She pulled out two of her, we had to re-bandage her. She seems annoyed at this! You can see one of her incisions. :(
She is sitting so funny!! Such a cutie (with crazy eyes!) We LOVE her!



Poor Britt Britt!!

Spaniel's have a hereditary tendency to develop lipomas (fatty tumors) that are not harmful in any way and usually do not require removal. Anyway, Brittany had several small ones but one HUGE one under her belly against her ribs. Our vet said that it wasn't harming her or that it wasn't threatening at all, but it was very big and it just looked so uncomfortable for her when she would try and sit or lay. So, we scheduled a surgery for this morning and all went well. The tumor was about the size of a large grapefruit!! Lots of fat!! Poor girl, I just feel so bad for her.
Our vet gave her some pain killers and I could help but giggle when she tried to get up and move around when Jordan and I had turned our back. IShe was wagging her little tail as best she could! At least that is a sign she is okay. I'm looking at her right now, she is out like a light!! I am hoping tonight goes well and she isn't in too much pain...too bad she can't talk!! Our Poor Britt Britt!Britt sportin' her pink bandage ;)

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