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All Has Come to An End

This last month has been crazy busy, note, my last post was on May 31st, and July is now looming upon us.  Time has been flying.  Final rotations, staffing in the ICU as the Nutrition Support Dietitian, presenting my long awaited case study on my patient I've been following for 6+ months, and finally, 11 months have come down to one night- graduation!!  I cannot express how proud I am to accept my American Dietetics Association pin and certificate of completion of the dietetic internship program. It has been a fantastic experience, and would not have picked anyone other than the 7 people that I shared my journey with.  Looking back to last April and seeing that 'match' screen, and now realizing how far I've come, I almost want to cry.  :)

Just before graduation, Jennifer Jennings did us a huge favor and took some fun pictures for the internship 'wall of fame' in Kristi's (our director) office.  It was a surprise, and so when we presented it to her, it was an extra special surprise!  Jennifer picked the perfect spot, the river bottoms- with the skyline in the background!  I don't think she knows how to take a 'bad' picture! 

 We are done!!!!  This picture was so funny- of course Jessica, Hannah, and myself were wearing dresses..and Jenny was laughing as she edited these, I think my underwear made an appearance in a few.

Graduation night

All of us with Mrs. Neva Cochran- an amazing media dietitian and preceptor. 
 2009-2010 Texas Health Presbyterian Dietitic Interns
with Kristi- she is one amazing woman.  Can't wait for Racheeee and Jenn, and the incoming class of interns to experience what we have over the past year.
 She will always be a very special RD to me.
Although the quality is pretty bad, I wanted to include this picture of us presenting our gift to Kristi- a photo session and package with Jennifer for her and her family.  I was bawling. (Sheesh, about to bust tears typing this.)
 Not only did I land the most amazing internship, ever, but along with that I made the best of friends.  Friends that you only meet once in your lifetime.  Miss Jessica and myself
 My parents came to support me.  There is something to be said about the feeling you get in your tummy when your Dad tells you how very proud of you he is. And then there is the feeling after the second and third time..
 My in-laws were so supportive and uplifting during this past year, too!
 Me, Jackie (ICU Nutrition Support RD), Meredith (Outpatient/Psych RD), Morgan (NICU RD), and Anna- Thank you ladies for giving up your time to 8 curious and impressionable interns!

  The Wingfield's and Massey's- NEVER a dull moment.  Just before this, John and Jordan were posting for a 'prom picture'.  Boys.

It's been a long road that has come to an end..  Whew, that was one amazing road, and even as I walked out to the parking garage after check out on Friday, I still could not wrap my brain around the fact that the only thing between me and that RD/LD status is the National Registry Exam.
Time to hit the books.

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