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14 Weeks

How far along? 14 Weeks 3 days
Total weight gain: 8lbs.  Still.  Thank.The. Lord.  (Pre-pregnancy weight: 110lbs-112lbs.)
Maternity clothes? Not totally.  I've been so graciously showered with clothes from friends to help with the dreaded cost of additional clothes.  I halfway envy those of you preggo women that can wear the belly band through your entire pregnancy.  I didn't wear the band at all the entire weekend, and back in one today- pretty, well, really uncomfortable.  Blah.  This week one of only two pairs of my regular pants were too uncomfortable to wear- so down to just one now with the belly band.  Thinking I need to make the transition. 
Stretch marks? Nope
Sleep: Better!  No more regular naps in the afternoon, but I still will sneak one in here or there (wishing for one at the moment..)  Bed time for me/us is about 9pm- I'm wiped out by 7:30-8pm. 
Best moment this week: We started our registry!  Now that we know the sexes of the babies, it was easier to shop for specifics.  Jacqueline recommended that we set and appointment at Buy Buy Baby for a 'personal shop' and she helped us tremendously!  Made it a lot easier to understand what was really necessary.
Miss Anything? Still miss sleeping comfortably on my tummy.  That, and being comfortable in my clothes.  Again- thinking of making the full transition.
Movement: Nothing yet- I thought I felt a random flutter the other day while I was driving.. but I was hungry, too, so not sure it was one of these baby girls or not.
Food cravings: Dry cereal at night before bed continues. Still eating my weight in FRUIT- doesn't matter what kind it is.  Processed cheese including: Kraft Singles & Cheetos.  Sweets sort of gross me out, and so anything savory is good. 
Anything making you queasy or sick: Still eating a lot of vegetarian meals. Half of the time the thought of meat still buggs me- chicken in particular.  Still no leftovers for me, either.
Gender:  Baby girls x 2!!  Still a shocker to the both of us.  I can't wait for frills and bows! 
Labor Signs: Nope.
Symptoms: Typical symptoms aren't there, but still tired.  Headaches, dizziness, and random bouts of nausea here and there- all short lived.  I get really grossed out by bodily noises- the physician I work with belches grossly after drinking chugging his Monster every morning (I know, how can anyone take him seriously?) I want to slap his mouth everytime- but refrain.  I should probably add irritable to this list, too.   
Belly Button in or out? In
Wedding rings on or off? On

Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy & EXCITED to be out of my first trimester, and this belly shows it!
Looking forward to: Beginning to pull together for baby girl things- shopping for clothes, headbands, LARGE headbands, with HUGE flowers and bows.. not to forget the lace, tulle, and frilly things.  Bracing the heat and heading out to Canton today with my Mother-in-Law, can't wait to start spoiling them with all kinds of cute things!  It is only destiny that I have a girl.  But I have been blessed with not just one, TWO baby girls! 


Cedar Creek Lake 2012

There aren't quite enough words to express the amount of fun we had with our great friends- seriously nothing better than a long weekend away with amazing weather, great company, mmm..MMM good food, and not to mention- the house.  Whoaaaa dang, that lake house.  I think we ALL said the phrase 'I'm never leaving' more than once over the course of the weekend.  In fact- Ashley and Jarrett arrived just before we did, and her text to me read something like.. "I'm never leaving."

We were greeted so graciously with a welcome basket of goodies, and a self guided tour of this 7 bedroom, 6 bathroom 'cabin'.. more of a house really.  Anything you can imagine you want in your own 'dream' home- this house had it.  My personal favorite was the kitchen (real shocker), and the fact that the boat dock was about 100 yards away from this lake front property. 

Welcome to the Lake

Jordan offered up his truck to pull the Tapella's boat for the short trip to the lake- and we all made great use of it!  We wasted no time to get out there on the water, thats for sure.  I was ready for sunshine!

Lazy Days of Summer  

When we weren't on the boat, our days consisted mostly of this..
..and more of this..  It was so relaxing-something we all needed.

Soaking up the sun

Jacqueline and Mary

The boys and their sweet babies:)  Colton and Ellie, Travis and Landon

 Jordan practicing his 'Daddy skills' with Landon- so precious.  That man loves him some babies!

There were plenty of pre & post dinner activities

The babies playing in their water table.. and the adults supervising:)

The adults played games for themselves, too.  It is from my understanding that there was a serious 3am game of Bags going, and random spraying of champagne at the end. I'm sad I missed it- but these baby girls in my belly prevent me from activity between the hours of 10pm-8am.. I was a trooper and attempted to stay up at least until someone else was going to be with me- so I wouldn't be the only sleepy head in the house.
And then there was fishing- serious fishing.  As you recall, this was a favorite at Broken Bow as well.  Difference is that there is more than just one fish in this big ole' pond... 

Ashley caught the first one, and from there the boys got several catfish- with leftover fajita meat.
There was supervision here, we promise (Sorry baby boy- we totally set you up..mean, immature adults that we are.)  No under age drinking going on this weekend..

These girls put sunshine in my life.

Dori, Ashley, Me, Diana (preggo buddy!), and sweet Jacqueline (All we are missing was Jenn and Mary!)

The theme of the weekend: a whole heck of a lot of laughter

Total goofballs all weekend.. and that is how it should be when you are with great friends.  The house was hardly silent, always something hilarious going on. 

Mary and Todd fit right in with these crazies called Supper Club.
 I was a tad excited about the salad.. again with the silly-ness.

The food- the glorious food. 

From breakfast taquitos to pancakes and bacon.. Beef & chicken fajitas & spaghetti with sausage meat sauce for dinner, and fajita quesadillas and deli sandwiches for lunch.. not to forget about the amazing steak dinner (mashed potatoes and asparagus) on Sunday night. We were all belly-pleased by the end of the weekend.  Jordan spent the majority of his time cooking and preparing all of our meals.  Most ALL of them.  The boy has experience with cooking for the masses at the fire station, and he loves doing it, so he didn't mind. You are not mistaken, though.. Jarrett did help flip the bacon. Baby Landon got in there to help stir the meat sauce, too. Jordan has plenty of little helpers:)

Speaking of little helpers..

We had great company with these little ones.

Baby Landon

Baby Gap ad in his future?  Jacqueline, if you don't submit him, I will!
 Sweet Emma
and the ever entertaining Ellie- what a doll she is! 

Our final group shot 

Looking good, my friends!

From left to right
Chris & Diana, Brent & Jenn with Emma, Jarrett & Ashley, Colton & Dori with Ellie, Mary & Todd, Amber & Jordan, and Jacqueline & Travis with Landon
Sunday night ended up being just the eight of us (Tapella's, Massey's, Dunaway's, and Cabrera's) and it is quite amazing how comfortable we are with one another.  I think Jordan and I take for granted what we have with these couples.  I need to tell them more often how very much we love them.  I love ya'll! :)

What a fun weekend we had- and I'm still bummed about being back.  Jordan and I are going through withdrawls from the high of the great days we spent with some of our favorite people in this whole world. 

Work today is dragging.  I feel like I need to vacation from my mini-vacation.  Thats not the first time I've said that.  I think I need to start remembering this the next time we plan to go away for a long weekend.

Can't wait to see these people, again!  Supper Club this weekend at the Massey's- so it wont be long:)  


Boy? Girl? or Both??

So- we all ready for the big reveal? Jordan and I decided it would be the perfect time to tell our closest friends while we were at the lake- and what better way than to make them eat dessert to find out?!  No one complained:)

It happened that we all arrived early, before the rest of the couples got there- so we took that opportunity to share the big news.   

Ashley and Jarrett brought balloons to try and 'break' my husband of the news.  Ashley had been trying to get it out of me for over 24 hours- even holding her fresh salsa hostage until I spilled the beans.  She knew that Jordan is just mush and wears his emotions ALL over his face, and was SURE she could get it out of him.  

Nice try.  BUT- these balloons came in handy to play a game- we had each person stand in front of the color or colors they thought was true.  Jarrett texted Jordan the morning of our doctor appointment. 
'Big day for you, buddy!  BOYS, BOYS, BOYS!  That. or Siamese Twins.' You confuse me Jarrett with your pink shirt.. boys or girls?  Chris was the sole believer in my having two girls.  

I had McKinley's bake up some of their amazing cuppy cakes and filled them with the colors of our reveal.  One dozen were for Baby A, and another dozen for Baby B.    

These pictures are awesome.. and click right through each persons reactions. 

The Line Up for Baby A

The first bite.. Sorry for the blurr- there was a lot of excitement going through me and made it hard to click the camera.
It looks like Jarrett is the first to know here..
Take a guess? Still, only Jarrett with his outrageous reaction.
Jacqueline- excited? 

Baby A is a GIRL!!!!

My girls were so excited for me (and Jordan, of course!) they did a little dance:)  Well, Jacqueline was running at me to get a hug.  This picture makes my heart happy!

The Line Up for Baby B

Jarrett threatening that it should be a boy- it must be a boy. 
And bite number two..
Here we go..

Baby B is a GIRL!!!

And again, Jacqueline with her classic facial expressions. I seriously adore that girl!  I think Jarrett was about to throw his cupcake on the floor.  Love him!  

The reactions concluded with more dancing, but this time I joined in with then, failing to take pictures of the event. The whole thing will be remembered FOREVER.  Our precious friends made Jordan and I feel like the most important people in the world- I/we loved sharing the news with them!  Boys, girls, or both.. Jordan and I are PUMPED!!  Two girls came as a shock to both of us.. everyone we know, including family voted for two boys, or a boy and a girl. All but two.  Chris, and my sweet friend Taylor, as you recall, said two girls.  I even thought for sure there was at least one baby boy in there.  So, when the doctor revealed one baby girl in there, I was speechless, and then after the second confirmation of Baby B being a girl as well..a leaned over, grabbed Jordan's hand, and asked 'Are you ok?'  The funny thing is that he has been speaking to his 'boys' since we found out it was twins, and would follow-up, every single time with- 'I love my boys, but I know you are girls...' Silly man, called it himself. 

Here is an awesomely perfect profile picture of Baby A.  They were both bouncing all over the place and it actually took the doctor several minutes to figure out what Baby B was- boy or girl..?  So- this was pretty spot on while she was still for a few moments.  We couldn't get one of the both together- they are too big now (unbelievable), and Baby B wouldn't sit still for half a second so we could get a good profile of her. Can I just say how amazing it feels to call her a 'she'.  I'm so in love.  This little wiggle worm is too cute for words:)  

So there you have it- Jordan and I will have our hands full with two precious little baby girls. 

I need to start looking into getting their hospital headbands.. they must have something perfectly precious and pink, and totally too big for their head to wear home:) My girls will be spoiled to the nine's.


Lake Trip Via Instagram

Still working to pull the rest of the pictures together, but this is just a sneak peak of this weekend- and did we have a BLAST.  I really want to go back!  4 days... not long enough.  PERIOD

Lets get to planning the next one, shall we?  Preferably before I'm under house arrest- thankkkkkks! (If not, an annual trip will suit me just fine.) 

LOVE these kids!


High Five For Friday: 6/22/12

It Friday again, folks, and time to link up with Lauren @ FMGD!  I love Fridays.. I could probably be singing that annoying viral web song ..'It's Friday, Friday, Friday..' but I'll spare you:)  But this week was SUPER good, and it is ending with a super weekend.  (That is aside from the triple digit numbers over the weekend that has yet to come.  I say, it is gonna be a hot summer.)

1.) Did some much needed catching up with these girls this week. 
--Steph moved away almost 2 years ago now- Rikin, her sweet hubby, completed his GI fellowship in Chicago, and is NOW moving back to Texas to start practice.  I'm so EXCITED to have her back. She will be the newest State Farm agent to take up shop in Las Colinas.. anyone need insurance? :)
--Jessica is a busy girl!  We both are, so it is hard to keep up with each other these days.  We definitely took advantage of seeing each other every single day for over a year during residency.  This week we've talked almost everyday:) Love!
--Diane is my sweet Speech Language Pathologist that I worked with back during my Diet Tech days at Baylor Specialty Hospital.  We grew very close- and the same year Stephanie moved to Chicago, Diane and her husband Joe moved to Lubbock so he could finish his Masters in Business & Architechure at Texas Tech.  I also learned that as of DECEMBER she and Joe will return! 

Two of my closest friends are returning 'home' to me!  I'm selfishly beaming at the thought- they'll both be back right around the perfect time, too!  (Perfect time being before these little growing ones are here!)

2.) Jordan so graciously cleaned my SUPER dirty car.  It needed it so bad, and I never find the time to do it.  Plenty of other fun things I could be doing.  Well,  this week it got the full detail:)  I was (and still am) proud of that spaaaakly car!  Look, you can see the reflection of the clouds.  After a short drizzle of rain on Sunday, I sent Jordan out with some towels so there wouldn't be any water spots.  Bratty?  Yes, I know this. 

3.) I started a new bottle of shampoo and conditioner this week (TIGI True Lasting Colour), and my hair has provided nothing but wonderful volume since.  Changing shampoo/conditioner is like getting your hair done.  It smells SUPER yummy, too!  I am spoiled with 'hook-ups' via hair product, so I always get the liter bottles.. and by the last pump of that bottle I forget even the smell of the old shampoo.  A new smell is always a great surprise.

4.) Two words: LAKE. TIME.  This weekend!  We head out today and will not return until Monday afternoon from Cedar Creek Lake!  For the next four days this will be our residence: 
Pretty groovy, huh?  Looking forward to yet another trip with the Dunaway's, Cabrera's, and the Tapella's- plus a couple others that will fit into our crazy antics just fine:) Screeching laughter will be the soundtrack of the weekend- always is. Pictures will, for sure, follow from our amazing weekend! 

5.) AND lastly, but certainly not least- Yesterday Jordan and I got to see our sweet babies again:)  I LOVE seeing them.  It's amazing, but I cannot get enough.  I'm already going to be one of those annoying mom's that blog posts everytime they sneeze- talking about cute it was.  (Not really, or good grief I sure hope not.) 
I think I may have mentioned that we get to find out what the sex of them are pretty early.  Like yesterday early?  Yep- that is correct!  And, because I have nosey friends that will go unnamed, but go by the names Ashley/Jacqueline/Diana, wont can't wait until tomorrow's vacation reveal to find out..Whom I know will be stalking my blog for clues.. I must postpone to reveal to you all until next week:) 

In the mean time, I'm taking guesses: Boy/Girl?  Boy/Boy?  Girl/Girl????? 

Jordan's great-grandmother, Sernie, sent this to his mom last week.. I thought it was so cute, wanted to share in true Ashley Dunaway fashion:)

Hope your week was blessed!  I continue to be blessed on a daily basis. 

God is SO good.


13 Weeks

How far along? 13 Weeks 2 day
Total weight gain: 8lbs.  Good. Grief.   My defense is that it is ALL in the chest.  They've doubled in size- and still hurt like a mother.  (Pre-pregnancy weight: 110lbs-112lbs.)
Maternity clothes? Not totally, just yet, but in the near future thats for sure.  With two babies growing in there, my belly popped early. I went and got some staple maternity clothes, and looking forward to wearing a whole lotta leggings!
Stretch marks? None yet!
Sleep: Not terrible this week, I'm still so sleepy, but naps aren't everyday.  Getting up at least once or twice, and up to 6 times a night to pee!  I'm pretty much over that..
Best moment this week: Getting to finally see this baby bump show- and my goodness it is there!  I've just felt really 'frumpy' rather than pregnant.
Miss Anything? Sleeping comfortably on my tummy.  I'm a stomach sleeper.
Movement: Nothing yet- but I'm sure that feeling the flutters aren't too far off! 
Food cravings: Dry cereal at night before bed- while watching Friends on NickAtNite.  Not sure where this habit came from, but diggin' my Cherrios.  FRUIT- doesn't matter what kind it is.  I came home from the store this week with mangos, strawberries, peaches, grapes, bing cherries, pineapple, apples, bananas... Oh, and Kraft Singles.  I've never bought them in my life, until this week.  Cheetos and blue blox macaroni are also on my list of desires.  It must be the processed cheese.. the dietitian wants processed cheese.. interesting.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Half of the time it is meat- chicken in particular. Needless to say, we've been eating a lot of vegetarian!  And leftovers, can't really do them- which is so sad because I've always been the leftover queen!  It works out so well when J is at the fire station and I don't have to cook- but, the smell of reheating them does me in.
Gender prediction: We find out SOOO soon!  Jordan is rooting for 2 boys.  I've decided I know there is (or have a feeling)  AT LEAST one boy is in there.. I've heard from multiple friends and family there are two boys in there, my girlfriend, Taylor, told me I'm having two girls, and then sweet Jennifer told me there is a boy and girl in there. 

Labor Signs: Nope.
Symptoms: Never.  Well, I take that back- never the typical symptoms.  Never been sick, ever- thank goodness.  But this week I've been getting dizzy and having headaches (all normal according to my reading), and the most annoying congestion ever.  A humidifier is in my future. 
Belly Button in or out? In
Wedding rings on or off? On

Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy & EXCITED- it all is still so unreal.  The past 13 weeks have FLOWN by.  I have loved every minute of being pregnant.  Everyone keeps telling me/us 'One and done'  and I'm like- well, I kinda sort LOVE being preggo- so maybe not done, yet!
Looking forward to: Learning the sex of our babies!! :)


Sweet Landon is ONE!

This weekend Jordan and I celebrated with the Tapella's and their sweet baby boy- he is one! I still can't believe he is already one years old.. this year has FLOWN by!  Our little buddy was taking 5-6 steps at a time at his big bash- he just started crawling!  (Or, it feels like it anyway..)

Jacqueline (and Trav- have to give him some credit, here..) has been planning Landon's First Birthday for several months now- and my did she do a FAN-tab-u-lous job.

We walked up to this..
The girl outdid herself- she has got some talent- and I should have known it would be as awesome as it was.. and it WAS amazing- and ELMO inspired- so SO cute. (That sign is homemade, BTW. I slightly feel obligated to share how they did it- seeing that Pinterest posters provide full discloser of all projects..I'll have to get her to send me the step-by-step- lol.)

As we opened the front door, we were greeted with this jumbo banner and Landon's sweet smiling face.

The guest sign-in was an Elmo Birthday book- what a creative way to remember his first birthday!


They 'catered' in Jersey Mike's and Chick-Fil-A nuggets, and served mini popcorn bags filled with chips and crackers.  I was so overwhelmed when I walked in I failed to get a picture of the food spread, and when I finally thought about it- it was too late- the crowd had demolished the food- like gone, gone.  I did happen to snap a few pictures of fruit, and of course the dessert!   Balloons and red and blue tarps hung from the ceiling- and how cool it looked.

Jac made most all of his dessert- look at that table!  How precious!  Red Velvet cupcakes with Elmo faces, little Rice Krispie Treat bites, again with Elmo's face on them- and of course.. Jordan's favorite-

Cake Pops.. of Elmo's head..

HOW CUTE ARE THESE?!  Except the fact that Jordan is killing the head.  I sadly realized after the party that I got no dessert.  Thats okay I suppose- Jordan ate enough of these pops for the both of us.

The proud parents of their sweet little one:)  What a gorgeous looking family, don't you agree?!  There was about a bagillion people there to show their love for this boy, so, picture taking was out of control during birthday singing and Smash Cake time.. my camera was on the other side of the kitchen and there was no way I was making it through the masses to get it.

And then ELMO arrived- a REAL Elmo:)  Landon about lost it in smiles and laughter.  I was REALLY wishing I had my camera at this point.  Good grief. 

My sweet besties 

 The Bestie's Hubbies

I was mid-laugh in this picture- not the best one of Jordan and I, but the only one I snapped the entire day, I  included it:) 

 The Crew

I promise I'm not 6 months preggo here.. this shirt is a maternity shirt- that is still too big for my growing bump- but so comfy I had to wear it. 

And again- my sweet girlfriends.  Diana and I are BOTH 13 weeks pregnant, literally.  

My due date: December 26th.  Diana's due date: December 28th

If I was just having a singleton we could possibly be sharing our baby's birthday!  Most likely our kiddos will be 2 weeks apart.  BUT stil, how fun it is to be pregnant with one of your very best friends!!  LOVE IT!

Ashley- hop to it, woman. Make use of your newest mixed CD from that sweet hubby of yours! :) 
(She knows I'm kidding.  But I'm not, really.)
Jacqueline- Please, oh please, throw me a baby shower- you can even go with the Elmo theme. 
(She knows I'm kidding.  But I'm not, really.)
Diana- Give me your whole outfit- shoes included. Oh, and tell your belly to pop out:)
(She knows I'm kidding.  But I'm not, really.)

You all LOVE me:) 
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