A Bittersweet Goodbye

So the time has come to say goodbye. I have been dreading posting this all week because it really means that she hasn't changed her mind. Well, it isn't as simple as that, really. My very good friend, Diane and her sweet husband Joe are moving to Lubbock. WHY?! Joe is an architect, well, almost. He has to finish the rest of his Masters to become registered, and Texas Tech offers a combined program in architechure and business. So, he got accepted into this program, which is such a blessing as it is pretty competitive, but so bittersweet for them to be moving away for a year and a half. Anyway, Tuesday nights have been our standing 'girls' night for myself, Diane, Pepa, and Rachel. We got to the movies or dinner or hot yoga (not Pepa's favorite! HA!) whatever we do, we catch up over the past week and update on all things new. Either way, it is our time to be silly girlfriends, and I love it! So, we declared this past Tuesday to be our last one as a foursome, at least for the next 18 months or so. We decided to invite the boys, too, since it will be the last time for them to get together, too. Ok, gotta start with the pictures..can't really see through the blurry vision to type anymore!

We went to BJ's Brewhouse in Addison to celebrate Joe's acceptance and our friendship

Pepa and Di

The beautiful Rachel and myself
My darn good-looking husband in hot pink. Whew..he is hottt.

Best Friends
The Foursome

So, we have dwindled to three..but I keep telling myself, not for long. I have already bought a plane ticket to come at the end of July before I start my internship. Pepa and I are going to do a mini-vacation to the great town of Lubbock. YESSS. ;)


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