Four Day Weekend..Yet Again

Oh, I could get used to this. I was off on last Monday..then worked three days and then off again on that Friday and again on Monday! My brother, Patrick, drove up from Austin on Thursday night to visit for the weekend. We went to Stonebriar mall and took them to eat at The Cheesecake Factory- which was delicious, as always!

Patrick and his girlfriend, Kat
Daphnee learned a new 'trick' while Pat visited. She loved every second with him, and was really depressed and moping the day they left. I had never seen my 15 week old pup sulk.
Daphnee in her usual goofy sitting position
We went to the pool for about an hour on Saturday. It was miserable. The heat was so crazy, even the pool water gave no relief. You couldn't even enjoy laying in the sun, it was just plain uncomfortable. So, we came home and Jordan and I cooked dinner.
I could pass for the younger sibling in this picture..pretty sure I do not look at all 7 years older.
Patrick and Kat left on Sunday, and I spent the day with the Massey ladies at Northpark and Maggiano's. My camera died on me..so no pictures :(
Since Diane's last day at work was on Friday, she was off Monday before their big move. So, we took it upon ourselves to soak up the sun (through the clouds!) We went to her parent's house and layed around and had a great time!
Di and Rach
Jake loves to swim!! (Diane and Joe's Cocker Spaniel)

Pool Time for the Pooch!
Attempt #3 to take this picture with the self timer! The dogs kept running in front or we would be too side-tracked with the goings on around us..we would miss it. You can see Dakota, Di's parents' lab waiting for us to throw the tennis ball, you can barely see behind Rachel's head!
Such a great weekend, yet again. I didn't want it to end, and I was sad for Tuesday to come.
I will end with my tribute to the King of Pop..Jake's 'gerry curl'
R.I.P. MJ!


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