Did Anyone??

Did Anyone happen to here me on the radio this morning? 99.5 The Wolf was looking for caller 99 for 3rd ROW tickets to the Rascal Flatts Concert this Saturday..WELLLLLL I was caller 99! I played a game (a very simple game, thank goodness!) to win! I was able to make it to my office before they actually played back the game, and heard myself sounding pretty silly!

I'd say a pretty good start to this Wednesday.. ;)
Hope everyone else has a great Wednesday, too!



Shelbi and Preston Rampy said...

Way to go!!! I need you to call in for me and win me a vacation to the beach!!! :) I've always wanted to do that!

Sam said...


Becky, Phil and Hayden said...

Well, if Jordan can't go with you, I'd be happy to take his spot! (:

Jennifer said...

how neat is that?!?

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