The Rhythm of the Weekend

This was a full weekend, so be prepared for this super long post!

This busy, busy weekend started on Friday morning around 5:00am. Jordan was getting up to go to the fire station and I was slowly moving to get into my normal before-work routine. I kissed Jordan goodbye, and proceeded, or, attempted to turn on the shower...no water. I thought, what in the world? I ran outside to see if I could catch Jordan before he drove off, and as I was calling out for him, I heard it..flowing water. Just as I was midsentence, Jordan heard it too. I think the light bulb turned on at that same time. We investigated the 'river' running through our yard and realized that it was our water main. UGH! One of our trees' roots busted it sometime in the night. The water meter was spinning like crazy as gallons of my shower water was rushing down the street gutter! We shut the water off completely and kind of sat there with 'what do we do now' looks on our faces. Let me just lell you, I have the handiest husband, ever. Jordan took emergency holiday and went to work on fixing this issue. Lowe's opens at 6:00am and Jordan was waiting as they unlocked their doors. Needless to say, 12 hours, no shower, brushing my teeth with bottled water, having to hold my blatter until getting to work, and only $38.00 later, we have water!!!! Thank goodness, I really needed a shower!

This is the lovely hole in our front yard

Saturday morning came quickly and started us off right after our rough day before. Jordan was playing in the 'Battle of the Badges; Fire vs Police' softball tournament and his first game was at 10am. But, first, we had to take care of some important business: >SHOPPING! Old Navy was having a one day only sale on their tank tops- 2 bucks a piece!! Jordan sweetly agreed to go with me to make the purchases (they only allowed 5 per person, so, I bought 5 and then Jordan 'bought' 5!) Then, it was off to the ballpark!

Jordan calls this his 'baseball card' picture ;) He did SO very well!

The IFD boys in the dugout

Good Buddies! Jordan and Chuck after their first win-they look pumped! ;)

Alan, J, and Chuck
Relaxing between games..it was SO hot!

Game #2-Irving Fire vs Denton Fire
Jordan played against his long time high school friend, Shane (#21), that is on the Denton Fire Dept
It was so great to see him and his wife, April, and their precious daughter Abi!

Trying to stay in the shade. Thank goodness for the breeze!
Irving's biggest fans! Chasity (Chuck's wife) and myself- LOVE this girl!

5 games later, I was ready to go home!

Sunday: A Proud Day To Be a Father's Daughter
The Cake I made for Roy for Father's Day dinner at the Massey's

Sweet Love of my Life and myself after church and in comfy clothes.

Jordan being so silly while licking the beaters after I iced my cake.. typical. I have come to realize that he will never grown up. What fireman does??

I couldn't resist! He is so handsome!

Daphnee looking precious as ever..Look at those eyes! I hope they stay that way always

Jordan (with a sunburned forehead!) and I after dinner: Steak and Potatoes, Roy's fav!

Jenna and her Beau, Adam
Took three tries to finally catch him with his eyes open! All the while, Jenna still looked gorgeous with her cute new do.

Roy and I
I always cheese hard when I take a picture with this sweet man. Love him!! Happy Father's Day to all of the wonderful Dad's out there! You truly deserve this special day..Love you
This was a jam-packed weekend..I don't think we could have fit anything else into it, even if we tried! Good thing I'm off tomorrow (Monday) Going to the Fort Worth Zoo, just me and Jordan :) Look for more pictures to come!!


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