Take a Look..

My little brother, Sam is famous! Ok, well..not FAMOUS, but darn close enough for a twelve year old! Click here and scroll over to the right to the 'Words to Live By' box. Click 'Brave'. He is the first little boy on the video doing the Scout's Honor.

There was an national campaign for scouts across the country and Sam was asked to be apart of the videos when they stopped in Austin. Pretty neat, huh?! Sam is very involded in Boy Scouts and is literally doing something different every weekend..he was at Enchanted Rock last weekend camping during some horrible storms! He said his tent blew over and in the pounding rain he repaired (all by himself!) well enough to make it through the rest of the night. He makes me proud!

He is also in several other videos, too. If you click on each word, there is a different video for each. I know for sure he is under 'Cheerful', too! The kids on the videos are just precious and really bring a smile to my face.

Hope this can bring a smile to your face today as well :)


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