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Cedar Creek Lake 2012

There aren't quite enough words to express the amount of fun we had with our great friends- seriously nothing better than a long weekend away with amazing weather, great company, mmm..MMM good food, and not to mention- the house.  Whoaaaa dang, that lake house.  I think we ALL said the phrase 'I'm never leaving' more than once over the course of the weekend.  In fact- Ashley and Jarrett arrived just before we did, and her text to me read something like.. "I'm never leaving."

We were greeted so graciously with a welcome basket of goodies, and a self guided tour of this 7 bedroom, 6 bathroom 'cabin'.. more of a house really.  Anything you can imagine you want in your own 'dream' home- this house had it.  My personal favorite was the kitchen (real shocker), and the fact that the boat dock was about 100 yards away from this lake front property. 

Welcome to the Lake

Jordan offered up his truck to pull the Tapella's boat for the short trip to the lake- and we all made great use of it!  We wasted no time to get out there on the water, thats for sure.  I was ready for sunshine!

Lazy Days of Summer  

When we weren't on the boat, our days consisted mostly of this..
..and more of this..  It was so relaxing-something we all needed.

Soaking up the sun

Jacqueline and Mary

The boys and their sweet babies:)  Colton and Ellie, Travis and Landon

 Jordan practicing his 'Daddy skills' with Landon- so precious.  That man loves him some babies!

There were plenty of pre & post dinner activities

The babies playing in their water table.. and the adults supervising:)

The adults played games for themselves, too.  It is from my understanding that there was a serious 3am game of Bags going, and random spraying of champagne at the end. I'm sad I missed it- but these baby girls in my belly prevent me from activity between the hours of 10pm-8am.. I was a trooper and attempted to stay up at least until someone else was going to be with me- so I wouldn't be the only sleepy head in the house.
And then there was fishing- serious fishing.  As you recall, this was a favorite at Broken Bow as well.  Difference is that there is more than just one fish in this big ole' pond... 

Ashley caught the first one, and from there the boys got several catfish- with leftover fajita meat.
There was supervision here, we promise (Sorry baby boy- we totally set you up..mean, immature adults that we are.)  No under age drinking going on this weekend..

These girls put sunshine in my life.

Dori, Ashley, Me, Diana (preggo buddy!), and sweet Jacqueline (All we are missing was Jenn and Mary!)

The theme of the weekend: a whole heck of a lot of laughter

Total goofballs all weekend.. and that is how it should be when you are with great friends.  The house was hardly silent, always something hilarious going on. 

Mary and Todd fit right in with these crazies called Supper Club.
 I was a tad excited about the salad.. again with the silly-ness.

The food- the glorious food. 

From breakfast taquitos to pancakes and bacon.. Beef & chicken fajitas & spaghetti with sausage meat sauce for dinner, and fajita quesadillas and deli sandwiches for lunch.. not to forget about the amazing steak dinner (mashed potatoes and asparagus) on Sunday night. We were all belly-pleased by the end of the weekend.  Jordan spent the majority of his time cooking and preparing all of our meals.  Most ALL of them.  The boy has experience with cooking for the masses at the fire station, and he loves doing it, so he didn't mind. You are not mistaken, though.. Jarrett did help flip the bacon. Baby Landon got in there to help stir the meat sauce, too. Jordan has plenty of little helpers:)

Speaking of little helpers..

We had great company with these little ones.

Baby Landon

Baby Gap ad in his future?  Jacqueline, if you don't submit him, I will!
 Sweet Emma
and the ever entertaining Ellie- what a doll she is! 

Our final group shot 

Looking good, my friends!

From left to right
Chris & Diana, Brent & Jenn with Emma, Jarrett & Ashley, Colton & Dori with Ellie, Mary & Todd, Amber & Jordan, and Jacqueline & Travis with Landon
Sunday night ended up being just the eight of us (Tapella's, Massey's, Dunaway's, and Cabrera's) and it is quite amazing how comfortable we are with one another.  I think Jordan and I take for granted what we have with these couples.  I need to tell them more often how very much we love them.  I love ya'll! :)

What a fun weekend we had- and I'm still bummed about being back.  Jordan and I are going through withdrawls from the high of the great days we spent with some of our favorite people in this whole world. 

Work today is dragging.  I feel like I need to vacation from my mini-vacation.  Thats not the first time I've said that.  I think I need to start remembering this the next time we plan to go away for a long weekend.

Can't wait to see these people, again!  Supper Club this weekend at the Massey's- so it wont be long:)  

1 comment:

Jacqueline and Travis said...

AHH!! You did such a great job of summing up the weekend! Yes, it was so fun!

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