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A Very Merry Thanksgiving

I was bad this holiday and didn't pull out my camera but for a few photo-ops right before we ate on Friday.  Jordan worked at the station on Thanksgiving day- and I headed to Rowlett for lunch with the Massey side.   
Friday morning we headed out to Belton for the weekend to celebrate giving thanks with the Fort side.  What a relaxing weekend with great family. 

Beautiful Bree and Aunt Beeki (Veeca)
My precious Jenna Bree
Sisters.  Good times in the kitchen with these women! Many laughs
My in-laws.  Love them.  Fara hair taking up most of the picture here.. and not sure where the beans came into the meal.  They didn't make the table that evening..
KeeSee Blaine is so precious!  We had such a great time with her and her sister!
Daph accompanied us in Belton.  I miss that crazy girl.  Look at those eyes,  She will trample you flat to the ground.  I speak from personal experience.
Today- after 4 days of no make-up and dirty hair, I must return to work.  Blah.

But, I was quite delighted when my sweet co-worker brought the Christmas spirit to work with her :) The fish likes the company.
AND last night- I made our home quite merry.  
Complete with a Salted Caramel Mocha and Michael Buble Christmas on repeat.   I sang away the hours alone (J was at the fire station gleefully rejoicing at the thought of getting out of partaking in the Christmas decorating this year.)..
...ignoring the gouging branches of the tree as I was adding more (and moreeeeee) lights to it.  I think I finally gave into quitting at 2000 lights. Jordan vetoed me out at 1500 last year
But.. he wasn't there this year. What can I say.. I like the twinkle, folks.  
And I have been waiting patiently to pull these gems out of the guest room to make their place on our dining table.  I filled them with plenty of Christmas cheer :)
I'm thinking I need more decor.  I'll start with red napkins.
28 days!


My Oh-So-Handy-Man

It's that time of year, again.  No..I'm not talking about sweater vests and knee high boots, even though thats MY idea of November one.  But, really- I'm talking about shotguns, heavy boots, coveralls, expert doggies with really good sniffers..and birds.  Pheasants to be exact. The opening for pheasant season was last week, and Jordan and his dad planned- yet again- their annual trip.

Last weekend was spent pal'in around with my main squeeze- Bass Pro (once) Cabela's (twice)..attempting to help him get ready for his trip.  I'm actually very good at selecting the perfect bullet for shooting a 20 gauge.  Yep.  I'm lying.  Other than the normal prep you wouild think of- my husband is a Massey.  He comes from a family that was raised by a man named George Fort (J's grandfather)- and George (who we call Woogie with love) is the type of man that can fix a car with a pants belt and Duck Tapes the holes in his socks. 

Hence.. my husband.  Woogie's grandson.  The grandson that surprises me (pretty much) daily by his handiness and plain ability to just do things.  Things in general. 

In general on this day meant figuring out a way to rig a flood light to the back end of his truck so they could hunt until dark and clean the birds after their day's worth of hunting.  I learned that a head lamp doesn't work so well, and he MUST do it this way.  It will be better.  So we set out to make this happen.  Home Depot, Pep Boys, Car Toys, yes- I'm an excellent wife, Lowe's, I love him so much, Ace Hardware.. 2 days later.. and may I add, still smiling..

And, of course- he succeeded to make it work.  Because his name is Jordan.  Jordan Fort Massey.

After his quest for light was complete, packing was up next.  Our bedroom was consumed with clashing colors of bright orange and hunters green.  Brittany- our sweet girl that gets tired just going out to potty.. and we take her down an elevator.. didn't get to go this year.  My girl is old.  I say she has aged well :)  But still, she pouted the whole time J packed and cleaned his gun.

But- Our crazy Daphnee got to go- and SHE loves it!
Roy got himself a pheasant.  Good.  Cause I'm not cooking any of that mess in my kitchen. Blech.  My issue with chicken is bad enough.  I can tolerate chicken if I prepare it- but nothing is remotely tolerable when it comes to the game flavor of those birds.  Eeesshh.  Heebie geebies just typing it. 
 And finally- my handsome man having a blast.  I sent him a picture of me after I got my hair done.. and this was the picture in return.  Hmm.. I guess he didn't get the part where he was supposed to notice my hair, and then compliment me on it.  Owell.. I like looking at him, anyway- so win for me!
Finally he returned last night, and finally I slept like a rock.  I can handle the 24 hours away and sleeping in a bed alone for that night- but after three days of tossing and turning, I was ready to have him back to snuggle with.  :)

Welcome home, Lovie! 

Back in the car this afternoon- we are making an adventure trip to Round Rock.  Gotta test my talents. 


I've Been Informed..

That I pretty much suck at taking pictures of our new place.. Even though I did share some pictures of my favorite parts at the time, or the parts that were most complete and picture worthy.  I've decided that I'll just share progressively- as we 'finish' and complete rooms. 

While my house was extra tidy this weekend, I took some pictures (finally).  Hopefully this will suffice..(not mentioning any names.. at all..)

Our Living Room.. sorry for the dim picture
 The view of the never-ending rooooommmmm
The only room that isn't quite complete, the guest room.  Look at that hideous laminate dresser.. Pinterest is becoming handy in my hubby's need for DIY projects.  Stay tuned for our most recent project :)
 The guest bath
 My favorite lamp, ever!
 Our bathroom!  Decor is a work still in progress
 Our great big comfy bed.. I heart it! That and our ever-so- soft and cuddly bedding!  Yes, I know-I need more 'fluff'.. the lack of pillows and pretty things is holding this room back.
 The other side of the bed :)

There.. I believe I suck less, now ;)


I Need a PTO Day..

Hi, my ame is Amber.. and I am married the Jordan.  We are the Massey's, and we find it only fit to cram anything and everything into one weekend- all at once.  We had such a busy, busy weekend! It started with Thursday evening when we met the Shull family for BBQ at Hard 8- I kicked myself about half way to Coppell when I realized I didn't have my camera.  Grrr.. I hate that!

Friday morning I took a day off to spend it with my sweetie in Canton for some Fair food and shopping!  I made my way out of there with goodies to make my house spaaaakley for the upcoming holidays and a few things to sparkle up my wrists..and neck..and ears (I heart jewelry, to the max.)
It was so cold that morning, I was happy with my new found love for head accessories.  Can never have enough.. and Pinterest is doing a good job at maintaining this obsession.  

After we made it home, thanks to all six Michael Buble CD's booming through the speakers, we slipped into our PJs and enjoyed Costco take and bake pizza and trash TV.  

Saturday started bright and early at the grocery store- Our Supper Club crew was headed out to the house  for dinner!  Our first time since living in the loft, so I wanted to make it special :)  Cooking and cleaning come easy when you have twice as many people doing the duties- my sweet Jordan is so good to me.  
Finally, dinner was served and pot pie was on the menu- it was success :)

Baby Tapella loves him some Chris.. always laughs and giggles- so precious- even if it is a little blurry :)
And of course.
In Landon's defense- he is teething.
Saturday came and went in a blur- and Sunday arrived and we (again) were up and running for a birthday celebration.  Roy had a birthday on Friday, and his mom..our Meme, celebrated her birthday on Sunday.  What is better than a double birthday party?  Jenna and Adam came and it was their first time at the loft, too! 

Here is a sneak peak at the start of my Christmas decor.  Bree was so sweet to come and set me up pretty before the Cowboy game started.  It is so beautiful.. you will be jealous.
Yummy appetizer lunch.. snacks foods and good conversation while watching the Cowboys (finally) pull a win.
Grace (the Birthday Girl) and Bree- enjoying fun times.. I think our converstion reverted back to how amazing QVC is for the hundredth time before I finally pulled out the camera to make myself useful to capture these moments.
Roy and his oh-so-incredible son.  Brittany is making her way into the picture, too- making these boys all giggles.
I lobe you, Lou!
Getting ready to grub!  
BBQ Pineapple & Provolone Stuffed Pork Tenderloin, Roasted Fingerling Potatoes, and Parmesan Crusted Asparagus

After everyone left on Sunday, we closed the door, and I turned around with my hand in the air- high five hubby!

Monday I had taken another day off. We spent the day in our PJs, for a much deserved lazy day- never leaving our big comfy bed for longer than it takes to get food or drink and return.  I drank coffee and ate leftover bread pudding for breakfast in bed.. in my PJs.  Jordan enjoyed strawberry cake.  (leftovers both from dinner party one, and dinner party number two)

I was sad to see the afternoon turn to evening, and then it was time for bed.  Boo.  Why did the day have to be over already?!  I love those kind of days with my sweet.  

So, yes- We are the Massey's, and we find it only appropriate to be really busy, fitting everything into two or three day timeframes.  

Because thats how we roll.  How else are we supposed to do it? 


Did You See Me?!?!

Although I was trembling-about-to-pee-my-pants slightly nervous, I think I did pretty okay seeing that this was my first time on LIVE television.  Tracy was incredibly sweet, and made me feel very comfortable. But- with no direction of where to look or without proper media training, I kind of stumbled a bit.. but the professional did, too :)  So I don't feel so bad!  Anyway- I'm proud of my first run with the media..even if they did catch me on my bad side.

I hope you had a Healthy Halloween!
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