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My Oh-So-Handy-Man

It's that time of year, again.  No..I'm not talking about sweater vests and knee high boots, even though thats MY idea of November one.  But, really- I'm talking about shotguns, heavy boots, coveralls, expert doggies with really good sniffers..and birds.  Pheasants to be exact. The opening for pheasant season was last week, and Jordan and his dad planned- yet again- their annual trip.

Last weekend was spent pal'in around with my main squeeze- Bass Pro (once) Cabela's (twice)..attempting to help him get ready for his trip.  I'm actually very good at selecting the perfect bullet for shooting a 20 gauge.  Yep.  I'm lying.  Other than the normal prep you wouild think of- my husband is a Massey.  He comes from a family that was raised by a man named George Fort (J's grandfather)- and George (who we call Woogie with love) is the type of man that can fix a car with a pants belt and Duck Tapes the holes in his socks. 

Hence.. my husband.  Woogie's grandson.  The grandson that surprises me (pretty much) daily by his handiness and plain ability to just do things.  Things in general. 

In general on this day meant figuring out a way to rig a flood light to the back end of his truck so they could hunt until dark and clean the birds after their day's worth of hunting.  I learned that a head lamp doesn't work so well, and he MUST do it this way.  It will be better.  So we set out to make this happen.  Home Depot, Pep Boys, Car Toys, yes- I'm an excellent wife, Lowe's, I love him so much, Ace Hardware.. 2 days later.. and may I add, still smiling..

And, of course- he succeeded to make it work.  Because his name is Jordan.  Jordan Fort Massey.

After his quest for light was complete, packing was up next.  Our bedroom was consumed with clashing colors of bright orange and hunters green.  Brittany- our sweet girl that gets tired just going out to potty.. and we take her down an elevator.. didn't get to go this year.  My girl is old.  I say she has aged well :)  But still, she pouted the whole time J packed and cleaned his gun.

But- Our crazy Daphnee got to go- and SHE loves it!
Roy got himself a pheasant.  Good.  Cause I'm not cooking any of that mess in my kitchen. Blech.  My issue with chicken is bad enough.  I can tolerate chicken if I prepare it- but nothing is remotely tolerable when it comes to the game flavor of those birds.  Eeesshh.  Heebie geebies just typing it. 
 And finally- my handsome man having a blast.  I sent him a picture of me after I got my hair done.. and this was the picture in return.  Hmm.. I guess he didn't get the part where he was supposed to notice my hair, and then compliment me on it.  Owell.. I like looking at him, anyway- so win for me!
Finally he returned last night, and finally I slept like a rock.  I can handle the 24 hours away and sleeping in a bed alone for that night- but after three days of tossing and turning, I was ready to have him back to snuggle with.  :)

Welcome home, Lovie! 

Back in the car this afternoon- we are making an adventure trip to Round Rock.  Gotta test my talents. 

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