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WIWW: My Heart{s} On My Sleeve

This week's What I Wore Wednesday is probably my favorite outfit to date.

Often times I will see an outfit (a really cute one!) on Pinterest, save it to my 'Delighted Shopper' board, and never come back to it.  Such a shame. Crying, actually.  I think I would save so much time if I could just whip out my pin-board for inspiration.. 'pin-spiration!  That's what it is there for, right?

Here is a recent pin I found interesting enough to save to my board:

Quite a unique way of layering, if you ask me.

So, my outfit was born. 
My best impression of the 'pin' picture.  Can we talk about how many of you have never been introduced to the glorious Sam Moon?  Let's take a moment to thank me for officially changing your life.  I've been going to Sam Moon for years!    
I love this outfit.. same in theory, but still pretty different from the original. 

The grey button down is another Christmas wish-list blouse that the hubby went right out and purchased for giving.  I have contemplated over in my brain how I wanted to wear it.  It is light, comfortable, and a great length; all good things for layering.  After getting used to the longer length of my maternity tops, I've had trouble transitioning back to some of my non-maternity blouses. 

Am I the only one with this trouble?  I confess to continue to wear a handful of my tank tops and a long sleeve shirt from Gap Maternity.  I only wear them at home,  but they are my favorite!!  I can't stop, wont stop.       

 blouse // loft * tank // express * jacket // loft
jeans // william rast * pumps // nine west
necklace // sam moon * bracelet // loft * watch // fossil 
The weather has been so random here lately.  It was 75 over the weekend and by Monday it was in the 50's with a wind chill making it feel like it was 35 degrees.

Texas weather is perfect for this kind of outfit.  Layering is a must for chilly mornings and mild afternoons. 

I so badly wanted to crop this last picture to hide my jean scrunch.  My heels were sinking into the grass!  I think it is time to change the scene for the WIWW pictures...

Thanks so, SO much for all the sweet comments and emails.  I am continually humbled and impressed by the kindness of complete strangers.  I.Love.It.




Insta-Wrap {02.22.2013}

This week is a combo of my favorite IG photos over the past two weeks.  Be sure to follow along (masseya) for cuteness overload on a daily basis:)

On the 8th of February we took baby girls to the doctor for their 2 month check-up.  I snapped a picture of these cuties and their nakey bods before height and weight checks.  Seriously? How precious are they with their daddy?  I find myself with a twindge of jealousy when I watch the way they interact with Jordan.  So precious.  This picture pretty much sums up the blessing that make up my entire world.  
After our visit to the pediatrician (and 5 shots in their little legs later- booo..) we stopped for lunch between errands.  I had just gotten these head bows from Jameson Monroe in the mail and worked hard to match them to anything the girls had in their closet.  Momma might have a problem slight obsession when she now matches outfits to head bows instead of the other way around.  But, when you have bows as beautiful as this one, it's hard not to. I could spend a small fortune on dressing my baby girls' heads.

..and Parker- stunning.  
..not to forget Jolie Polie.  Aproxx 3 minutes after this picture was taken she had a blow out while daddy was holding her.  Up her back and down her legs.  They always poop on Jordan. 

At least it didn't get on the bow. 

For this reason we have been keeping not only an extra set of clothes for the girls, but also for daddy, too. 
Aunty Ashley (sister in theory) came to visit.  My girls ADORE her.  I mean.. who wouldn't?  Duh.
Baby dreams are so sweet and my favorite.  The girls ALWAYS smile in their sleep.  But, what in the world would trouble this sweet one to pucker her lip? I was dying to scoop her up and rock that bad (?) dream away. 
Lazy Saturday afternoon last week while Jordan was at work.. The girls fell asleep in my lap, and momma decided she wanted to nap, too!  I confess that I have never napped since bringing the girls home from the hospital until this day.  We slept on the couch together for 2 1/2 hours.  Exhausted?  Slightly.

It was the BEST nap ever. 
Jolie and her limber gynastic stretching.  She loves her stretches, for sure.  When we unwrap her swaddleme sack after being swaddled all night long, both her arms go shooting in the air to "freedom!".  So funny.  Love her.
I spoke of the "Tierra" eyebrow smirk on IG this week.. and here it is again.  That eyebrow and her expressions never cease to bring a smile to my face.  Talk about sparkle.  This girl has got it. 
Naps in the crib started this week and have been quite successful.  Up until this point we've been letting them sleep anywhere- usually in the swing, our laps, or the bouncy seats.  We  decided that if we had any hopes to move them to the nursery (around month 3 or 4 is the plan- tenative.) that they should actually learn to be able to sleep laying flat.  They still sleep at night in their bouncy seats.

The hardest part is letting them cry it out if they start to stir around.  Momma and Daddy need some self-soothing techniques of our own. 
I had a crazy long day at work on Wednesday- I had to attend an event after my usual work day- which left me without my love bugs for way.too. long. 

Jordan came to have lunch with me and brought the cutest companions with him:)  That man know the ropes when it comes to dressing my girls.  He even brought extra bows in the diaper bag in case this momma didn't approve of the one he selected.  Smart man. 

I forsee my complete confidence in him for dressing the girls when school days roll around.
And.. today is FRIDAY and this week I'm off (every other week I have a four day weekend).  I have been dying for this day with my sweet babes.  The next four days will be amazing- so much P&J time. 

Pure perfection in my book. 

This weekend should be fun!  Today is a lazy PJ-kind-of-day.. Jordan is at the frie station, so it is just me and the girls.  Tomorrow we are heading out to spend some time with our fire family- P&J will finally get to meet the women of the family.  The fire wifes are super jelly that the guys already got to meet Parker and Jolie.  Sunday will be spent with all three of my sweeties and a date with Jesus.  Monday, Jordan is back at work and I'm going solo to Jolie's physical therapy appointment- which is going incredibly well!  She has made so much great progress with torticollis- it will soon be a distant memory:) Her motor function has improved so significantly.  It is like the torticollis was holding her back or something.  Looking forward to hearing with the therapist has to say.

What are ya'll doin' this weekend? 

Happy Friday!



Heyyy Girrrl.. Winky, Winky

Parker found her reflection in the mirror on her swing. 

Heyyy girlll.. winky, winky ;)

The bestest and I laughed so hard at her manipulative ability to make that girl in her reflection melt with desire.  If this is any indication of her teenage years.. we are in trouble.

I bet you can't watch this just once.



WIWW: Layers of Coral & Slouchy Boots

I'm in coral.  Shocker? Not really, I know. Last week I found myself in some shade of orange three times.  There was a fourth day- but realized my coral ways and opted for fuchsia instead.  I'm a fan of color, for sure.  And the color of my life at the moment is coral.       

Top // Loft (no longer available) * Crop Jeans// Loft
Boots // Madden Girl @ DSW * Necklace // Sam Moon 

This top is from Loft {mind blowing you with surprise today, aren't I?} and was available for all of 7 minutes.  It flew off the shelves and literally vanished in web world! While on bed rest I regularly perused my favorite shops online and as soon as I saw this top I sent it right over to Jordan to add to my Christmas list.  He must have gone out that day to get it because the next day while I was {yet again} building my wish list of clothes to fill my closet post-babies, the shirt was gone.  I was so bummed. When I opened the gift on Christmas morning I was shocked to see it! And SO excited, of course:) I was convinced that he wasn't able to get it.  Rock star of a hubby right there. 

Like I've said before, my mother in law gets me a lot of the jewelry I wear- and does so well, I must say! This necklace was a gift from her.  After I posted about my first day back to work wearing it, I got so many compliments {thank you!} and questions asking where it is from.

Sam Moon.  {and all it's glory.}

Between Charming Charlie's, Sam Moon, and random shops, I have a ton.  A. Ton.  A knotted mess that consumes an entire drawer of our bedroom dresser.  I almost have to select my jewelry the night before because I have actually been late for work sifting through that mess.  I usually end up wearing the same pieces- whatever is laying right on top{and un-tangled}. Sad.

I need a better plan for organization of my hefty collection.  Someone want to come and hang out with me for a week while I de-tangle?  I'll feed you.

This outfit isn't terribly creative, but there is something about a good {make me feel pretty} flowy top, a {big and chunky} statement necklace, and {my go-to} skinnies paired with {my-go-with-almost-everything} slouchy boots.  It works. 

Happy Wednesday, friends!  The week is halfway through- always a reason to be happy about that:)  



Because It's Tuesday..

..and my babies are incredibly precious..
..and while I'm never one to gloat about my successes..
..I We made some {really} cute kiddos..
..and I am stuck at work missing those little bits like mad..
..and my sweet Parker has a shocking impression of Tierra's {the Tierra-ble} eyebrow expression..
..but, she is much cuter..
..with much, much more sparkle than that basket-case will ever have..
..and Jolie just melts me on a daily, hourly, minute by minute basis..

Something to make you smile on this Tuesday:) 



Happy Valentine's Day {2.14.2013}

Card: Katie @ Design on Paper via Easy



WIWW: Comfy Casual & Polka Dots

We live in the backwoods- didn't you know?  Ok, not really.  But, apparently my husband is a lumberjack and pro-collector of wood.  AND- because we live in Texas where it regularly hits 70 degrees, we definitely need fire wood stacked to the ceiling.

He has fun with his manly things, and seeing that our house has recently had an influx of estrogen, I let him chop all the wood his little heart desires.   

Remember this necklace?  Well.. this precious little bracelet was also made c/o Meg from her sweet little etsy shop.
{Excuse the over-exposure.  The hubs is still getting used to being the camera man..}  
Shirt // J.Crew Factory (a couple years old) * Cami // Loft * Scarf // The Limited (years ago) 
Crop Pants // Loft * Shoes // Toms

I LOVE this shirt.  Sweat shirt.. comfy lounge shirt- whatever you want to call it.  I adore it.  I wear it all the time- but never really thought the dress it up much.  It has always been one of those that I would throw on with some yoga pants and a ponytail and head out to the grocery store. 

Well, today I mixed it up, and got cray cray.  Let's be honest- I get excited about silly things, and this was one of those silly things.  I came to be quite proud of myself for my little ensemble.  I bought that cami a couple weeks back thinking I would pair it with a sweater I got for Christmas- but it has hardly been the weather for wearing a sweater, much less layering under one.  Weather has been quite beautiful- hence the crop pants, but crisp enough to warrant sleeves and a scarf.

Although, I'm a scarf girl all year round.  The hubby makes horrible fun at me for that fashion statement. 

It's awfully comfy over here.. how's your day?



2nd Month Favorites

It's month numero two- and we are still alive:)  I say this like we have difficult babies or something.  But, really we are so blessed with the sweetest little girls on the planet.  Of course, with twins, the simplest of situations can get a little hectic- and simulus overload is a regular occurance.  I'm looking for anything and everything that can make my life with the girls just a bit easier- and after living {and surviving} through this second month I've decided these are my favorite things. 
1. Changing Pad Liners.  These are a must have. If I would have known about them, we would have gotten these before the girls were even born- ready and waiting for us.  Within that first week of being home, we washed our changing pad cover five times.  Not kidding.  Jolie liked to pee every. single. time. we changed her diaper.  Doing a special load of laundry for the dadgum cover had become obnoxious and we decided we needed a seven second {back-up} cover.  Off to Babies R Us we went and stumbled upon this genius of a product.  The liners protect the pad so you simply take take it off and thrown on a new one. This is FAR easier than having to completely remove the changing pad cover and replace it with a new one.  Especially in the middle of the night. It also protects the changing pad from fading, which would happen from having to wash it twice every other day.
2. Starbucks Insulated Tumbler.  This was my right-hand-man during my pregnancy and has continued to come in handy since having the girls.  Water/fluid intake is so important while breastfeeding and I've found that if I am not keeping up with it throughout the day, I get really dehydrated, really quick.  The tumbler with a lid makes it easy to reach for when I've got the girls in my lap, not to forget the insulation feature helps with those drippy drips that are inevitable to fall from a normal cup.  Parker and Jolie thank me for that.   
3. Aden & Anais Burpy Bibs.  We got a set of these at one of my baby showers, and why we waited so long to use them is beyond me!  Probably because momma forgot she even had them in the drawer.  I have burp cloths running out my ears on a daily basis. These are by far my favorite of all burp cloths.  Soft and absorbent. I will wait for these by the dryer until they are dry. I should probably get a few more. 
4. Summer Infant SwaddleMe.  This month the girls have finally been able to fit into the small size SwaddleMe wraps, and we love them!  Jolie especially loves them- makes her feel very secure.  We only use them at night, but are really easy and give a good tight swaddle.  I know I said last month that I loved the Aden and Anais swaddle blankets, but the girls are able to bust out of them pretty easy as they have gotten bigger.  But, oh, I still love those things, and I still use them for wrapping and keeping warm.
5. Oxi Clean Baby Stain Remover Spray.  Must. Have.  This has come in hand for many 'stains' over the past month. 
6. Baby Jogger City Select.  This month we've used our stroller on a daily basis.  Aside from the regular outings {we have become quite confident going out in public with them}we have been going on walks around our neighborhood every afternoon since the weather has been beautiful {70 degrees in February. Really?  Only in Texas.} The girls love them, and it is a great way for this momma to slowly get back into shape.  The City Select offers the option for a carseat adapter as well as a second seat when the girls are big enough- plus, it isn't the size of a double wide with two.  Some double strollers are just ginormous and make for a difficult time maneuvering.  Not this one.  Although it is quite pricey {especially to make it twin friendly} it is definitly a good choice.      
7. Sleep Sheep.  My girls love their sound machine at home, and while in the car it is no different.  Going out of the house is a regular thing for us now, so these have been really helpful when traveling with the girls.  Parker actually got upset once when I thought she was for sure soundly asleep and I turned off her sheep. Big mistake. Big.  Huge.  She was so upset with her momma!  Never again.
8. Wubbanub.  We play a ridiculous game with the girls and their paci.  Suck, suck, spit, scream.  I curse this game.  Especially at 2am.  After reading Meredith's recommendation for these wubbanub pacis- I went out and got some..and hello?  Where have you been all my life little animal thingy-or-other?  They are so much easier to find {regular pacifiers disappear into thin air.  It's magic.} and the girls have an easier time holding onto them.  If they spit it out {always}, they are able to manipulate it back to their mouth on their own.  My only complaint is that they are somewhat expensive- we ordered the ones we have off Amazon for a slightly cheaper price than in store- free shipping. Love them.
9. Boppy Pillow.  In their girls' first month, they were much too small to be able to use the boppy.  Now that they are bigger, we use these pillows all the time!  We have two for use during tummy time, feeding bottles {daddy duty}, and napping {supervised, of course}.  These are great and made our lives easier when it came to dealing with both babies at the same time.   

This list doesn't include the 400+ diapers we went through or the gallons of water we've used this month washing clothes, bottles, and pump supplies.  Just a few of my favorite things that stuck out as helpful during our second month with these sweet girls.   



Parker & Jolie- 2 Months

Our girls are two months old!  How is this month already gone?  I know I seem like the most confused woman in the entire world because I feel like in every post related to these tiny ones I ask that exact question. We went for their 2 month appointment on Friday and both did really great.  They love seeing Dr. Butler and are on such good behavior while she examines them.  Both girls are continuing to make great progress in their uphill climb for weight gain.  I don't even know if we can call it a battle anymore.. my once teeninsy little babes are now (finally) filling out newborn clothes and getting bigger by the day.

For some reason I didn't get my hands on a copy of their growth charts for this month, so I am doing this from memory.. which fails me regularly these days.

Jolie @ 2 months: 
Weight: 7lbs 13 oz pounds (Birth: 4 lbs 8 oz; 1 month: 6 lbs) 
Height:  21 in (Birth: 18 in; 1 month: 19.3 in)
Head: ** in (Birth: 12 in; 1 month: 13.5 in) 

Parker @ 2 months:
Weight: 9lbs 6oz (Birth: 5 lbs 14 oz; 1 month: 7 lbs 9 oz)
Height:  ** in (Birth: 18 in; 1 month: 20.7 in)
Head: ** in (Birth: 13.2 in; 1 month: 14 in)

Our pediatrician continues to be really pleased with their stats.  They both are growing well and Jolie is officially on the growth charts- at just 3% for weight- but she gained almost 2 pounds since last month!  Her chart trends are beautiful.  Parker, our chunky little thing, is getting so big and her charts are trending as they should, too. I cannot believe how much they have grown just in this past month.  

As Dr. Butler was examining Jolie, she noticed her favoring her left side.  She would rather move her eyes than turn her head.  Dr. Butler explained that this is the beginning development of torticollis, described as a twisted neck in which the head is tipped to one side, while the chin is turned to the other.  She went on to explain that it is fairly common for infants to have this and it can be directly related to the position she had en urtero- and we ALL know that Parker took up the majority of the space in my belly.  Poor Jolie was smushed up into my hip bone and forced over to my side/back.  Breaks my heart.. But, after it was brought to my attention, her head tilt is really apparent.  I was looking through pictures of little Polie and sure enough she has exactly what our pediatrician described.  Good news is that it is easily corrected with some physical therapy and stretching of the neck muscles.  We got a referral sent over to Our Children's House at Baylor and will be making an appointment for her initial assessment.  We are ready to get the ball rolling and learn the exercises we can do at home between PT appointments to get her back to where she needs to be.  

After examining the girls, it was time for shots.  YUCK.  I knew they were getting the first round a vaccines on this visit, but didn't realize that it was a total of 6 vaccines! 5 shots in their little legs and an oral.  They did so well, and only cried a little, but seeing that real sense of pain in their eyes just about brought me to tears myself.  The girls were not their normal sweet and happy selves the rest of the day.. you could totally tell they did not feel well.  Poor punkin's.     

Other than Jolie's torticollis discovery, these girls are perfect in every way:)  

I am still exclusively breastfeeding the girls.  Dr. Butler is pleased with their weight gain with breastfeeding alone and therefore doesn't see a need for supplementing. They are little breastfeeding rockstarsLast month we were giving them two bottles/day of expressed milk, but that has slowed to a stop as of this month.  No real reason except that it is so much easier on me to just BF both of them at the same time when I'm home alone for 24 hours.  If we are out and about, or have company they get bottles, but other than that, its all me.  At night, if Jordan is home with me, I breast feed one while he bottle feeds the other.  Most often he has Parker and I have Jolie.  We learned this kind of turned into a negative for us because on my first day back at work Jolie had a miserable time with the bottle because she was not used to it at all.  We should have started to alternate them before me going back to work last week, but you live and you learn, I suppose.  She's doing better now after 4 days of having bottles while I'm away.  The bottle in the middle of the night has stopped as of this week, so that I am able to get more time with them since being at work for 4-3 feedings.  

Breast feeding has become quite comical with the girls.  I am constantly pulling each others arms out of the other's face- mainly it is Parker with the flailing extremities, and her fingers in Jolie's eyes.  Jolie doesn't seem to mind one bit, but the moment Jolie's little hands get into Parker's face, you better believe Parker starts to wail until I move them.  And so it begins.   What is most precious is when the hands are playing with the other's hair rather than gouging an eye out.

When we do use bottles they eat about 3-4 oz every 3 to 3.5 hours.  After they eat they're awake for a bit and then fall asleep for the last hour and a half or so before its time to eat again.  I've noticed is how much more time they spend awake during the day.  I try to stick to the eat/play/sleep routine and it seems to be working really well.  I can now distinguish between the 'I'm hungry' cry and the 'I'm sleepy' fussy cry.

I'm still pretty exhausted from the whole process of breastfeeding, but it is getting much easier as I have grown in my confidence with it this past month. My girls are gaining plenty of weight, and so I feel good to know that I'm making enough for them to grow.  Let me tell you, though.. I literally feel as if I could eat a truck load of food at every sitting.  Just hook me up with a feed bag and I'll be good.  I could eat all day (and I do actually..)  I'm just starved.  Since being back at work I'm pumping 3-4 times a day and expressing close to 30 ounces.  I definitely need at least 24 ounces (6 bottles) to keep up with what they are given on my days at work, and I'm thankful I've been able to pump more than enough for both of them.  I was taking Fenugreek for increased production- but it didn't do a whole lot for me except make me smell of maple syrup.  It totally weirded me out so, after finishing one ($8) bottle, I decided it wasn't worth getting another supply.  I've resorted back to eating a bowl of dry cereal before bed (because if I don't I am waking up light headed and hungry).  My cereal of choice these days is Multi-grain Cheerios- and I have noticed a pretty significant increase in my supply.  I've heard that oatmeal helps with milk production- and I assume the 'oats' in Cheerios can have the same effect.  Working for me anyway.

Sleep is good for both babies and momma:)  They take about an hour to an hour and a half naps between feedings during the day, and wake up right on the dot at three hours ready to eat again.  At night, they are sleeping close to 6 hours between feedings (hallelujah).  I feed them for the last time between 8:30-9pm,  then swaddle them up and they'll sleep until 2-3am before they need to feed again.  We are no longer setting alarms- we are just allowing them to wake us up when they are hungry.  We have a pretty distinct bed time routine- we only swaddle them at night for bed, they wear a beanie, and we turn on the sound machine.  They have begun to associate these things with bed time, and will now go down awake and put themselves to sleep without a problem.  Even though we still rock them to sleep sometimes, this is what we do with them the majority of the time.  They are still in our room with us for now, and I forsee we will be moving them out around month 3 or 4.  They still sleep in their bouncy seats for the most part.  They sleep the best at an incline because we are quite positive that they both have silent reflux.  Luckily, neither cry or are super bothered by it, but it will wake them up more often if they are lying flat.    

And now for the letters to my baby girls..

My sweet little Polie..
You make me melt, little girl.  You have made me quite a proud momma this past month.  You are growing so big and strong, getting better at tummy time and head control- making me giddy with excitement when you hold your head up to look at momma.  You are so stunning and beautiful- and the way you smile, even though it isn't as often as I want to see it, brings a belly laugh out of me and your dad every time.  While we can still call you our little diva, you are just so sweet and love it when we snuggle cheek to cheek- momma loves it, too!  This past month you have become such a content little bug and will sit quietly in the bouncy or on the play mat without so much as a peep to come out of you.  If you would have told me that change would have happened in you last month I would have snorted and laughed out loud- your little personality continues to surprise me.    

You aren't as vocal as your sister, but when you do 'talk' it is the sweetest little voice I have ever heard.  You often will look at me dead in the face with such cute little facial expressions like you want to tell me something so very badly.. I have a feeling there will come a day when you will out talk even me.  You have discovered your hands and will suck rather loudly on your fists, but for the most part you LOVE your paci and will suck, suck, suck, away.  When it happens to fall out of your mouth, momma and dad are rushing to get it back to you because you definitely let us know when you've lost it.  You are still in newborn sized diapers and I wouldn't be surprised if you stay in them for another month or so.  The newborn sized clothes are finally fitting you well enough- although still are somewhat too big in the length and arms, but nothing the rolling of the sleeves wont fix. 

Some of your favorite things include: your paci (of course), the swing, and going for walks in the afternoon with momma and daddy.  Often times you will stay awake for the entire walk, amazed at all their is to look at.  You especially love it when we sing "You Are My Sunshine" in your little ear.  Daddy discovered that calms you almost immediately.

You are so very special to me, sweet Jolie Polie.  I just adore you, little girl.  Momma loves you with all my heart.

Little Miss Parker Jane..
Girl- this picture says it all.  You are SUCH a ham.  You continue to be so strong and you're able to use your arms to hold your head, neck, and shoulders up for quite sometime.  In fact, your head control is so good I can almost carry you like a toddler on my hip!  I forget you are only 2 months old.  You are so very snuggle-y, especially after you eat.  Your favorite place to snooze is deep in our neck, almost face first- so precious. You are completely fascinated with anything that puts off light- and cannot keep your eyes off the ceiling fans- moving or not.  You will move your head every which way to keep your gaze on those things.

You are not the biggest fan of tummy time, and will fight through it for the entire 10 minutes we attempt.  Within minutes of flipping you over, you are all smiles and sweet coos.  Speaking of smiles.. you are constantly smiling and chatting momma and daddy up- telling us all about anything and everything, whether it be while you are nursing (yes, during.. making momma laugh SO hard), getting your diaper changed, or playing on the play mat- always talking about something.  You have an amazing rendition of the word 'Hi!' and will shout it out often- catching momma off guard every time.  When you smile, it consumes your face, causing your eyes to all but disappear, just like your momma when she smiles.  The clicks of the camera make you almost laugh, and provides great entertainment when we are taking your picture.
Like Jolie, you have also found your hands this month and will suck away at your fingers, but deny the paci if ever offered to you.  You seem to only take it when it is close to feeding time, and even then you'll spit it out.  You are very active with your gestures and strike a pose with both hands out in front in the air, moving and shaking all over the place.  Newborn size clothes fit you pretty well for the most part- your chunky belly fills them out better than your skinny minnie sister.  As of this week you have transitioned to size 1 diapers.  Still a little on the big side for you, but the NB diapers were just too snug around your legs for momma's liking.

A few of your favorite things: anything that puts off light, the play mat (with the flashing lights), going for walks, and sleep.  Girl, you love your sleep and will snooze through anything.  You are so much like your momma, it is unreal.  

You are one of a kind, little miss, and I couldn't imagine our days without your smiling face.  I love you.      
As you can imagine, taking pictures of two little girls at just two months of age, 99% of the time I will never catch a shot with both of them looking at the camera..
But, there is always that 1%..  Good grief, how funny is this picture?!
Oh, girls.. you make my heart so happy.  
My life with you is 100% fun.  I could not imagine to be more blessed.  

2 months.  Still cannot believe it.. but cannot wait to see what month three has in store.

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