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2nd Month Favorites

It's month numero two- and we are still alive:)  I say this like we have difficult babies or something.  But, really we are so blessed with the sweetest little girls on the planet.  Of course, with twins, the simplest of situations can get a little hectic- and simulus overload is a regular occurance.  I'm looking for anything and everything that can make my life with the girls just a bit easier- and after living {and surviving} through this second month I've decided these are my favorite things. 
1. Changing Pad Liners.  These are a must have. If I would have known about them, we would have gotten these before the girls were even born- ready and waiting for us.  Within that first week of being home, we washed our changing pad cover five times.  Not kidding.  Jolie liked to pee every. single. time. we changed her diaper.  Doing a special load of laundry for the dadgum cover had become obnoxious and we decided we needed a seven second {back-up} cover.  Off to Babies R Us we went and stumbled upon this genius of a product.  The liners protect the pad so you simply take take it off and thrown on a new one. This is FAR easier than having to completely remove the changing pad cover and replace it with a new one.  Especially in the middle of the night. It also protects the changing pad from fading, which would happen from having to wash it twice every other day.
2. Starbucks Insulated Tumbler.  This was my right-hand-man during my pregnancy and has continued to come in handy since having the girls.  Water/fluid intake is so important while breastfeeding and I've found that if I am not keeping up with it throughout the day, I get really dehydrated, really quick.  The tumbler with a lid makes it easy to reach for when I've got the girls in my lap, not to forget the insulation feature helps with those drippy drips that are inevitable to fall from a normal cup.  Parker and Jolie thank me for that.   
3. Aden & Anais Burpy Bibs.  We got a set of these at one of my baby showers, and why we waited so long to use them is beyond me!  Probably because momma forgot she even had them in the drawer.  I have burp cloths running out my ears on a daily basis. These are by far my favorite of all burp cloths.  Soft and absorbent. I will wait for these by the dryer until they are dry. I should probably get a few more. 
4. Summer Infant SwaddleMe.  This month the girls have finally been able to fit into the small size SwaddleMe wraps, and we love them!  Jolie especially loves them- makes her feel very secure.  We only use them at night, but are really easy and give a good tight swaddle.  I know I said last month that I loved the Aden and Anais swaddle blankets, but the girls are able to bust out of them pretty easy as they have gotten bigger.  But, oh, I still love those things, and I still use them for wrapping and keeping warm.
5. Oxi Clean Baby Stain Remover Spray.  Must. Have.  This has come in hand for many 'stains' over the past month. 
6. Baby Jogger City Select.  This month we've used our stroller on a daily basis.  Aside from the regular outings {we have become quite confident going out in public with them}we have been going on walks around our neighborhood every afternoon since the weather has been beautiful {70 degrees in February. Really?  Only in Texas.} The girls love them, and it is a great way for this momma to slowly get back into shape.  The City Select offers the option for a carseat adapter as well as a second seat when the girls are big enough- plus, it isn't the size of a double wide with two.  Some double strollers are just ginormous and make for a difficult time maneuvering.  Not this one.  Although it is quite pricey {especially to make it twin friendly} it is definitly a good choice.      
7. Sleep Sheep.  My girls love their sound machine at home, and while in the car it is no different.  Going out of the house is a regular thing for us now, so these have been really helpful when traveling with the girls.  Parker actually got upset once when I thought she was for sure soundly asleep and I turned off her sheep. Big mistake. Big.  Huge.  She was so upset with her momma!  Never again.
8. Wubbanub.  We play a ridiculous game with the girls and their paci.  Suck, suck, spit, scream.  I curse this game.  Especially at 2am.  After reading Meredith's recommendation for these wubbanub pacis- I went out and got some..and hello?  Where have you been all my life little animal thingy-or-other?  They are so much easier to find {regular pacifiers disappear into thin air.  It's magic.} and the girls have an easier time holding onto them.  If they spit it out {always}, they are able to manipulate it back to their mouth on their own.  My only complaint is that they are somewhat expensive- we ordered the ones we have off Amazon for a slightly cheaper price than in store- free shipping. Love them.
9. Boppy Pillow.  In their girls' first month, they were much too small to be able to use the boppy.  Now that they are bigger, we use these pillows all the time!  We have two for use during tummy time, feeding bottles {daddy duty}, and napping {supervised, of course}.  These are great and made our lives easier when it came to dealing with both babies at the same time.   

This list doesn't include the 400+ diapers we went through or the gallons of water we've used this month washing clothes, bottles, and pump supplies.  Just a few of my favorite things that stuck out as helpful during our second month with these sweet girls.   



The Joiners said...

Very helpful, as always- thanks for sharing all of your twin/registry knowledge so freely :) I just updated my registries accordingly- ha!

Megan. OneFifteenDanville. said...

Love that you are 1 month ahead of us, and I can plan accordingly! ;)

Mindy Rives said...

#1, #3, and #5...I still can't live without! Amazing!

Stephanie Pizza said...

When the girls start to teeth- this sofie giraffe is a life saver!! :) I wish I would have known about it before my LO's first tooth came in- amazing.

LacyLouise said...

Wooohoo! LOVE the Wubbanub! Best invention ever!

Unknown said...

Fantastically helpful list - thanks so much!

Sarah said...

Newbie here! I follow you on intsagram too! I LOVE your twins they are so so so cute! Plus you are one hot mama for just having them! I just had a little boy 4 months ago!! Can't wait to read more!!


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