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Bunny Hop

Oh nelly. 

and this girl Parker..


during the filming of this little video she's sitting contently in my lap.
..has yet to roll from back to tummy.
.. will, however roll to her side and then decides its not worth it to roll all the way. 

what's the rush? 



Cara Box Exchange

Awesome things in the mail + Meeting new women + Encouragement = Cara Box

Kaitlyn of at Wifessionals hosts a monthly box swap. This month I decided to try it out!  .
Each month there is a different theme, and May's theme was "Let's Get Regional".
Everyone was supposed to get to know their partners and create a box containing items that were from the region or state they live in!!
My super sweet partner was Frances from Notions from Nonny 
Frances lives in California (helllooo sunshine and beaches, right?) and from the fun box she sent me, there is so much more to that great state than I had any clue about! 
I was about to tear into the chocolate when I realized- I need to take some pictures of this sweet little package! So.. a couple quick snaps with my phone camera made suffice so that I could get down to business with these sweet eats while watching my DVR'd finales (Grey's, Nashville, Scandal..the list is endless, I tell you.)
Frances really made note of the agriculture of California.  Did you know Central Valley is one of the world's most productive agriculture regions?  Me neither!  From the honey bees to apricots, California is among the primary source for so many things.  She sent me a delicious bag of local grown almonds (600 million pounds of almonds are produced every year!) This was Jordan's favorite part about my box. 
I absolutely loved my box and the fact that Frances put so much thought into what she sent. The goodies definitely made me want to take a trip out to Cali and get to know the place beyond beaches and shopping (although I down for that, too!) 

If you want to know more about the Cara Box Exchange and how you can participate, click here:)

Thanks, Frances!


It's Friday.. I'm going to share some of my favorite pictures from this past week.  It's been one of those weeks.  It had drug on and on and on..

and on.

I am thankful that, it is in fact, Friday and even though this is technically my 'short weekend' at home, we are closed for Memorial Day.  Two very enthusiastic thumbs up. (anyone call that line from one of my most favorite movies, EVER?) 

I think my slow-moving week has something to do with the fact that I've not slept well this entire week.. so annoying.  The girls have been sleeping GREAT and here I am here restless- tossing and turning for most of the night.  Boo. 

Going through my phone looking back over this past week, these are among my favorite times with my sweet littles.

ALL smiles.  Seriously.  All the time.  I adore this silly sweet pea of mine.
Being cray cray babies before it was time to eat.  Again with the silly Parker and Jolie in mid-sentence/babble/yell
Jordan snapped this picture during church last weekend. Parker was being such a snuggle bunny during the entire service.  I sang to her during worship and she leaned into my cheek as I swayed with the music.  So sweet.  I remember at that moment wishing someone would take a picture. 
When momma is away.. Dad makes use of his surroundings.
Hey Jordan, you know what would go good with this coffee?  Donuts. 

My man delivered.
My happy girls after naptime
Bare baby arms and legs are amazing.  Period.

Just sayin'.
It's like she knows shes precious or something. 
While Jo is precious and sweet.. Parker Jane is just plain hilarious.  She recenlty found her tongue and refuses to keep it in her mouth.  She is working so hard to blow raspberries.  Hasn't quite mastered it just yet.
The oatmeal lover of all oatmeal lovers.  I finally have to stop feeding her little belly before it pops!  Then she proceeds to take matters into her own hands by grabbing the spoon. 

While I manage to get the spoon away from her, she makes a grab for the empty bowl. 

Smart cookie, that Jolie girl.
again.. when momma is away.
Working hard on her sitting skills.  These toys are their new favorite things.  They love anything that plays music and has lights. 
I can state in confidence that this baby will be crawling before this month's end.  She is SO busy and scooting her little bootie all over the place.   
Jordan took the girls over to their great-grandmother's house, MeMe, this week and she got to spend some sweet time with Parker and Jolie.  Parker fell asleep while drinking her bottle in MeMe's arms.  Something she's never done before!  So precious.

Whew.  HELLLOOOO Friday.  Thankful for this day and the special weekend ahead with my family. 
What are you guys doing this weekend??!



5 Month Favorites

 Month five with these girls is in full swing!  There's a whole lot of growing up going on in the Massey house- sleeping in their own cribs- unswaddled, teething and eating oatmeal from a spoon.

Slow time down.  Some one.  Anyone?  

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8
1.Munchkin BPA Free White Hot Spoons. Just a couple weeks ago the girls started on cereal (rice and oatmeal) and when we were out getting the 'supplies' for feeding them successfully (bowls, bibs, spoons, a water bucket with soap.. you know, the essentials) I was overwhelmed by the options.  There was an entire WALL of spoons.  I knew, whatever I chose, I wanted something that is gentle on their gums and eventually on their new teeth, so the rubber tip was on my radar. Finally we decided on these soft rubber tipped spoons that are designed to let you know if food is too hot.  The tips turns white when food is too hot.  Even when I've tested the oatmeal or rice cereal on my own lips, I can never judge.  So, I like these spoons to help me out with that. 
2. Dr. Brown's Feeding Bowls.   So far, we love these bowls. To be honest, I scooped these up on the "As Is' wall-o-babystuff at Babies R Us- they were marked down because the packaging was torn.  Hey, anyway I can save a buck these days.  After using them, I have decided that I really like them!  They are non-slip with a rubber base and small enough for me to hold in my (rather petite) hand while feeding with the other.  There is also a rubber tab that makes the bowl extra easy to hold. They claim to have partnered with infant nutritionists and moms to create a complete solid feeding system.. but so far so good with these bowls.  Not sure if it's really making the 'nutrition' impact on my 5 month old girls just yet.   
3. Sophie The Giraffe Vanilla Teething Ring.  Last month I mentioned the love we have for Sophie.. but while the girls love the squeak of that toy, I've found that they loose interest in the big Sophie pretty quickly simply because they cannot hold it very well and suck/chew/drool effectively. I think it’s because she is just TOO big for them and their little mouths right now. A couple weeks ago I was sifting through toys and found this smaller, easy for tiny hands to hold, Sophie.  We had gotten a couple as a present topper at one of my first baby showers and I totally forgot about them. They were still in the box!  This little Sophie is perfect for P & J to hold- with built-in teething rings.  Jolie, in particular, loves this thing and will reach for it as soon as it is in eye's view. The Sophie the Giraffe Vanilla Teething Ring runs around $15 and, like the big Sophie, it is worth every penny.
4. Cotton Footless Sleep & Play Pajamas.  Summer is on the horizon here in Texas and I'm totally digging these footless jams for the girls.  For the most part, if we aren't going anywhere or we aren't having any company, my girls stay comfy in a sleep-and-play during the day.  With the warmer days (up to 80s or 90s) and nights only dipping into the upper 50s or 60s, these footless pajamas are perfect.  I admit to having every single footless jammies that Carter's offers. Times two.   
5. Gerber Infant Oatmeal.  We have tried the rice cereal and after a couple weeks we decided to try infant oatmeal.  We went with the Gerber brand and have come to love it more than the rice cereal, not really for any reason except that the girls seem to eat/like it better.  I opted against the 'organic' brand cereal, simply because I am feeding two babies and these babies are going through it so quickly and it can get so expensive.  As far as the grains in general go, there isn't a real risk or benefit in choosing the organic versus the regular.  When we transition to fruits and vegetables I'll be selecting the organic varieties when available.  
6. HALO SleepSack Wearable Blanket. As of two weeks ago, little miss Jolie can roll onto her belly.  That day we decided it was time to 'de-swaddle' the girls.  At first we still used the SwaddleMe, but would leave their arms free.  There are about 50 different varieties and brands of wearable blankets, and at first I was set on the Aden and Anais, but after reading multiple reviews that it was poorly made and tore after first use/wash and the $50 price tag, I decided for something a bit more sturdy.  We used the HALO swaddler blankets we got from the hospital for over two months, and never had any issues with quality, so I figured it was a great bet to choose the HALO brand.  Finally we broke down and bought a couple Sleep Sacs while Babies R Us had them on sale for buy on get on 50% off.  The small size is still huge on the girls, but after a run through the wash it shrank just a bit making it not so big and safe for them to wear at night. 
7. Balmex MultiPurpose Healing Ointment. LOVE.  While I do like Butt Paste, we got this as a sample from our pediatrician and find it to be easier to use/spread and not so messy.  I went out that day after first use and bought a boatload.  Ok, not really, but a few to stock up on.  I haven't been able to find it in large supermarkets (they have the cream version), but Babies R Us and has it. Because they are still breastfeeding, they have multiple poopy diapers during the day and have yet to have a run in with dreaded diaper rash.  The Balmex ointment literally acts as a bootie sheild and NOTHING sticks to their little bums.
8. Aveeno Baby Daily Moisture Lotion- Fragrance Free.  During the first few months of life, we used an organic, hypoallergenic baby lotion on the girls.. simply because it was a gift that had been given to us at a shower.  We have about 14 gallons of Johnson's baby lotion and soap.. and used the baby soap and the organic lotion in combination without problem.  Recently we ran out of the (pricey) hypoallergenic lotion and decided there was no harm in switching to the Johnson's baby lotion (the oatmeal vanilla).  Wrong.  Both girls broke out into a terrible rash- poor Jolie was the worst with it all down her back and shoulders.  Parker got a terrible rash under her neck and it all just looked so uncomfortable.  We decided to go fragrance free with the lotions and it did the trick- after just a first time use.  No more rash and cleared up beautiful baby skin- thank goodness!  We use the Aveeno Baby Wash & Shampoo, and while it is lightly scented it doesn't cause irritation like the Johnson's does.       

We still get great use of our 3 & 4 month favorites, so not to forget about those.. But these are the essentials in our house for month numero cinco!  And as always, suggestions welcome for anything great that we may be missing out on! :)



My First Mother's Day {2013}

I officially LOVE Mother's Day.  I was the most perfect day.  The entire weekend was fabulous, actually.  I am SO smitten by my family and what it means to me and this weekend they showed me how much I mean to them.  Talk about making a momma feel special.   

Just a little over 5 months ago my sweet miracles were brought into this world to make me a Mother. How lucky am I?  That I was chosen to carry and create not just one baby doll, but, two!  My mind is still to this day boggled by the entire process.. from conception, to strict bed rest, to birth.. the entire thing was absolutely amazing and I wouldn't change on single thing about it.  I still wake up every day in disbelief that I am a Momma to two of the most perfect angel babies on this planet (I am biased, of course.)

I was never one of those girls that wanted to get married and have a baby on the fly- so quick after tying the knot.  Going to college to get my MRS degree?  I had other things on my mind.  I for sure wanted to be a mother, but it wasn't on my immediate radar of things to do right after we got married. If I would have known how amazing it is to be a parent, I would have been on that wagon 3.4 seconds after saying "I DO'.

Friday I decided to take the day off.. but didn't tell Jordan until Thursday night.  I wanted to spend the entire day with him and our girls and I knew that if he knew I was off work he would have taken the opportunity to get some of his part-time work done (always working hard for our family)

Jordan was so surprised and SO happy that I was going to be home!  He had planned to take the girls out to run some last minute Mother's Day errands, but since I would be home, he decided that this momma could tag along, too!

First stop.. Sonic.  DUH.  I had to get my Diet Strawberry Limeade for the road.  For whatever reason I can never be left in the car without a drink..So, if ever I have a couple bucks and change to make a stop, Sonic is usually on my radar.

My sweet Parker girl after her lunch meal.. Getting her 'power burp' on, so her daddy likes to call it.  Parker and Jolie are the sweetest and with full bellies they kept Jordan and I company while we grabbed a bite to eat. 

Mother's Day spoilage.. Mani/Pedi, Buble..and promises for tickets to his concert in October- EEEEEEE!
Buble is my favorite.  I would be a Mother to his children, any time.

Saturday Jordan was at work, and Sunday, Mother's Day, we headed to church that morning and then to the Massey's for burgers and all the goodies that go with it for a Mother's Day celebration.  It was a day of firsts for every one.. Jenna and I celebrated being a new mommies and Bree was celebrated for being a new grand-mommy! 

Silly Jolie Polie in her sweetest Sunday dress and head bow. Always in attempt to get her toes in her mouth. Occassionally she's frustrated because she can't fit both feet in her mouth at once. 

They made my weekend extra special.. just like every weekend:)

My sweet family of four
The girls.  Absolute prefection if you ask me. 
I am beyond blessed by these two little girls.  I cannot say enough of how much I love them.. and how much I LOVE being their Momma. 

To all you ladies that are blessed to be a momma to your little one (s), I hope this year you were celebrated as much as I was.  You should be because you are all so special.

Happy Mother's Day!



Parker & Jolie- 5 Months

My girls are 5 months!  Well.. 5 months and four days if you want to get technical.  My days/weeks/months are flying and I hardly realized that it was already May 6th.  My sweet girls are growing and changing so quickly.  We were shopping with the girls last weekend and Jordan caught himself looking at Parker and asking me "When did she start this?  Like, yesterday while I was at work?"

We ask each other this question a lot. 

What's New
Everyday there is something different to note about these two.  Jolie has totally turned into this personality filled little person.. with a voice that out speaks her sister to no end.  Who ever thought that a voice like that could come out of a little bit like her.  Parker is as smiley as ever and will spread a grin for anyone that will talk sweetly to her.  Arms and legs go flailing when it is time to eat, and not to forget her random 'HEY' to get your attention if your back it turned to her.  They know exactly what to do to get a response out of their daddy and me- and especially love it when we are so tickled by their actions.  It makes them laugh and ham it up even harder.  They have begun to interact with one another, but nothing more than blank stares and grabbing the hand of the other or perhaps the chewing of a leg (Jolie particularly loves Parker's chunky thighs).  I can't wait for baby jabber during play time.  Jolie recently discovered how to role from back to tummy and will stay there for the majority of the time.  Although Parker hasn't quite mastered the back-to-tummy roll, she it totally interested in watching her sister do it.  I have learned that when they play, Parker has no interest in the hanging toys or lights or music.  All eyes are on Jolie and what she's doing- which mostly consists of slobber/chewing/yelling/yelling/slobber/chewing.  Pretty intriguing, I know. 

No teeth just yet.. that I can tell, but these two drool like crazy and often times momma and dad end up with a face full of slobber after attempting to get some 'sugars'.  They say teeth can be months away once the signs of teething start.. but my goodness with as much as these girls chew and drool I would think that the breakthrough of a tiny pearly white isn't too far off.

This month didn't warrant a check-up, but I called anyway to see about getting in just to get them weighed.. I was super curious to know how much these girls had gained over this past month!  I had a minor case of 'mommy-anxiety' early in the month- worrying if the girls were eating enough, but my mind was put at ease with the numbers on the scale.  Jolie officially landed herself at the 4th percentile for weight at 11 pounds and 14 ounces.  Parker is also at 4th percentile, but weighing a little over 13 pounds.  Still, the girls are about a pound apart as they always have been. 

I have continued with the girls on the same schedule during my work week and nursing them at 4am, 5pm-6pm, and then before bed at 8:30pm-9:30pm. They take bottles for three feedings (8am, 11am, and 2pm) while I'm at work.   Earlier this month, Jordan and I reevaluated how much they were getting at each bottle feeding and how often they finished their bottles versus what is appropriate for age, and how much did they spit up after eating.  You can overfeed a baby on a bottle, and that is the last thing I wanted to do.  So, we ultimately set the girls back about a 1/2 an ounce each and now get between 5 and 5 1/2 ounces at the three feedings while I'm at work.  They are perfectly content and growing so well- so cutting back a little hasn't developed into a problem.  Our pediatrician told us an easy rule of thumb for feeding from a bottle: 5 months, 5 ounces; 6 months, 6 ounces and so on.  Of course, every baby is different, and we may be advancing them to more in the weeks to come, just depending on their need.

At around 4 and a half months the girls decided that they were full and finished after about 10 minutes of nursing.  They did this for a about a week- and that week was the week of hell for me. I thought for sure the girls were through with nursing, losing interest in me completely, and they were starving.  I was an emotional wreck.  I cried multiple times a day thinking the absolute worst- when in reality none of these things were happening.  They just became very effiecent and were in fact full and satisfied after just 10 minutes.  They were also emptying my breasts, therefore getting a full feeding in literally half the time they had been nursing before.  Still a little freaked out {hence the weight check this month} I brought it up to Dr. Bulter and her quick response was "GREAT!"

REALLY?  Okieee then.  They aren't starving.  They do have interest in me.  They are still very much into their momma feeding them.  Thank goodness

At 20 weeks we decided to give rice cereal a whirl- and they loved it! Right now we offer them cereal just before bed, in hopes to help keep them full through the night {this isn't always true to the case- as you'll read below}.  This week we mixed it up with some baby oatmeal and they love it SO much more than the rice cereal.  Looks the same to me, but they eat it much quicker and with ease over the rice cereal- more in their mouth than all over their baby bellies. 

They are eating 1/4 cup of oatmeal mixed with about 4 ounces of breast milk  between the two of them.  Literature says they should be eating at least 1/2 cup each by 6 months of age, but I doubt we will get to that much over this next month, even though last night Jolie was 'mmmhmm'ing' like she was ready for another bite after cleaning the bowl.  I mixed up another 1/4 cup of oatmeal and she all but finished the entire thing, leaving Parker just a few bites (she was totally over the cereal by that point anyway, leaving more for the little bit.)  Jolie is growing like a WEED. Within the next couple weeks we'll be adding in another cereal feeding and start incorporating some veggies.  I plan to experiment and make my own baby food/purees.  I have high hopes that I'll be successful.  I'll start with the orange veggies and then on to the green veggies and then start adding in fruits.  I am weirdly excited for them to start foods- don't ask me why.. I literally wish to stop time because they are growing so quickly.

This is a touchy subject.. Up until this week it has been so rough and inconsistent with little miss Jolie Grace.  She would do great and sleep through the night for about a week and then the next 2 weeks it was a nightmare of only about 3 hours a night for momma and baby.  She would be up every other hour fussing and crying.  We could not figure this child out.  We attempted to let her 'cry it out', and that worked for about 4 days.  She would be fine if momma was holding her, passed out cold.  The moment I would lay her down- no matter how long we had spent in that rocker- she would wake up and cry.  After going through senario after senario in my/our head, we finally asked the pediatrician for advice.  She mentioned that Jolie has spent her entire 5 months of life playing catch up and recently has been in a constant state of growing- meaning she is hungry around the clock!  Even with the addition of cereal to fill her little belly, she is still waking up hungry.  I felt horrible when we finally came to realize that the poor girl is hungry at night.  That first night I offered her to nurse and she acted like she hadn't eaten in 12 hours when really it had only been about four. SO- I now get up with Jolie between 1am and 3 am to give her an extra feeding. she goes right back down and sleeps the rest of the night.  Even though I cringed at the {selfish} thought that I was going to start night feeding again{that the girls dropped themselves around 2 months} it is what she needs right now, and makes for a much easier and rested night for all of us.  If it isn't one thing keeping her up (her tight neck muscles) its another (hunger).  We will get through this eventually.  I actually don't mind nursing her in the night.  It is the only time I am one on one with her because I always tandem feed.  She's quick these days (about 10 minutes) and I'm back in bed in no time. 

Parker- that girl can sleep and she does so well through the night.  At 20 weeks we seperated them into their own cribs and I think it was a good move now that Jolie is waking up at night to eat.  She doesn't even stir when Jolie is howling at 2am.

Right now we have the girls' bedtime between 9-9:30pm, but would like to transition them to a 7-7:30pm bedtime in the next week or so.  Any great tips on how to go about doing this? I'm all ears!  Their naps are pretty consistent and they will sleep about 2 hours a couple times a day and then a cat nap of 45 minutes to an hour around 6:30-7pm.  The ultimate goal is to drop that short nap in the evening and just get them to bed earlier.  Fingers crossed on how this will go.  I love my evenings with them, and setting an earlier bedtime makes for less time that I get to spend with them on my work days, but it also means more rest for mom and well as time for Jordan and me.  Which is just as important.


Jolie Polie

Your Favorites: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, your giraffe Wubanub and giraffe stuffed animal, reading books, Sophie,  the lights and animals on your activity mat, conversations with momma and daddy, oatmeal, rough housing (Your FAVORITE to play rough with daddy), bathtime (You LOVE bathtime), physical therapy with Suzan, tummy time, playing in the mirror, your feet, afternoon naps, watching momma cook.

Your Not-So-Favorites: Neck stretches, fighting sleep, strangers/large crowds, loud noises, being in your carseat for too long, finding a comfortable position to sleep in, your paci (you would rather suck your thumb!)

What a beauty you are, little girl.  If you would have asked me last month about the leaps and bounds of change you would be making that next month I wouldn't have been close to describing how much personality you have come to develop.

You have found your feet/toes and they are your most favorite 'toy' on this planet.  You can lay in a pile of rattles, stuffed animals, squeaky toys, and light up activity- but be completely content with your little feets.
In fact, you are pretty content with most things.  You will play by yourself for 20-30 minutes, babbling to your toys or playing with your feet.  Last week you finally mastered the back-to-tummy roll and now want nothing to do with laying on your back for play time (or sleeping for that matter).  As soon as we lay you down you are already busy maneuvering your way to your tummy to grab everything within arms reach- and then of course put it in your mouth.   

The once quiet Miss Jolie is now louder than ever- your squeals and projected little voice can be heard from any room in the house.  You always have something to say and over and over again it brings joy to my heart and a smile on my face. You sure know how to get our attention when you want it. 

You LOVE, love, love cereal and know that when you are stripped to your diaper it is time for some oatmeal goodness.  Momma almost needs a shovel to get it in at the rate you would like.  You have the best motor movement and will swallow a bite of cereal without pushing half of it out with your baby tongue.  These days you sleep on your tummy and are now unswaddled and in a sleep sac because of it.  You started to deny your paci and would rather suck your thumb- a true sign that you are getting sleepy and are ready for a nap.  You get most frustrated when you are ready to sleep but can't get comfortable to do so.  Your harmless and playfull jibberish and yells become high pitched screeches and are partnered with a serious scowl. Your Aunty Ashley calls that the Fridge Face- and you are a master at it.     

You recently graduated to bi-monthly physical therapy appointments because your 'tilt' is less than 5% for at least 80 percent of the time.  YOU ROCK, POLIE!  Your head control is crazy good these days and this makes your momma and daddy so happy.  Happy to tears, actually. We hated to hear your cry through neck stretches and sometimes through PT and now, if we talk you through the stretches, you will half smile and make due.  You still don't like them, but the fight against isn't there anymore.

Looking back at your 4 month update, you have changed so much!   You still love to read and are interested in the goings on about you- studying every movement or toy in eye's view. You are definitly a thinker.  

You are still in size 1 diapers, but finally fit well enough into 3 month size clothing- you are still a petite little thing, but your cheeks are totally giving your sister's a run for her money. You are getting too big for your britches, little girl! Momma cannot believe how much you are growing.  It shows by your sleep habits during the day (you love your two hour nap times) and your crazed hunger at night. 
I just adore you, precious.  Love you, Jolie Grace.    

Parker Jane

Your Favorites: CARTOONS-Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is a favorite for sure, your monkey Wubanub and giraffe baby, your paci (can't sleep without it!), Sleep Sheep, playing with your hands and feet, chatting it up with momma, babbling and smiling, the lights and animals on your activity mat, sleep, afternoon walks, crinkle paper, watching momma cook, eating oatmeal, looking/touching the iPhone.

Your Not-So-Favorites: Sitting and playing alone, being in your car seat for too long, tummy time, loud noises, fighting sleep, bathtime (you are coming around slowly, though!), the dark, being left out.

Oh, miss Parker Jane.  What a silly girl you are!  We have so much fun together!  You continue to take a serious liking to your momma.  How this melts my heart so.. you have no idea.  The smile that lights up your face when you hear my voice or see me across the room- it just incredible and so beautiful.  I cannot describe the feeling, but you sure know how to make a momma feel loved.  You are all about being in the middle of the crowd, the center of attention, and involved in whatever is going on around you (I wonder where you get that from..) You cannot stand to be left out.  Strangers often comment on your beautiful smile and chubby cheeks and fall to putty when their words bring out the best grin they've ever seen.  I have a feeling that you'll be using that to your advantage in the years to come.   

Let's hope daddy learns the word "no" in the near future because you've got him wrapped around your tiny baby fingers.  He speaks praises of being a 'girl dad'..and who knew my burley firefightin', bird-huntin' manly man of all men, and YOUR spectacular daddy would be so smitten. 

I totally did.
You have recently come to be one that needs a little extra soothing when it is time for bed.  I think it has something to do with losing the comfort of having your sister in the crib with you.  All it takes is for my hand or daddy's hand to be resting on your head.  You grasp it with your sweet little hand and fall right to sleep in no time.  Can we talk about how precious that is?? I could tell you "I love you" a million times a day.. I'm pretty sure I get close to it anyway.

You're most favorite thing to do it eat, that is for sure.  You start the "Parker Dance" kick kick kicking your legs at lightening speed.  I get such joy out of watching your excitement!  Like Jolie, you LOVE cereal.  You "mmmhmmhmmh" and kick your legs all the way through the meal time.  I actually think you would chow down on anything we offered to you.  You have such interest in watching your dad and I eat.  I'm excited to see how you do with veggies.  I am not so sure you've quite mastered the swallow function yet with the oatmeal.  Half of the spoon I give ends up running down your chin and onto your buddah belly.  Such a messy eater!  But, your daddy and I get a good laugh and love it all the same.

Like sister, you are also in size 1 diapers and fill out the 3 month sized clothes perfectly!  I feel like you are such a big girl, but Dr. Butler assured me that you are still little bitty.. which was comforting because I secretly wish for you to be little forever.  I love the relationship we have.. but I know as you get bigger it will only get better

Parker Jane- you are just too cute for words.  My little beauty queen.  You cannot and will not ever understand the crazy love I have for you, baby girl.

The best five months of my life rest in the pictures of this post.. how am I so blessed for these two to call me 'momma'.  I will never take advantage of these precious gifts my God has given us to raise up. 

5 months old.. coming and going in a blink, but I am so excited for the unknown of whats to come. 

Love you, girls.



WIWW: Caramel or Khaki (?)

For the last month or so my department has been planning and preparing for a HUGE health and wellness fair coming up next week for one of our biggests clients.  In a final planning meeting last week my boss casually said:
"We've ordered polos for everyone.. and plan to were khakis and comfortable shoes with it."

Khakis? Really? 

Circa 1998.. take me back to middle school.

Do real khakis even still exisit??

My and the girls that I work with had a minor brain bleed thinking about where in the world to find these pants. 

So, whats the big deal?  Well, as you all know.. I have not just one, but TWO infants I am diapering these days.   Going through over 200 diapers a week.

I don't shop with ease anymore.  Sad day. So, if I am going to make a purchase, it better be on something I plan to wear more than once. 

When my boss said 'khakis' I had horrible flashes of front pleats and MC hammer like poofage.  Even after a brief Google search, I came up with nothing worth a swipe of my card.  Enter my perfect go-to... LOFT {shocker}

I searched under their pants and came to realize that khakis aren't  khakis any more.  They are caramel or camel or tan or natural.  I promise these pants sell better if they dont have the 'k' word attached to it.

These ankle pants caught my eye.. in caramel.  SOLD.
AND.. because they were have a 40% off sale.. I snagged this shirt and I'm totally in love with it.  It is more of a tunic in length if you ask me.  Light and breathable with this crazy hot weather making its way to Texas in the coming Summer months. I want to get it in the other 3 colors it comes in.  But, of course.. I went for the coral/orange first. 

Typical Amber MO.

Earrings // Trade Show * Necklace // BiJouxbyMeg on Etsy * Long Necklace // LOFT
Blouse // LOFT * Pants // LOFT * Shoes // Ann Klein via DSW
Alrighty boss lady, I'm all set.  Khakis and all.

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