Keeping Them Close

I love a good choker.  Not like a choker-hold..per say.  I am referencing a choker of the jewelry kind. I've been searching for the 'right' little necklace for some time now.

..one that I can wear on a daily basis.
..one that is petite
..and right up my alley.   

Then I saw this on her blog.  

Let me tell you a little something about myself.  I have an incredibly addictive personality.  When I decide to do something, or that I want something- the obsessive, compulsive Amber kicks it into high gear.  I think nothing but about said project/item(s)/goal until it is complete or I have it in my possession.  While I was on bed rest this addictive personality reared its hairy head on more than one occasion.

Often times this is a positive.. (nesting, birth planning, recipe development, party planning.. etc.)

and sometimes it drives my poor Jordan up the wall  crazy.  We can't seem to hold a conversation without some discussion of my new fathom of whatever.  

So- right now.. my 'whatever' that I'm stuck on is some sort of initial necklace.  I like the look of the sideways letters, as shown here.. and I would get two, of course- a 'P' and a 'J'. But, I sadly can't bring myself to spend over $200 for it.  My jewelry/clothing/shoes budget is slowly getting absorbed into my diapers/wipes budget.  

I know.  Sad day.   

BUT- the glories of etsy have saved the day.  Are you surprised?  

I found several shops that sell the initial necklaces!  And for a reasonable price, too.  Hallelujah for that.

After continuing my search to find something perfect to spend my monies on, I came across Megan's shop Bijoux by Meg.  She is pretty talented in her creations of hand stamped personalized jewelry- totally what I was looking for!  I initially fell in love with this necklace, then saw this bracelet and inquired to know if she could make a few changes to the bracelet: turn it into a necklace, add another charm, and double to chain.  Okay- so I completely changed it all together.  Kind of a tall order on my part.

She gladly obliged:)  Awesome.

It arrived in the mail at the end of last week (She was really quick!  I ordered and received it within a week.) and I was SO excited to tear open the packaging and put my necklace around my neck.

But.. how pretty it was.. I couldn't just rip it to shreds (even though the 5 year old in me wanted to like it was Christmas morning or something.)  She even included a sweet little note with my necklace.  There is something to be said about a hand written note.

Now for the necklace reveal- I totally love and adore this thing.
Excuse the blotchy skin.. I was attempting to polish it up before I took the picture and in turn made my neck all red. Boo.
Don't you love it?  I got the shortest chain length she offers, the16-inch, and went with the double to give it a little structure.  It wears high on my neck, like a choker, but not terribly short that it is uncomfortable.

I will disclose that I have a petite neck, so the 16-inch might be as comfortable for you.  I would measure before purchasing.  She offers many chain lengths.
I havent taken it off since I got it.  It turned out so good, and Meg was such a pleasure to work with.  She has a few other items in her shop that I'm eye-balling for purchase.. but they will  have to wait.

Jolie and Parker are going through way too many diapers and wipes to count.

While they are no longer in my belly and as close as they can be to me, this necklace is perfect and just what I wanted to keep my girls close to my heart.

Just a few short weeks left before I return to work and wearing this around my neck everyday will keep me reminded of my tiny blessings at home waiting for me:)


Amy B. said...

Love it. I've been looking for something similar myself!

Sarah S. said...

I have a breastmilk pendant with my son's name on it from MommyMilk Creations on Etsy! Check it out! It's a really cool concept where she takes an ounce of your milk and makes it into a resin bead and sets it in a pendant. It means so much to me since we have had many struggles to achieve a breastfeeding relationship! I even purchased one for my donor milk mom with her son's name!

Brianne said...

The necklace is adorable!!! What a great mommy gift for yourself before you return to work. :) I need to check out her Etsy site out. Thanks for sharing!

Megan. OneFifteenDanville. said...

I love it. I had a similar one with mine and hub's initials. Now I need to add a little one for Reese :) I love how small ad dainty it looks!

The Joiners said...

So cute! I have a gold stamped "a" necklace from Stella + Dot and I'm thinking of ordering a "c" charm for when the babies come... I could get a "b" charm too for Brian's name, but then people might wonder if I'm just a fan of the alphabet or what :)

Sarah Tucker said...

Love! So sweet simple. Perfect way to remember them throughout the day!

Ashley said...

Adorable! I just recently started following your blog and instagram and saw this necklace in one of your photos and wanted to ask about it! I've also been on the intial necklace train searching for the perfect one. Love it!

Elizabeth said...

Super duper cute! Love it!!

Jacqueline and Travis said...

Love this! so cute!! I feel like I am in the loop cause I have one too! way dainty with a T :)

Love you!

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