INSTA-Wrap 1.11.13

Thank goodness for social media, yes? I have fallen in love with Instagram (@masseya) and look after my feed on a daily basis- posting a million few of the girls along the way.

My life right now is pretty much the definition of predictable and can be easily broken down to a 3 hour feeding schedule.  So, you can imagine that we don't particularly have note-worthy 'high' and 'low' points- although..last night could for sure be classified as a 'low' point on the scale if we are measuring.  Jolie. cried. all. night. long.  While she is usually the more vocal of the two girls and wants to be rocked to sleep, last night was a first of that crying business.  My poor little bit. 

Here is a look at my past (insta) week via this perfectly lovely photo dump for your Friday.

When daddy leaves mommy home for 24 hours at a time.. the funnies start to show out.

Jolie- you're gorgeous, girl.  Baby elephants (and slobber bubbles?) look amazing on you.  Just sayin'.

The porcelain doll, Parker Jane.  So stoic and a little bit gangsta.  

"My milk gut bring all the boys to the yard.."  -Sarah Tucker (@sarahtuckerup)

Jolie Polie or Mr. Magoo?  It's a toss up.  I could go either way.
This face.  I adore this face.  Can we say: Precious Moments? 

Got a little brunette in my life.  Apparently its the thing to do after you have a baby.. or two.  
Don't you know?

 I sure do love a binki face.  Especially when it come with the sounds of Maggie Simpson
(No joke.  Parker seriously could play the part.)

Full bellies = Nap time.  I couldn't bring myself to move them- even if they were falling between the cracks of my nursing pillow.  I take pictures instead.

10:30pm.  My eyes are blood red from the day of constant baby care and exhaustion. All I want is to go to sleep..sleep for 3 hours to be up again for a feeding.  And then she flashes me with this grin.  
Totally worth it.  

Follow me @masseya to keep track of my weekly instas:)  Happy Weekend, friends!


mrs. tabb said...

lovely! i'll have to follow you on instagram. i'm @mrstabb!

Kaleigh said...

Love following you on Insta. You have the sweetest photos!

Sarah Tucker said...

Parker's grin is probably the most precious thing on planet Earth. Seriously. Along with Jolie's eyes and facial expressions...you officially have the most adorable twins ever.

And THANK YOU for making me almost spit my pizza out when I read "my milk gut brings all the boys to the yard..." I mean I know I said that, but for some reason today it was hilarious! I am probably delusional from lack of oxygen in the mountains..

The Joiners said...

I'm following now! Can't wait to see more pics of those sweet baby girls!

Kasey said...

following you on instagram!! can't wait to see more pics of those cute little faces :):)

Megan. OneFifteenDanville. said...

Oh how I adore milk drunken smiles. Does it get better? I think not!

The Witt's said...

I love following your posts... I feel like I am sitting down talking to you...

Were you on steroid meds before you had the girls? They ran a test on my Friday which will determine if I could go into preterm labor in the next few weeks. If it comes back positive, I will be hospitalized on steroid meds... I want to be at home on steriods instead... Did not know if that was even an options...

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