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Baby(ies) 24 Week Check-Up

Last week (Thursday) we went for our 24 week doctor appointment to check in with these sweet babies and to see how momma was doing carrying them.  

It was a big day, or long morning rather, because we had appointments scheduled with both the perinatologist and my regular OB.  We started with a sono at the perinatologist's office, and I almost forget how fun it is to see our girls.  I am reminded the moment the doc puts that scan on my belly and I get a glimpse of them- err, one of them, they are too big now to see them both on one screen- no matter how big that specialist's sonography screen is (and her's is huge- about 52 inches!)  We invited Jordan's parents to tag along to this one, since we knew that the doctor would be scanning their little hearts and kidneys, and measuring their brains and tummies.  My OB did this at our 20 week appointment, but the perinatologist is more specialized and can see more if needed.

Let's start with the babies- the very best part:)

They are looking good!  I get somewhat anxious to think that I am responsible for these growing lil'bits, all their nourishment, care, and safety rely on me alone- I think you are a liar if you never got this anxious feeling during your pregnancy, twins or not.  

Dr. Koster (the perinatologist) confirmed everything Dr. Walsh saw at 20 weeks- all is perfect with these girls- hearts, organs, lungs, brains, and tummies all check out normal and healthy.  They have great muscle tone, the doc commented a couple times during the checks and measurements of their legs and arm bones.  They must get that from their daddy.. clearly:) They measure about an ounce apart at 1 pound 8 ounces and 1 pound 9 ounces.  Heartbeats are steady at 157 bpm and 152 bpm.  All good things!

Both Jolie and Parker were super busy and awake- which was good to be able to see them move around, especially since Jordan's parents were their to see.  They have gotten less active during the day and most active at night.  But, around the time I'm supposed to eat- they start to move around.. like a dog knowing it is about that time to get fed.  Early morning (breakfast) and mid afternoon (lunch) they start nudging me to the kitchen to get something in my stomach. They have a routine now, and even though my books talked about this routine of movement, it is still to wild to think these tiny things actually get it down to a science in the womb. 

We even got to see them both practice their suckling technique- and according to Dr. Koster- they are quite advanced to be doing this at 24 weeks.  You can see in this sono picture of Parker that she is actually sucking her thumb- how precious is that!  We watched her moving her tiny tongue, getting the sucking action good and going, and then saw her little hand move towards her mouth.  It was so amazing.  I couldn't stop giggling!  (I giggle anytime I feel a hard kick or movement in my belly, too.  Pure happiness and head over heals love for these babies.) 

Baby Jolie in the process of moving her head up and down, practicing the same suckling movement as her sister- and with her we got to see the swallowing of amniotic fluid (healthy, normal, and actually provides some nourishment).  You can see skinnie minnie here- both girls are skinny without any baby fat just yet- which will start to form around 28 weeks.

We took a CD to have this sonogram burned onto- which will be fun to look back at, especially since we got to see such great activity from them both.  The next time we go to see Koster, we will get to see them in 3-D- I cannot wait!

How's Momma doing? 

All is well with momma, too.  I got a light headed during the sonogram (as I did at the last appointment)- but Dr. Koster was prepared with a cool pack for my neck and was able to complete her scan without me laying on my back.  

Onto my next appointment with Dr. Walsh- and she was pleased with the sonogram results Dr. Koster faxed over for her review.  

"You have a cervix of steel."  My cervix is still measuring 4+, which is awesome, especially since the girls (together) have added another pound of weight to this belly I'm carrying around (I was at a 5+ at my 20 week appointment).  As I've said before, the length of my cervix is the highest determining factor of my chances of going into preterm labor- and my doc wants me to be at least a 2.1- or I'll be spending the rest of my term on strict bed rest or even in the hospital for monitoring.  So I am thankful for my cervix of steel.

The girls are at a point of viability now (able to survive outside the womb), and to be proactive my doctor put me on low dose steroids (3 pills/day for two days) to help with the increase maturation of baby girls' lungs in case I do go into labor in the next couple weeks.  With how well I'm doing and with no signs of risk for preterm labor, she doesn't think this will be the case, but my OB is super proactive (rather than reactive) and I love her for it.

As usual, my OB measured my belly with the standard measuring tape. The number a centimeters you are should match to number of weeks you are along- that is unless you have an extra set of baby/placenta/fluid/etc in there.  At the time of my appointment I was 24 weeks and 2 days.  She measured me at 33 weeks- calling it a growth spurt.  Yeesh, call it whatever you want.  I'm getting huge- and still with a hopeful 13 week to go.

From now on, I start going every two weeks, alternating between Koster and Walsh for sonograms (I'll get a sonogram every time I go, but some weeks I'll just see Walsh, and the next time I'll see both.)  My next appointment will be on the 18th of September at 26 weeks- where they will do the initial glucose screen for gestational diabetes- hoping I pass this first screen so I don't have to go back for the Glucose Tolerance Test (a long 4 hours of fingersticks).

Starting at 30 weeks I'll start going every single week until 37 weeks (December 5th), when she hopes to be seeing me for delivery!   I sure hope so.. I am desperate to make it to that 37 week mark.. But small steps and goals is what I need to reach for.

So, my first goal is to just make it to 28 weeks, and call it good for now. 

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Maureen W. (Maryland) said...

AMAZING news! It sounds like you have such a wonderful, proactive doctor who is giving you and your precious babies every opportunity for a healthy, full gestation! Most people (myself included) don't get steroid shots until they are in jeopardy of PTL. Yay for your cervix of steel!!! (Words I never thought I would utter!)

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