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Makeshift Maternity Shoot

After my baby shower last Saturday, my sweet bestest had arranged for the hired photographer to hang around for a bit after the shower had wrapped up so that Jordan and I could get some posed pictures of me and this big ol' belly.  

Kelley of Kelley Strout Photography did a great job of capturing some fun moments between me and my lovie. 

About 3 seconds before this picture I made sure Jordan was sitting up straight, chest out, and arms bulged.  I felt like I was 'bigger' sitting next to him (never in my life did I ever think I would be saying that about my hubby at 6'2 and 210 pounds)

What girls wants to feel like that?!  The picture is darling, aside from the classic fake Massey cheese spread across J's face.  This was a slight improvement, but still with the cheese-y grin.

Hopefully I'll be able to teach the girls some photogenics..
These are so fun.  The babies were super active during the mini-shoot, rolling around and kicking like crazy- making us laugh out loud.  The next day at Diana's shower they did the same thing..

Both times I had just eaten a cup cake.  Looks like I have two baby girls with a serious sweet tooth.  I haven't been too much into the sweets during my pregnancy..apparently been depriving them of what they really desire:)
 LOVE this one.
 My lovie saying sweet words to his girls.

Again.. crazy babies in my belly.

This pose gives a serious look into how big my belly has grown.  My poor dress looks as if it has turned into a bed sheet!  

 Sweet Belly
Again.. silly babies on a post cuppy cake sugar high.  I admit.. That afternoon I ate a cupcake and a half.  There were two flavors: pumpkin spice and strawberry.  I couldn't pick just one! Either way, it was a great choice to eat them.. these picture turned out something precious!
I thought bed rest had me doomed for not being able to capture pictures of me carrying Parker and Jolie.  Not the end of the world, but when I called to cancel my maternity session, I shed more than a couple tears.  I think the emotion of the fact I had just been threatened to be put in the hospital on bed rest just a week before my shoot was scheduled combined with the delivery of the outfits I ordered for the said maternity shoot came the day I got the bad news from my doctor, plus raging preggo hormones that I have no control over attributed to my sob session.  All is well on bed rest now, but the thought a month ago was no so pretty.

I am so thankful to my sweet girlfriends, Ashley, Diana, and Jacqueline, for hosting the most beautiful baby shower (pictures to come!) and making sure we were able to get some pictures post-party.  Kelley did such a great job!


Sarah Tucker said...

Y'all are absolutely adorable! So happy you got to have a maternity shoot :)


Tami said...

You are SO beautiful! I know you may not feel like it, but you are absolutely glowing. I love all of the pictures- she did a wonderful job1

Unknown said...

I absolutely love these pictures! You are both so beautiful! You belly is so small for having twins but its so cute!

God Bless!

The Joiners said...

Ahh y'all are too cute and I can't wait to see how cute your little girls are! I also can't wait until I can feel our own little ones wiggling around in there!

Corinne said...

These pictures are soooo cute! I especially love the ones with you two laughing! I wish I had gotten some pictures back when I used to do my hair and makeup...! hehe. You look great though and I am so glad things are going well. Getting by day. :)

Anonymous said...

Those are the sweetest, most beautiful, love-the-fall-color-in them, maternity pictures I've ever seen! I was thinking the same thing, then read it per Tami's really ARE glowing!

Unknown said...

Very cute pictures!!! Where is your adorable dress from? You look great as always :)

Beesmama said...

Beautiful pictures! You are STUNNING!

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