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29 Weeks

Top / A Pea in the Pod * Scarf / (gift) World Market
Not Pictured: Jeans / Heidi Klum 'Loved'  * Riding Boots / URBANOG

How far along? 29 Weeks 2 days
Total weight gain: 24 pounds. I've stayed pretty steady the past couple of weeks.  I didn't gain any for about 2 weeks, and this week I put on a couple pounds.. my weight gain may or may-not have been attributed to the rather large lunch I indulged in (at Arby's) pre-doctor appointment.  The hubs was feeding my random craving for the past month! 
Maternity clothes? Yes.  I have been able to wear some of cute things I picked up before going on bed rest full-time.  I had actually made some purchases the week before I found out I was to be in the bed for the remainder of my pregnancy.  But doctor's appointments and baby showers have allowed me to actually get dressed.  Jordan doesn't question me anymore when I go to put on a super cute blouse for a doctor's appointment.         
Stretch marks? No.  I'm thankful for my smooth belly, and hoping it will continue.  The dry skin has subsided with the use of coconut oil on a daily basis.. but the itching has started again, like it did when I was early in my second trimester.  That could only mean one thing.. my belly is getting stretched! 
Sleep: Comes and goes.  When I sleep, I sleep so good.  Lately, my longest sleep is from about 10pm to 4am.  Then I'm up at 6am, and again at 7am, and then for the day before 9am.  That is a good night.  Earlier this week I started the late night bathroom runs around 11pm, and for about every hour I was awake.  Around 2:30am I turned on the TV because I couldn't sleep AND couldn't breath- I felt as though my lungs were getting smooshed.  I was awake until almost 5am and finally dozed again until around nine.  This type of night happens a couple times a week.. and always, always happens the night before a doctor appointment.  I am fearful of what they will say in regards to the mommy check-up and that this might be the time they decide I need to make my home in the hospital.   
Best moment this week:  This week's appointment went exceptionally well.  Dixie practically jumped for joy when she checked my cervical length (4) and realized that the funneling was completely gone.  Whew!  I can complain 100% of the time about not being able to do all the normal pregnancy things (being homebound on bed rest, unable to take professional maternity pictures, 20 minute showers, no cooking/grocery shopping, daily medication for contraction prevention, required weekly stress-tests) but bed rest has done amazing things to keep these girls safe and sound for continued growth.  Oh, and another great thing about this week.. I didn't pass out during the exam:) 
Miss Anything?  A lot of things. The main thing I am missing this week (and my doctor says it will not get any better) is being able to breath like a normal person.  Aside from being terribly congested, I literally feel as if I am suffocating.  I cannot get enough air in my lungs.. these babies are all up in my space.            
Movement:  I have a daily ping-pong match going.  Occasionally there will be a day or two of calm activity, random movements here and there- I can only assume this would be the norm for any regular baby in the womb.  But, this is clearly just the 'calm before the storm'.  Parker and Jolie continue to be super active and absolutely hilarious.  I confess to almost dislike those days of 'calm' activity.. I like to know they are there with me.  The bond I've developed with these two girls is pretty amazing.  
Food cravings:  Those have hit me pretty hard over the past month or so.  I've decided my daily intake of peanut butter toast, fruit, and Greek yogurt aren't cravings.. those are just what I have incorporated into my daily routine.  I decided this because real cravings hit me like a ton of bricks.  Number one: Arby's roast beef.  I don't know if it is because of all the TV I've been watching, and the new Arby's commercials that I've seen 1238593673/day, but a roast beef sandwich is just about all I can think of.  J and I stopped to feed this craving before my doctor appointment this week.. and after he asked 'Was it everything I'd hoped it would be?' and I told him I wished that we had time to make a second swing through the drive thru because I could totally eat another sandwich. Number 2: Brussels Sprouts.  I made Jordan grab some fresh at the grocery this week and he roasted them up perfectly for me.  I was also reading through some of my foodie mags and saw a recipe for creamed cabbage. I could go for some of that, too.  Very random (stinky) vegetable cravings.  Number 3: Blow Pops.  J is buying them in bulk.  Number 4: Potbelly.  I thought this was just a coincidence that I ate their 3 times last week.  Not at all.  I dream of Arby's roast beef and Potbelly Italian sammies.  Number 5DONUTS. Holy moly.  Every morning as I eat my breakfast (99% of the time it is PB toast) I wish for it to be a giant buttermilk donut.  I've halfway kid with Jordan and have asked him to make a donut run on more than one occasion..just to see if he would do it.  I haven't gotten him to go yet- but it is such a wild suggestion coming from me that I don't know if he thinks I'm serious or not.   I'm still hopeful.
Symptoms:  Feeling like I cannot breath- due to congestion and the simple fact that I have two growing infants taking up all my lung space.  On an educational note- my doctor informed me that at this point in my pregnancy my lung capacity has decreased by over 25%.  So, for those of you that question my random gasps of air between sentences, I have a real reason for it.  Other symptoms are the same as before, and I can promise that they wont change: A serious case of heavy belly syndrome, and up and down for trips to the bathroom just about a million times a day.  My toilet paper use is out of control.   
Anything making you queasy or sick:  On the food end of it..Nada.  Chicken did make me a touch grossed out earlier this week.  I picked around it, but made it through dinner alright.    
Labor Signs:  None that I can feel.  During my stress-tests the girls move around so much and I end up having super mild contractions show up on the detector.  My doctor still has me on Procardia just once a day and doesn't see a reason to increase the dose.  I'm thankful for that.  I'm already on enough as it is (30mg Procardia, Iron, Pre-natal thats the size of a horse pill, and an additional 500mg Calcium/day)    
Wedding rings on or off? On
Happy or Moody most of the time: I have come to realize that it sometimes overwhelms me to have multiple people wait on me at any given time.  I have gotten used to Jordan doing it for me, and have no problem allowing him to take the reigns, but with others it is still taking some getting used to. For the most part I'm fine, but Overwhelmed Amber doesn't come off so well.  Other than that.. I cry when my emotional scale is lower than a 4 and higher than a 7..  too happy or too sad?  I'm all tears.  
Looking forward to:  This weekend! My last baby shower is on Saturday at Momma Deb's (Ashley's mom) house and I cannot wait!  I (we) are hoping for decent weather so it can be set up outside in the Lally's amazing backyard.  Ashley's mom hosted her Bridal Luncheon there and it turned out beautifully.  Sunday is Diana's baby shower hosted by myself, Ashley, Jacqueline, and a couple other ladies close to D.  Although I can't actually do much, I've been able to provide some help, and will be there to celebrate baby Jacob:)  It is going to be a busy weekend.. I, myself, have to make sure to stay as flat as possible.  Jordan will be with me at both showers, so I'm confident he will be able to take my place in doing anything that needs doing:)


Jessica Motley: The Motley Moments said...

I love your blog! I just found it today, but I wish I had found it earlier! I am 27 weeks with a set of boy and girl twins and it is so neat to hear someone else's experience, especially since you are only 2 weeks ahead of me! And I love your names, by the way :)

Meredith said...

I have found something we do NOT have in common--a craving of brussels sprouts! SICK! :) I am ecstatic to hear how great your body is handling bed rest. I know it is frustrating but you have such a good attitude, which will make the time fly. I wonder if they the doctors will let you get up more now that you're back in the safety zone? Also, thanks for the 25% lung capacity info--I shared that with Michael yesterday when I had to take a breathing break before I could finish a story (how pathetic). Excited to see pics from the shower, you look beautiful as always!

Brittany said...

I just found your blog through pinterest! I absolutely love it! I love reading about other people's pregnancy progressions!

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