Update..Are You Ready for This?

This weekend was one the most bizarre couple of days I have ever been through. Actually, I may take that back. It was the number one most bizarre weekend. EVER. I have to warn you, this post will be long. After reading my previous post, you can see that my family is one of disfunction and plain drama with a capital 'D'. My 3 brothers and I have never really witnessed any affection or display of true love (or my idea of it..) between my parents. Most of this stems from my mother's addiction to alcohol and my father's depression and mood disorders. **I cannot believe I'm actually being up front about this..but I feel like to get the real idea of the freakish events that took place, it has got to be mentioned.**Please do not get me wrong- I grew up cared for and loved deeply by my parents (Even though not so many 'IloveYou's were said, it was always shown in their own way) and never quite witnessed or understood the severity of their issues together and individually until I was much older. My youngest brothers, however, have been through a storm of emotion and drama in their youth. For some reason my mom and dad stopped 'hiding' it in the past 10 years or so. Things had gone from bad to worse to disturbing. I have seen some things, that even still , I am convinced was all a dream. This also means that my 12 and 17 year old brothers have seen these things, too, but at a much younger age. I have been through some crazy times, and Jordan has been through his fair share as well.

So, fast forward to the last week in June -> Here are the details in a nutshell:

**My Mom had fallen of the deep end (not really any surprise there)..my Dad rushed Sam to Dallas..Dad reports loosing his job on this same day..Dad back to Austin..Dad rescues Mom..Mom and Dad back to Dallas..INTERVENTION..Mom agreed to rehab..Mom and Dad back to Austin..Mom checks into Detox in Austin (second time in 18 months)..Dad never misses a visiting hour..Dad decides to fall in love with my mother like they were 22 all over again (????)..Dad receives a job offer..Mom out of detox..and here we are.**

WHEW. There are some details here and there in between, but the gest is there. Ok, so now that is all over with. Like I said in my previous post, my parents have been living separate for the past 18 months. My mom was living in Round Rock and my dad in Austin. After my Dad had decided to be there for my Mom and take care of her (??) he requested that Jordan and I plan on coming to Austin to select some things that we wanted to take back to Dallas from my Mom's house in Round Rock since it will now be on the market to sell because my Mom is moving back to Austin so they can be together (??). My grandmother had beautiful furniture and silver and all this is in my Mom's house. Now, without the room for all of it, my Dad has allowed Jordan and I to 'inherit' things of our choosing. The next month is going to be crazy busy for us, and there is not much time to wait before the house sells, so last minute we decide, 'hey, lets just go this weekend!' Friday my Mom was released from detox, so it worked out that we go for her support as well. So, after Jordan got home from the station on Saturday morning we loaded up and headed out. From the moment we arrived it was plain wierd. My mom and dad greeted us holding hands (..huh?!) From there forward it was laughing, joking, affection, love- just an enjoyable time. I kept looking around for the 'You're on Candid Camera' crew to come out..I knew this could not be really happening. I have seen my Dad cry twice in my whole life- once when I was about 13 years old, and the next time was this past weekend. He was crying of joy when he talked about my mom coming home to him. Let me just say, I have been faithfully praying for my family for years, and my Dad finally said to me this morning 'Amber, your prayers have really worked. You have been an amazing rock for me and your family'. (Sidebar-my parents are not faithful followers of Jesus) I wish someone would have had the camera on me at this moment. My face was classic, I'm sure. So, here we are. I am skeptical, but hopeful. That is all I can be at the moment. Half of me is waiting for this all to just blow up in my face and go back to drama, drama, drama. Who knows. This could be the turning point for my mother and her addiction and my father and his motivation to help her instead of being angry and bitter. She begins rehab on Monday- 9 weeks long of 4 days a week, 4 hours a day. I honestly was worried to even attempt to being my camera with me..but I pulled it out, and here are some pictures from this weekend.

Sam, Mom and Myself before heading out to dinner

Mom and Dad- my Dad has never really had this facial hair..so, aside from the weird, yet comforting fact that he requested a picture with him and my mother, and they are both smiling in it, I think the beard is alright. :)

Jordan and I at Sonic for lunch on the drive home. We talked to whole way home about how strange, yet, uncommonly enjoyable the weekend was. I LOVE my husband. The love he has for my family is a true example of unconditional love.

Daphnee and Brittany had a busy weekend at their grandparent's house (Bree and Roy!) Here she is on our way home after we ate Sunday dinner with the Massey's. Plain worn out!

My grandmother's silver, after Bree and I polished it for about an hour!
Thank you all again for your prayers. God truly has His hand in everything and this weeks events were no exception. I pray for all this to not be a 'phase', but for my parent's relationship to flourish and for both of them to seek help with their own individual problems.

Also, thanks again for listening to me go on and on about all this. This is one super long post! It actually feels good to have gotten it all out, though. I can truly see the light at the end of the tunnel.


Shelbi and Preston Rampy said...

Wow! That's great Amber! I will continue to keep your family in my prayers but wow! God is good!!!

Chris and Angela Burnett said...

God does such amazing things!! I pray that everything stays well for you & your family! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow Amber. I'm sorry you and your brothers have to deal with such drama and upheaval. I hope this is truly a turning point for your family. Hope to see you soon!

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