A Long Weekend in Lubbock

For the past month or so, my good friend Diane has been in Lubbock, after moving there when her husband found out he was accepted into the MBA/graduate program for architecture at Texas Tech. Since Joe's (Diane's hubby!) program wont begin until the end of August, and at the end of August= no more paycheck, he decided to stay in Dallas and continue at his job while Diane began her job in Lubbock. This means that she is living there by herself :(

My friend Pepa and I decided to take a short 55 minute flight to visit. I had never really been to Lubbock before, so I was satisfied with being a 'tourist' in this flat land. Both Diane and Joe completed their undergrad at Tech, so it wasn't like she was completely out of her element, but, she was still so happy to have us visit.
Our first night: Triple J's..kind of like a Texas Roadhouse. Eat the Nachos! Delish!

Rachel (Di's old college friend/co-worker at the hospital), Diane, Pepa, and me!
After dinner, with FULL bellies!!Buddy Holly was born and raised in Lubbock..we stopped by for a photo-op outside the museum dedicated to her. (It was dark, and my camera was having troubles, sorry for the quality!)
Saturday was decided to devote our time to the SUN! The Tech campus opened an enormous rec center, complete with lazy river, water slide/diving area, lap pool, sports pool (v-ball/b-ball), and lounging 3in deep area. It was GREAT! It also helped that the weather was amazing, a cool change from the 108 degree heat. The 90s were pleasant.

Diane in I floating by in the Lazy River. Very Cool, literally!

We ate at another local eatery called Gardski's Loft- YUMMY! I had Chipotle Chicken and Di had Parmesan and Artichoke Chicken- both were delicious! After dinner we treated ourselves to Wine and Dessert at a place called Manna. They had Wine Flights and the very best Lemon-Coconut Cake I have ever eaten. True Heaven in your mouth, for sure!Sunday Di took me around the Tech campus, which was really beautiful. We saw all the 'main' points including the Stadium, and The Masked Rider.

One of the highlights of the trip: The Flagship store for United Market Street. The original! So neat! I think we went there 4 or 5 times over the course of 3 days!
Although there is really nothing to this city, I still was really able to enjoy myself!

Some pros of Lubbock:
  • Absolutely no wait times at any restaurant!
  • REALLY good food at all the local places
  • Everyone is delightfully helpful and sweet
  • Texas Tech is a beautiful campus
  • You can see the sky for miles! Watching a thunderstorm roll in while sitting on the patio of Gardski's was one sweet light show! The storm was miles away, but we didn't miss a second!
  • And, of course, Diane lives there ;)


Sam said...

Glad you got too get away! Fun with the girls is such a blast!:)Cute pics! Have a good rest of your week!

I also changed the setting on my blog so maybe you can comment now!?

Shelbi and Preston Rampy said...

I loved reading this post! Preston and I lived in Lubbock for a year and half until we moved back to Dallas in January! We miss Triple J's SO MUCH! I was just talking about it the other day! And I am so jealous that you got to go to the new rec aquatic center!!! We watched it being built but knew it wouldn't be done while we were there...just missed it!!! Let me know if you ever need suggestions on what to do when you go to Lubbock!!!

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