This Girl is a Natural

While I was out of town, the hubster was all by himself with his two girls, Daphnee and Brittany. Jordan is a huge hunter, pheasant and quail mostly. So much so, that when we were planning our Wedding, he was determined to avoid the November timeframe due to season openers and such. He didn't want to face the fact that I may one day get upset when he would decide to go to the bird lease over spending our anniversary at home!

Anyway, both Daphnee and Brittany are bird dogs, and so far, Brittany has done well enough to get the job done during trips in season. This weekend Jordan decided to turn out some pheasant wings to start training Daphnee so he could take her this year. Well, this girl, although never have seen a bird, began pointing as soon as he brought it out! So, I was excited, camera in hand, when he brought the wings out when I got home on Monday night to show me. What a pretty girl she is!!!

My very scruffy husband..he has been off for over a week, and decided not to shave!!

Jordan is beaming to know he has a natural hunter like Daphnee! Only thing is..when he goes hunting..the dogs go with him.. who will stay home with me?!?!?!


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Sam said...

Sounds like you will need a little bundle of joy at home to keep you company...:) Just kidding!

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