A Day with Aunt Jenna

While Jordan and I spent the weekend in Austin, Daphnee and Brittany stayed behind with their Aunt Jenna ;) Jenna is such a good Aunt! She took the kids to our good friend's, The Kirkpatrick's, and let them run free with their kids! All was quiet in the backyard until Daphnee decided to do a nose dive into the pool. She LOVES the water! So, all the dogs and kids followed her lead and took a dip for relief of the hotttt summer weather.

Daphnee and Caroline, testing the water (post nose-dive)
No holding back for this girl, is there?
Taking a break: doggie-bathing
Libby and her new found friend, Daphnee
On our way home from The Massey's house after Sunday dinner. This girl was worn out beyond means. I lifted up the towl we had covering the kennel, and there she lay.

Thanks Aunt Jenna for keeping us and showing us a great time!!


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