Linen & Lace Review {and discount code}

Instagram (masseya) has become this awesome, yet crazy dangerous place. Awesome because I have stumbled upon so many fantastic small businesses, and crazy dangerous because I have found so many fantastic small businesses. 
See my (fantastic) problem?
Small businesses are amazing.  They pour their time and energy into creating unique and on of a kind pieces for you, your little birds, or home.  The canvas is white for these people and I love that I can get things that I haven’t seen on 50 other babelets in my IG feed or across the way at the playground.  I love the complements I get on the fun accessories and clothing my girls wear, and whats more is that I love that I’m helping someone who is working hard for a living and working that creative brain of theirs.  
A lot of the shops I have found and follow are run by fellow mommies, and it amazes me how creative and inspiring they are. I only wish to be half as creative as some of these women.  
Enter Linen and Lace.  I met Brittani through her firefighter hubby that works with Jordan and fell in love with her work.  She (and her hubby) pour their heart and soul into this business and it comes out in their finished product.
"We believe that words are one of the most powerful influences in our lives, they have the ability to change us from the inside out. Our signs are intended to speak a positive influence in your life and to touch your soul with our handmade love."

I asked Brittani make something to complete the Hot Cocoa bar at the girls' Winter ONEderland party- and boy did she see my vision in every which way!

I loved it so much I left it on display through the New Year as party of my holiday decor.

I am so excited that Brittani has agreed to offer a 10% off coupon code to her shop (Massey) to 3 Ladies and Their Gent readers:)

Be sure to check out her shop, her creations, and her love for what she does.   

Small businesses..
Bomb diggity.

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