Spring Favorites: Little Ladies

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1. Rompers.  I only wish that I could pull them off as well as my little birds can.  How sweet is this floral romper from babyGap.. that happened to sell out before I could link it to this picture.  Looks like I'm not the only one that watches the calendar specifically for these babies to become acceptable again. 
2. Baby Maxi.  I was skeptical.. until I saw my Parker and Jolie in one. 
I mean..
You are dying, right?  I am in love with all the prints and patters this season.  While I tend to lean towards the corals and hot pinks, the blue and yellow of this Old Navy maxi make it perfect for Spring.
3. Baby Tanks.  We got 'em in every color.  Pima cotton Peek tanks are super comfy and breathable- not to mention the sweet little ruffle around the neck to dress them up a little.  
4. Neon. I only wish this came in my size.  Neon was in last season, and it is back for the Spring.
5. Bow Tank.  I've seen these all over the place, and I love the pattern of this one from Oshgosh (and hello!  Oshgosh has some SUPER amazing style that came out of no where.) Loving this one, and this one, too!
6. Pattern Dresses. Love love love the aztec patterns, and this one from Carter's is totally precious.  I like that the long flowey dress will carry my littles into the summer.  I'm not into the super traditional Easter-y dresses, but this one could totally pass as what I would put the girls in for Easter Sunday.
7. Neon {Tank}. Mix, match, neon stripes.  Again, Oshgosh for the win!
8., 9., 10. Jeggings, Jeggings, & more Jeggings.  Colored jeggings are my jam.  Gimme gimme every single color.  

Since the girls turned a year old I've been trying a little harder at what to dress them in on those days we stay at home.  We have been known to stay in our PJs for the day's entirety, but for the most part I get them dressed into something to the equivalent of momma's yoga pants and ballet sleeve top, neither of which have seen the inside of a yoga studio {or any gym for that matter}.  I don't like lounging in my jeans and blouse, so why would I expect my girls to do the same?  I pay good money for their clothes and don't want them dirtied or worn playing hard outside or rolling around on the floor (or eating mac and cheese at lunch) 

My top picks for Baby Lounge   

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1. & 2. Leggings & Sweatpants.  I live in comfy pants.  Within 3 minutes of being home from work in the afternoon I have changed into my most comfortable leggings or sweat pants.  These are good, stylish, and super soft.  Sugar Plum Lane Boutique uses the softest {and sweetest} fabric for hand making her leggings.  We love these!
3. & 4. Slub Tanks and Tees.  Same concept as number one and two.  Keep comfortable and breathable in this Texas heat.  Old Navy has these tanks in almost every color..and my love for the Pure Body Tanks  follows suit through the fabric of these tanks for my littles.  Just enough stretch to hold in their tiny bellies.
5. Yoga Pants.  Get real.  When I realized that I could get yoga pants for Parker and Jolie I was feeling the burn in my fingers with excitement as I placed my order.  I totally pair these with my {number 8} favorite.
6. Marled Shorts. These French terry shorts are perfect for those 100+ degree days.  When sweatpants and leggings are a little too sticky.
7. Pullover Tee.  Make a tank {#3} and leggings {#1} into an outfit with a pullover tee.  Perfectly acceptable for a grocery store {or Sonic drink} run.  Shoes are optional.
8. Graphic Tees. I'm not into a lot of the typical graphic tees out there for baby. Cartoon bunnies and butterflies just don't do it for me.  I like some of what Peek {via Nordstom} has to offer, but Loved by Hannah and Eli has some legit amazing stuff.  I got these "Sister Bear" slub tees for my {sister} baby girls and currently coveting the 'Mama Bear' tank for myself.

I need it,  like, yesterday.

As many of you have asked.. and now you shall receive!

Spring Favorites for Momma is up next!



Ashley Mione said...

This post makes me want to do some serious shopping! Also Harper has those marled shorts from Gap... they are so stinking cute!

Kara Schletty said...

Very cute stuff! Just wait until your girls get a little older and start picking out what they want to wear. Mine already insist on wearing elmo shirts or animals on shirts...

Ashley Coruzzi said...

can you do a boy list! I love your style and assume you would pick the best baby boy / toddler boy stuff!

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