WE EAT | Weekly Toddler Menu Plan

After plenty of requests to do so, here it is!  I plan to post on Sunday {or Monday} of every week what I have planned for the Little Birds. 
I've been meal planning for about 10 years for Jordan and myself, so it came naturally to do so for Parker and Jolie.   I find that it helps me to maintain my grocery spending if I have a plan before heading to shop.. I make my meal plan and then build my list from there. 

Very little goes into my basket that wasn't on my list.

Typically P&J will eat what we eat at dinner time.  Breakfast and lunch are free reign- but will also me my meal if I happen to be home with them that day (Friday-Monday). 

Feel free to share any of your meal ideas, and I just might include them in a future meal plan!  I'm all about new meal ideas for my girls.

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Katie said...

i'm excited for when addilyn can eat more food! i think it will make me eat healthier too! and i want their menu :)

Lauren McDowell said...

This is awesome, thanks! I'm always looking for new ideas so to have a whole week's plan is great.

Caitlin Fox said...

Can you please make another link to the morning glory smoothie? It sounds amazing but I can't click on it.

Sapphire said...

We like the Yo baby yogurt by Stoney Fields. They have lots of flavors and they are all yummy. I've tried them myself. All organic too.

Also I can't reach the morning glory smoothie recipe either.

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