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P & J Stay Put

A quick update on our visit this morning..

The perinatologist officially confirmed that Jolie's belly is not growing. Since our last visit with her 8 days ago, Jolie has only gained one ounce. However, she was able to focus the exam on everything else related to Jolie's health and well being (cord blood flow, amniotic fluid levels, ect.) including exploring the placenta.
She said Jolie is really very healthy- Just a healthy small baby. She explained that there is a big difference between 'healthy small' and 'unhealthy small' and at this point Jolie has everything in her favor. Her umbilical cord score was actually higher than Parker's- go figure.

She decided, in collaboration with Walsh, to send me home- no hospital stay and no baby delivery. The plan for now is that I'll start going to see the doctor(s) on Monday's and Thursdays for scans and monitoring.. more NSTs and more measurement of my little babies. That includes this coming Thursday.. Thanksgiving morning I'll be hooked to the monitor.

They have also decided to put me on some oral steroids just to help with lung production in case these girls decide to come early:) I did take steroids back at 24 weeks for lung development, but my perinatologist decided she wanted me on them again- just as a precaution.

I'm okay with the results of today.. Very thankful they both get a little longer in my belly, that's for sure! Every day they stay put in utero is 3 days less in the NICU.
But, still, the whole thing makes me a little sad that my littlest girl isn't growing like her sister. Parker is over 5 lbs now and outweighs Jolie by almost a pound!

Please continue to pray for all three of us (and Jordan, too!) as we aren't in the clear just yet. It's a day by day/week by week observation now on whether they put me in the hospital or decide that it's time for the girls to make their debut!

Thank you to everyone with their encouraging comments, sweet words, and inspiring stories. I suppose my post this morning was a little dry in that I didn't come off as appreciative for all the NICU can offer for my girls. It won't be the end of the world if they do have to stay and I am completely confident in whatever needs to be done in order for us to bring home good and healthy babies:)

Another happy note? We came home to a package on the porch.. Bedding has arrived;) Wooo!


Sarah Tucker said...

So happy that they are staying put! Still praying for y'all! You just might have two little Thanksgiving babies...and they are a lot to be thankful for!

The Joiners said...

Please keep the updates coming! Hopefully Jolie will catch up and you can get some rest in the meantime while you prepare for their big debut!

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