Sweet Landon is ONE!

This weekend Jordan and I celebrated with the Tapella's and their sweet baby boy- he is one! I still can't believe he is already one years old.. this year has FLOWN by!  Our little buddy was taking 5-6 steps at a time at his big bash- he just started crawling!  (Or, it feels like it anyway..)

Jacqueline (and Trav- have to give him some credit, here..) has been planning Landon's First Birthday for several months now- and my did she do a FAN-tab-u-lous job.

We walked up to this..
The girl outdid herself- she has got some talent- and I should have known it would be as awesome as it was.. and it WAS amazing- and ELMO inspired- so SO cute. (That sign is homemade, BTW. I slightly feel obligated to share how they did it- seeing that Pinterest posters provide full discloser of all projects..I'll have to get her to send me the step-by-step- lol.)

As we opened the front door, we were greeted with this jumbo banner and Landon's sweet smiling face.

The guest sign-in was an Elmo Birthday book- what a creative way to remember his first birthday!


They 'catered' in Jersey Mike's and Chick-Fil-A nuggets, and served mini popcorn bags filled with chips and crackers.  I was so overwhelmed when I walked in I failed to get a picture of the food spread, and when I finally thought about it- it was too late- the crowd had demolished the food- like gone, gone.  I did happen to snap a few pictures of fruit, and of course the dessert!   Balloons and red and blue tarps hung from the ceiling- and how cool it looked.

Jac made most all of his dessert- look at that table!  How precious!  Red Velvet cupcakes with Elmo faces, little Rice Krispie Treat bites, again with Elmo's face on them- and of course.. Jordan's favorite-

Cake Pops.. of Elmo's head..

HOW CUTE ARE THESE?!  Except the fact that Jordan is killing the head.  I sadly realized after the party that I got no dessert.  Thats okay I suppose- Jordan ate enough of these pops for the both of us.

The proud parents of their sweet little one:)  What a gorgeous looking family, don't you agree?!  There was about a bagillion people there to show their love for this boy, so, picture taking was out of control during birthday singing and Smash Cake time.. my camera was on the other side of the kitchen and there was no way I was making it through the masses to get it.

And then ELMO arrived- a REAL Elmo:)  Landon about lost it in smiles and laughter.  I was REALLY wishing I had my camera at this point.  Good grief. 

My sweet besties 

 The Bestie's Hubbies

I was mid-laugh in this picture- not the best one of Jordan and I, but the only one I snapped the entire day, I  included it:) 

 The Crew

I promise I'm not 6 months preggo here.. this shirt is a maternity shirt- that is still too big for my growing bump- but so comfy I had to wear it. 

And again- my sweet girlfriends.  Diana and I are BOTH 13 weeks pregnant, literally.  

My due date: December 26th.  Diana's due date: December 28th

If I was just having a singleton we could possibly be sharing our baby's birthday!  Most likely our kiddos will be 2 weeks apart.  BUT stil, how fun it is to be pregnant with one of your very best friends!!  LOVE IT!

Ashley- hop to it, woman. Make use of your newest mixed CD from that sweet hubby of yours! :) 
(She knows I'm kidding.  But I'm not, really.)
Jacqueline- Please, oh please, throw me a baby shower- you can even go with the Elmo theme. 
(She knows I'm kidding.  But I'm not, really.)
Diana- Give me your whole outfit- shoes included. Oh, and tell your belly to pop out:)
(She knows I'm kidding.  But I'm not, really.)

You all LOVE me:) 


The Dunaways said...

Out.of.CONTROL. Woman! haha I am stealing your pics - thanks!!!

Jacqueline and Travis said...

Um should have just hired you to take the pics! they are adorable! So sad I missed the girl group pic - you all look BEAU-tiful!

Yes-ash, its your turn
Yes-I desperately want diana's outfit including the shoes
Yes-miss amber, a baby shower will be coming your way!

PS - these dumb random words we have to type at the end of our post to prove we are not a robot are getting harder and harder to read! I almost always get it wrong the first time!

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