The Best High Five EVER

Ok, ok.. so I slacked (again) last week- but I feel that this week's High Five for Friday link up with Lauren @ FMGD will more than make up for it.  In fact- the past 13 weeks I (and my sweet Jordan) have been on cloud nine. 

So.. lets hop to it..

Number ONE.. and TWO
Yea, its that good:)
These cards went out to our friends and family this week- a HUGE thank you to Brittany of Memory Makers Photography for helping to make this exciting announcement super special! 
Thats right!  Our house is growing into an instant family of four!  Due date..? December 26th.  Christmas Babies!  Well, sort of.  My doctor (the most amazing woman, ever!) told Jordan and I that if I am still carrying these two around December 5th, she is going to tie me to her car and run me around the block.  So we expect the first week in December these sweet little ones will be here.  Plus positive to that?  Most likely- actually, abut 98% sure- I will be having a C-Section, and even with the 5-7 days in the hospital post-op, we'll be home by Christmas.  Yayayayaya!

Number 3.)
There they ARE!  YES.. you are seeing two little babies in there.  Baby A and Baby B- strong and healthy!  We got to see them last Thursday- for the 3rd..err, 4th time.  We have been spoiled with sonograms and have gotten to take a peek every time we go into the doctor's office.  Heartbeats have been on the perfect end of perfect: (A)173bmp and (B)180bpm- simply 'perfect'..I'm bias for sure. 

Baby A is smaller than Baby B, and has been from the beginning.  First time we got to see the little ones was around 7 weeks.  Baby B was measuring 2 days larger than Baby A, so the doctor brought us back a week later (8 weeks) to make sure everyone in there was growing well. Baby A had caught up an entire day!  Now they are only 1 day apart- wait to go my little fighter.  Twins can be up to 3 days apart in utero and still be of normal growth.  Babies are still measuring 1 day apart.

Number 4.) This last time we got to see the babies- Baby B was doing the baby jig, bouncing all over the place and literally looked as if it was waving at the screen.  So precious. I was speechless, like someone had knocked the wind out of me.  Like nothing I had ever seen before.. this was the first time either of us had seen them move at all.  It's movement was kind of like the scene in Look Who's Talking where the baby finds its hand while he is still inside the womb.. and when he moves its like there are a multiple all at once.  SO cool. 
 Number 5.)
You can see from our announcement photos that we used a teenisy pair of baby boy shoes and itty bitty pair of baby girl shoes.. this gives no indication of what we are having- do you know how hard it is to find gender neutral baby shoes.  Impossible.  Period.  Sorry for confusion of those that got our announcements:)

We will, however, find out MUCH earlier than a normal pregnancy- about 6 weeks earlier.  SWEET- because I/we are the most impatient people on this planet wanting to know!!  Plus- I want to start spoiling these two with precious baby things!

So there you have it- 4 years in the making.. sort of.  Our story is a long one, and I"ll share it sometime soon- but today, this week, last week- ummm... thirteen weeks ago- it is all about this high five.  I am so in love with these babies- It is quite amazing how attached I've become. 

Thanks for sharing this exciting time with us:)


The Dunaways said...

Yayayay! I may have been stalking your blog this morning waiting for this to post!! Yes, I'm aware I've been up since 6 for no reason! ;) excited for all FOUR of you! Xoxo

Mandy said...

AMBER! I am thrilled for you! Holy cow! I really want to talk with you a bit when you get a chance...214.681.2127. Oh, we are so excited for you :) God is GOOD!
Mandy Harber

Mindy Rives said...

Such exciting news!!!!! So happy for y'all! Double the blessings...double everything!!! Yay! Loved the announcement too!!

The zercher Family said...
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Katie said...

Congrats on your news!!! I am a new follower and can't wait to read about these blessings! :)

Building a House of Love

The Martins said...

YAY!!! I am so excited for you guys! You will be an amazing mommy! It is such an amazing feeling! =)

Jacqueline and Travis said...

WAHOO!!! I am crying! This is the sweetest blessing ever! I love you both...I love you FOUR!

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