Boy? Girl? or Both??

So- we all ready for the big reveal? Jordan and I decided it would be the perfect time to tell our closest friends while we were at the lake- and what better way than to make them eat dessert to find out?!  No one complained:)

It happened that we all arrived early, before the rest of the couples got there- so we took that opportunity to share the big news.   

Ashley and Jarrett brought balloons to try and 'break' my husband of the news.  Ashley had been trying to get it out of me for over 24 hours- even holding her fresh salsa hostage until I spilled the beans.  She knew that Jordan is just mush and wears his emotions ALL over his face, and was SURE she could get it out of him.  

Nice try.  BUT- these balloons came in handy to play a game- we had each person stand in front of the color or colors they thought was true.  Jarrett texted Jordan the morning of our doctor appointment. 
'Big day for you, buddy!  BOYS, BOYS, BOYS!  That. or Siamese Twins.' You confuse me Jarrett with your pink shirt.. boys or girls?  Chris was the sole believer in my having two girls.  

I had McKinley's bake up some of their amazing cuppy cakes and filled them with the colors of our reveal.  One dozen were for Baby A, and another dozen for Baby B.    

These pictures are awesome.. and click right through each persons reactions. 

The Line Up for Baby A

The first bite.. Sorry for the blurr- there was a lot of excitement going through me and made it hard to click the camera.
It looks like Jarrett is the first to know here..
Take a guess? Still, only Jarrett with his outrageous reaction.
Jacqueline- excited? 

Baby A is a GIRL!!!!

My girls were so excited for me (and Jordan, of course!) they did a little dance:)  Well, Jacqueline was running at me to get a hug.  This picture makes my heart happy!

The Line Up for Baby B

Jarrett threatening that it should be a boy- it must be a boy. 
And bite number two..
Here we go..

Baby B is a GIRL!!!

And again, Jacqueline with her classic facial expressions. I seriously adore that girl!  I think Jarrett was about to throw his cupcake on the floor.  Love him!  

The reactions concluded with more dancing, but this time I joined in with then, failing to take pictures of the event. The whole thing will be remembered FOREVER.  Our precious friends made Jordan and I feel like the most important people in the world- I/we loved sharing the news with them!  Boys, girls, or both.. Jordan and I are PUMPED!!  Two girls came as a shock to both of us.. everyone we know, including family voted for two boys, or a boy and a girl. All but two.  Chris, and my sweet friend Taylor, as you recall, said two girls.  I even thought for sure there was at least one baby boy in there.  So, when the doctor revealed one baby girl in there, I was speechless, and then after the second confirmation of Baby B being a girl as well..a leaned over, grabbed Jordan's hand, and asked 'Are you ok?'  The funny thing is that he has been speaking to his 'boys' since we found out it was twins, and would follow-up, every single time with- 'I love my boys, but I know you are girls...' Silly man, called it himself. 

Here is an awesomely perfect profile picture of Baby A.  They were both bouncing all over the place and it actually took the doctor several minutes to figure out what Baby B was- boy or girl..?  So- this was pretty spot on while she was still for a few moments.  We couldn't get one of the both together- they are too big now (unbelievable), and Baby B wouldn't sit still for half a second so we could get a good profile of her. Can I just say how amazing it feels to call her a 'she'.  I'm so in love.  This little wiggle worm is too cute for words:)  

So there you have it- Jordan and I will have our hands full with two precious little baby girls. 

I need to start looking into getting their hospital headbands.. they must have something perfectly precious and pink, and totally too big for their head to wear home:) My girls will be spoiled to the nine's.


The Purple Chaise Girl said...

Congrats! Two girls! What a blessing! :-)

Mindy Rives said...

Let the bow buying commence! Have fun!!! So happy for y'all!

Teresa said...

Oh my gosh! Congratulations!!!

Jacqueline and Travis said...

That was SO MUCH FUN!!! I'm looking into cute outfits already!! I love you! And your girlies!!

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