Happy Birthday, Diana!

BIG BIRTHDAY WISHES to my SWEET friend, Diana! I've loved every minute spent with you over the past couple years :)

Fourth of July 2011
 Supper Club
 Ash and Jarrett's Rehearsal Dinner
 Byron Nelson 2011
This picture still gets a belly laugh- everytime.  I can't walk into our guest bath without laughing out loud.  Mainly the laughs are while remembering the squishing of alll 6 of us in that tiny little photo booth.. actually- there were 7 in there. Jacqueline was about 7-8 months preggo and her belly was just about between my legs.  GOOD TIMES :)
Rangers Game 2012

I hope today, celebrating your 30 years is a wonderful as you are- I am so thankful for your friendship. 

Have a BEAUTIFUL day, girl!

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Diana said...

Thank you so much Amber!! You are so sweet. Love you friend

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