High Five For Friday: 6/22/12

It Friday again, folks, and time to link up with Lauren @ FMGD!  I love Fridays.. I could probably be singing that annoying viral web song ..'It's Friday, Friday, Friday..' but I'll spare you:)  But this week was SUPER good, and it is ending with a super weekend.  (That is aside from the triple digit numbers over the weekend that has yet to come.  I say, it is gonna be a hot summer.)

1.) Did some much needed catching up with these girls this week. 
--Steph moved away almost 2 years ago now- Rikin, her sweet hubby, completed his GI fellowship in Chicago, and is NOW moving back to Texas to start practice.  I'm so EXCITED to have her back. She will be the newest State Farm agent to take up shop in Las Colinas.. anyone need insurance? :)
--Jessica is a busy girl!  We both are, so it is hard to keep up with each other these days.  We definitely took advantage of seeing each other every single day for over a year during residency.  This week we've talked almost everyday:) Love!
--Diane is my sweet Speech Language Pathologist that I worked with back during my Diet Tech days at Baylor Specialty Hospital.  We grew very close- and the same year Stephanie moved to Chicago, Diane and her husband Joe moved to Lubbock so he could finish his Masters in Business & Architechure at Texas Tech.  I also learned that as of DECEMBER she and Joe will return! 

Two of my closest friends are returning 'home' to me!  I'm selfishly beaming at the thought- they'll both be back right around the perfect time, too!  (Perfect time being before these little growing ones are here!)

2.) Jordan so graciously cleaned my SUPER dirty car.  It needed it so bad, and I never find the time to do it.  Plenty of other fun things I could be doing.  Well,  this week it got the full detail:)  I was (and still am) proud of that spaaaakly car!  Look, you can see the reflection of the clouds.  After a short drizzle of rain on Sunday, I sent Jordan out with some towels so there wouldn't be any water spots.  Bratty?  Yes, I know this. 

3.) I started a new bottle of shampoo and conditioner this week (TIGI True Lasting Colour), and my hair has provided nothing but wonderful volume since.  Changing shampoo/conditioner is like getting your hair done.  It smells SUPER yummy, too!  I am spoiled with 'hook-ups' via hair product, so I always get the liter bottles.. and by the last pump of that bottle I forget even the smell of the old shampoo.  A new smell is always a great surprise.

4.) Two words: LAKE. TIME.  This weekend!  We head out today and will not return until Monday afternoon from Cedar Creek Lake!  For the next four days this will be our residence: 
Pretty groovy, huh?  Looking forward to yet another trip with the Dunaway's, Cabrera's, and the Tapella's- plus a couple others that will fit into our crazy antics just fine:) Screeching laughter will be the soundtrack of the weekend- always is. Pictures will, for sure, follow from our amazing weekend! 

5.) AND lastly, but certainly not least- Yesterday Jordan and I got to see our sweet babies again:)  I LOVE seeing them.  It's amazing, but I cannot get enough.  I'm already going to be one of those annoying mom's that blog posts everytime they sneeze- talking about cute it was.  (Not really, or good grief I sure hope not.) 
I think I may have mentioned that we get to find out what the sex of them are pretty early.  Like yesterday early?  Yep- that is correct!  And, because I have nosey friends that will go unnamed, but go by the names Ashley/Jacqueline/Diana, wont can't wait until tomorrow's vacation reveal to find out..Whom I know will be stalking my blog for clues.. I must postpone to reveal to you all until next week:) 

In the mean time, I'm taking guesses: Boy/Girl?  Boy/Boy?  Girl/Girl????? 

Jordan's great-grandmother, Sernie, sent this to his mom last week.. I thought it was so cute, wanted to share in true Ashley Dunaway fashion:)

Hope your week was blessed!  I continue to be blessed on a daily basis. 

God is SO good.


A Wedding Story said...

You are too cute! I can't wait to find out the babies too..haha! I get so excited for these moments.

The Dunaways said...

Love the Love is! ;)

The Purple Chaise Girl said...

Congrats on your two little joys! I am looking forward to reading about your pregnancy journey and once they arrive! So exciting!

I just love your blog!

Hope you guys have a fun weekend! :-)

Teresa said...

Just stumbled across your blog this morning and I have to say... I'm in love!! You have such a great outlook on life and it's great to read about!

Jacqueline and Travis said...

Love! And now I know!! Wahoo! Thanks for making the gender reveal so fun :)

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