Concerts in the Gardens 2012

Last weekend the Dunaway's came along with Jordan and I for one amazing Friday evening. 

Every year in the month of June The Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra hosts Concerts in the Garden, featuring a different musical performance every weekend.  The concert is hosted in a real life 'garden', the Botanical Gardens of Fort Worth, actually.  My it was such a great atmosphere for a fun concert! 
The concert has the choice of lawn seating and table seating.. we opted for the much more fun (and a tad cheaper!) lawn seating.  We arrived about an hour and half before the concert started, found the perfect spot, spread out our blanket and had a picnic courtesy of the Central Market deli..and well- Jordan enjoyed an entire pizza for himself.

Thank you sweet, Ashley for sharing your pictures with me :)  I failed miserably and did not bring my camera.  What is WRONG with me? I even said to Jordan moments before walkint out the door; "I need to get my camera.  Don't let me forget it." Reality is- it is his fault I didn't bring it;)
My co-worker goes with her family and friends every year, and told me last year I needed to go for sure- I missed the mark and ended up not making plans to go- but this year, as she was buying her tickets to go I logged on and happened to see one of the first performances was Mark Broussard.  REALLY?!  Ahsley and Jarrett (serious man crush going on for the both of them) LOVE him, and J and I missed the chance to go when he was at the House of Blue last summer. 

The email to Ash was simply the link to the concert ticket purchase- her response: Done.  My response quickly after was: And Done.  Our plans were made.
Our blanket spread was not this close, but Ashley and I made our way to the stage (hoping to pull a Byron Nelson stint and get up there with Mr. Broussard..didn't happen- but we were so close!)

It was such a FUN evening- and we even got to watch Fireworks at the end.  How that happens to work out for Ashley and I is unknown to me- but it really pulls out the eye rolling in our husbands.  Like Ashley- I had a million and one pictures of this 4 minute fireworks show via the iPhone. 

Even though we will no longer be Fort Worthians, we are SO doing this again next year! 
I halfway want to do it again this year- whatdoyasayyy? 

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