Baby Fun

Here are some more pictures we took with Brittany for our baby announcements.  She did such a good job- I had a million and one ideas, and she did her best to meet my expectations. 

She randomly googled this 'Bump Ahead' sign and found it, clicked and ordered-all while waiting for her food in a drive thru.  Yeeeaaa :)

Sweet baby shoes!!  They were SO little, and to think our babies most likely will not be able to fit into any of those newborn baby shoes.. ohhhh, can't wait for these leeeetttle ones!
 I like this one, with our little shoes between us.

We took pictures in the Stockyards in Fort Worth, and this was the coolest brick wall.. if brick walls could be cool.
Jordan Plus Amber Equals 2 Baby Massey's
 I am so excited to be in this fun time with my sweet.  I'm one lucky girl in the first place.. and now with two on the way- I couldn't be more blessed.
Happy Monday!


Jacqueline and Travis said...

LOVE LOVE all around! Yall are the sweetest and most beautiful family ever. I can't wait to know! Boys, Girls, Both?!?!

Charity Wickliffe said...

We just got your card in the mail today - love the pics! Excited for you all!

Keith and Charity

The Dunaways said...

All of the pics turned out great! So many for a CUTE nursery! And I second Jacqueline - boys, girls, BOTH?! Eek!

toni said...

That is the best card! I am so excited for ya'll. Twins what fun!
love, toni (cousin in NC) p.s. would love to see ya'll.

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