Parker & Jolie: 14 months

The little birds are 14 months.  As badly as I wish for time to slow- it is speeding up and laughing hysterically in my face as the days skip by the handfuls.  

Jolie Grace
Jo-Jo.. Jo..Polie..love-bug.
..crazy-pants.. nutso..crack-head.  
All names we use for this girl, Jolie.  
..the kid is one.of.a.kind, I tell you.  
Takes life almost as if its a joke, and goes with the flow. 
..very rare that she gets upset or even cries. 
Her hair is long enough to go in a {mini} pony.
..falls over her ears and down her neck.  
She loves loves loves her {original} puppy.
..the second puppy is officially the red-headed step child in the family. 

This girl (still) sleeps 12 hours a night, but is now occasionally waking up in time to catch Mickey at 7:30am.
Sucks her thumb AND plays with the bootie tags of puppy while she falls asleep.
..she learned the tag twirling thing from her sister, because we surely didn't teach her.
Falls asleep with both her feet hanging out of the crib {between the bars}.
..naps like a champ {two 2-hour naps at 10am and 3pm}.

Eats well, but has become a little choosy in selection.
 ..totally loving peanut butter, waffles, strawberries, peaches, and cheesy eggs.
Practically wiggles her way across the kitchen tile when she sees me pull out an apple or avocado. 
..and will take a bite out of a lime wedge without flinching a facial muscle. 
{Still} prefers the veggies over meats or pasta {put that on repeat}.
..but totally digs momma's homemade turkey meatballs, fish sticks, and chicken nuggets.
Currently cutting her ninth tooth {bottom right molar}. 
..and having a heck of a time {fever, drooling, clingy, loss of appetite, sleepless/restless}.
Totally not Jolie characteristics, and its breaking this mommas heart. 
..still in good spirits for the most part.

..is quite the ham.
Has added the Jolie Shake to her dance move repertoire.
..you have to bear witness to said Jolie Shake to fully understand the caliber of funny that it is.
Singing and dancing {and often, the classic head-bob} comes in pairs to any tune..
..even when its not even a tune at all.
Girl got beats running through her blood.  
Loves her sister..
..but {if we are being honest} could take her or leave her.
Steals Parker's paci and Wubby and waits patiently to hear her scream. 
..yanks the books, hides the blocks, and fights for the millimeter of space left in my lap when Parker is in it.
But, the moment Parker leaves the room, Jolie must follow suit.
BFFs for ever.  

Has taken on MAJOR momma affection.. 
..but who's complaining?  
Hugs, kisses, cuddles, and giggles.
..held hostage from daddy, but given freely to her momma.

LOVES to close doors, drawers, and cabinets.  
..always make it a point to be in front of her when walking into a room or else you'll welcome a door slammed in your face.
Speaking from experience.
Infatuated with fire.
..and will stand stone still pointing for moments on end.

Her joy is contagious.
..dont believe me- just catch her gaze for 1/67th of a second and you'll see what I mean.
Try and look away.
..you just.can't.do.it.

bib / Rockin AB // sippy cup / Nuby flip n' sip
 denim top / carter's // mustard skinnies / osh'kosh // moccs / Little Tonto Moccs
 headband / c/o BelleMeadeLane
 knot hat / Cotton Cupcake Shoppe // leggings / BL
 top / babyGap // jeggings / Nordstrom Rack // moccs / Little Tonto Moccs
 dress / babyGap // head bow / shelbychicboutique (instagram shop)

 head bow / jameson monroe // sweats / babyGap (no longer available) // knit booties / GroopDealz

Parker Jane
Parks.. baby girl..boo..
..crazy train {Parker Jane}..
All names we use for this girl, Parker.
Proudly claims momma as her very own {still}.
..loves to cuddle more than anything and will find any reason to get up into your arms {still}.
BUT, such a big girl now.
..she gives her Wubby and paci freely right after nap and doesn't {usually} ask for it back until its time to sleep again.
My sweetest baby girl is finally sleeping through the night again.

She is currently cutting her twelfth tooth {bottom right front}.
..aside from the drooling and occasional cling to mommas legs, she is taking more of the typical  "Jolie mentality".
Keeping her cool.

Miss Parker's palette is expanding.
..a little less picky and little more choosy with what she puts in her mouth.
Not a huge fan of the cheesy eggs, but will pick out each and every turkey dog half mixed into them.
She's still a meat eater-thats for sure.
...turkey sausage, homemade turkey meatballs, chicken nuggets & fish sticks are on her favorites list.
BUT- will now always eat her veggies.
..especially carrots. and peanut butter {not a veggie.}
Grazes all day long.
..will eat me out of house and home if I let her.
Strawberries, grapes, mandarin oranges, peaches, pears, apples.
..you name the fruit, Parker has her name on it.
If she isn't a fan of something at meal time..
..she piles it into the 'cup holder' on her highchair tray.
Somehow broccoli always ends up in that holder.
..but she loves broccoli.  About 4 days a week.  Catch her on the 5th day and its questionable.

Laugher comes easy these days.
..and it is oh-so-contagious.
The monster attitude has subsided quiet a bit.
..but the foot stomp, and arm flail when she doesn't get her way it still there.  For sure.
While she still loves the stacking toys and puzzles..
..her love for books far surpasses it all. 
Pointing out Goofy, Mickey, and all their friends.
 ..and flipping pages faster than I can read them is how we get through books in this house.

Parker absolutely adores Jolie.
..totally smitten by her sister.
In the often times that Jolie sleeps longer than her.
..Parker stands at the door to the nursery wishing to open it.
In the same moment she totally misses her. 
..Jolie drives her to screaming if momma is involved.
Frenemies half the time.
..BFF's for always.

The best little helper {still}.
..someone give that baby a dish rag and she'll wipe any surface clean as a whistle.
Or wear it on her head.
..she makes anything the greatest accessory.
Dinner time mean bowls, spoons, and spatulas for Parker to play.
..she mixes up the best imaginary pudding on the planet.

Smart as a whip.
..understands most everything and will nod 'yes' and 'no'.
Points out her mouth, eyes, and nose.
..she'll point to yours, too!
Her favorite part to show you is her belly.
Belly, belly, belly, belly.
Can say a few new words.
..'sister' and 'hot' are the sweetest little sounds you've ever heard.

Parker Jane is way too fun to play with.
..but I absolutely will never pass up a snuggle sesh with this girl.
Can never take that for granted.
..this stage wont last forever.
Even though I am wishing that it would.

 top / carters

  denim top / carter's // headband / c/o BelleMeadeLane

Happy 14 months, girls!  I love you!!

headband / Ruby Blue Inc  // cardi / target // top / old navy (dress)
neon skinnies / carter's // moccs / little tonto moccs



The Mile High Mom said...

SO adorable!! I'm sure they'll love reading these updates when they're older - so important to document everything!


Kristina said...

they could not be any sweeter!! Love their personalities. You're right - time is slipping. They will be TWO before you blink! Yikes!

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