We Eat | Fish Sticks & Broccoli

Since getting my new camera I've been having fun {probably too much fun..} taking pictures of everything.  


  You know, because everything is interesting enough to document.  I have found myself taking a lot of pictures while Parker and Jolie are eating.  The fact that they are still and in one place is most likely the reason I take the opportunity to snap a few (or eleven..).

I get a ton of questions about food. In particular, the food that I feed my little birds so I thought it would be fun to {attempt} sharing what 'We Eat'.

We eat A LOT of fish sticks. I mentioned in their 13 month post that this is probably their most favorite food on the planet.  Fish sticks and peanut butter.  Not served together {gross}, but I wouldn't put it past Jolie to gobble it up if I did.

Fish Sticks
Steamed Broccoli
Steamed Butternut Squash 

Plain ol' baked fish sticks.  Nothing special about them.  
They come in a box in the freezer section at WalMart.  And they are GOOD.
 Miss Parker.  Attempting every which way to not to get her hands dirty, eating one tiny bite at a time.
 Chicken or fish today, mom?  

 My little veggie lover- almost always eats the color on her tray first.
 Here Momma- I'll eat the fish and you can eat my veggies for me. #typical.


 I love watching baby fingers.  You do too, don't lie. 



just the two of us said...

dying, their facial expressions are perfect.

Kari Willis said...

I am so happy to see you feed your girls fish sticks. I figured they were a big 'no, no' in the dietician world. I sometimes feel embarrassed to feed them to my girls because I figured they weren't healthy! We love them too!!! Nice to know I am not a bad mom for feeding my girls baked fish sticks!! hahahaha

Mandy Dupree said...

I've been MIA lately with replying to my blogger mommys... so I am catching up the best I can.

Anyways, this looks like a meal that I would totally scarf down in 1 minute flat! Looks like the girls are loving these simple finger food meals. I really need to start letting Jaxon be more independent but its so hard since he wants me to do EVERYTHING for him. It must be a boy thing. Not to mention, his aversion to food period these days has me nearly pulling out my hair!

I will have to give this a try and see if it works for us :)

Thank and kisses to P&J!

Lauryn said...

Love seeing your baby food posts! I followed several of your puree posts when I first started feeding Brynn. She is just starting out in eating finger foods and I love to get new ideas. Nice to know that you feed your babies frozen foods too, makes me feel better ;)

Cant get enough of little miss Parker and Jolie!

Tessa DAngelo said...

I don't know what you mean by this is your babies food, I'D TOTALLY scarf this down! But then again I still snack on Lunchables. LOL! Thats a great idea to do fish sticks … why have I really not considered this for Noah? Im a loser. Thank you for the idea! And as always your little ladies are the cutest little things!

Elizabeth Showalter said...

What brand of fish sticks do you buy? I would love to try this with my little guy.

Parnell's Pantry said...

love reading your blog! your daughters are so precious! You are right about everything being important enough to document...as a mom of four boys, I love to scrapbook. You should take a look at www.beckyhiggins.com . She has a great system, called Project Life, in which you document the everyday things..it is an awesome way to scrapbook quickly and remember all of the simple moments.

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