We Eat | Cheesy Broccoli Mac

The girls are super into veggies.  

Not so much to meats, and not so much the pasta.  
Hardly at all.   

We are still working on their love for those things, but in the mean time I recently found that they will  gobble up an entire bag of this broccoli macaroni and cheese by Green Giant (Valley Fresh Steamers).  I usually buy the steamer veggie bags for myself to take for lunch at work (throw in some rotisserie chicken or deli turkey and you have yourself a meal!), but experimented with their tastebuds and they loved them!  

 Such a ham
Here.. have yourself some of my macaroni.  Parker..Always wants to share.
 Apple slices for dessert!  My children cry for apples any time they are in eye's view.  We have to rush through the 'apple section' of the produce area or else they are climbing out of the buggy to help themselves.

 Tart Apple Face
 The aftermath #alldayeveryday



AMCallahan said...

what a great idea!

Alisha said...

This is so cute! I love documenting the little moments, and you captured them perfectly. Your girls are so sweet, love seeing the pictures of them daily!

Ann Marie said...

yum, yum, yum!! :)

abigail louise said...

okay i have to try this!!!

Christina McGuire said...

Hi Amber! So happy I came across you blog. Your babies are precious! My daughter is 14 months old so I cannot wait to see future posts. I am also very into nutrition and all things holistic health. Just thought I'd introduce myself as your newest follower. Hope you'll stop by my blog and follow along with us too!

"The McGuire Family"

Janna Renee said...

OMG they are so darn cute!! I love mixing broccoli in Mac'n cheese! It goes so well together ;)

Jennifer said...

My babies love this stuff too!!!!

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