Weekend Picture Dump

It was a good weekend.  No, wait.  It was a great weekend.

Actually.. it was pretty perfect.  Perfect is the, well, perfect word.  Why, you ask?  No reason in particular, it was just really wonderful.  This last month has been rough on the teething front with the girls (both are cutting 4 or more all at once, including a couple molars here and there.)  I feel like we have finally come to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Its been a solid week of super silly attitudes and being their 'normal' selves.   I feel like we are home free!  Finally.. its never-ending. 

I've been venturing out to run errands with the girls while solo more and more lately- and that includes grocery shopping.  Something I never thought I could do, and here I am second week in a row with the little birds in tow.  We go right after breakfast, in our jammies, and with lots of snacks and milk to entertain them with.  Going before 9am on a Saturday warrants empty aisles for the most part.  There was that one lady that begged to take a picture of the girls to send to her grand-daughter.  But for the most part we were done in about an hour. 
I've come to adore my new shopping company.
Saturday night, Starbucks, and Matt Chandler.  I'm sort of depressed about the fact that the holiday coffee drinks are fizzling out.  Our usual stop for a Salted Caramel Mocha turned abruptly disappointing when the voice on the intercom reported that they no longer had that drink.


Afterwards Jordan and I, plus the hungry bablets headed to dinner.    
I made some serious progress on the girls' "Year One" books.  To think I could knock these out in a couple hours on a Tuesday night is humorous.  HILarious, actually.  I've developed a love-hate relationship with Shutterfly as of late.
My lack of progress could be related to the never-ending text feed with these ladies.  Can I tell you all again how thankful I am for the women that I've networked and developed friendships with since becoming a mom?  These fellow twin mommas are the best.. and our random conversations seem as if we have been friends since birth.  
Parker never ceases to amaze me with her desire for accessories.  It is everything from shoes,  handbags, jewelry, and those sweet little eyes while patiently waiting for me to tap my powder brush on her nose while I get ready in the morning.  She is such a doll baby.  She discovered my oversized handbag sitting next to the recliner in our bedroom and thought it was a great opportunity to cart it around the house.
I love a good mail day.. and on this day it included a belated birthday present from one of my favorite fellow momma's that I met through Instagram.  She is quiet possibly the most thoughtful lady on the planet.  She and I share the love of a perfect headband for our little girl(s), and what better to celebrate a birthday than to send Parker and Jolie a headband from our favorite shop: 
Jameson Monroe.  
SWOON!  THANK you times a million, Darcy!
Before bed, I emptied yet another diaper box, and since this is the greatest toy ever invented, the girls had a hay-day.  I didn't mind.  Wear those little booties out and sleep alllll night.

 Jolie was having a ball of a time.  

 These girls have been BEYOND sweet to one another these days.  I love being their momma. 
 ok.. maybe 'ball' could have been an understatement.  
 I pushed the box into the living room and she drank her sippy of milk and watched Little Einsteins, all while sitting in the box.  She loves it!  
Nothing super exciting to note (well.. those hair bows are pretty exciting, if you ask me) but it was just a great weekend.  Don't you love weekends like that?

I wish it wasn't over. If it wasn't over I would still be in my pajamas and snuggling with two sweet little girls.

Where is the rewind button when you need one?



Mandy Dupree said...

Looks like you all had a GREAT weekend!

I would really love the time to work on a ONE YEAR book for Jaxon as I had planned, but its overwhelming when I even log into Shutterfly. So I just freak out and exit immediately. LOL.

The girls looks as cute as ever!!!!

Alisha said...

Those sweet faces - SO cute! I just love their headbands and adorable outfits. :) Happy Monday!

Annalee said...

They are adorable!! I love seeing all of their little adventures!

Annalee said...

Such adorable pictures!! I love seeing all of their little adventures!

chantal said...

I am DYING over those scarves!! Where the heck did you find them?

Bitz said...

I love your blog so far! I've been been back tracking in your archives to read your life story from the beginning. My daughter, Sofia is the same exact way with accessories. You can never go far in our house without finding some kind of shoes or purse or clothing on the floor. :P Great post!

Anonymous said...

Never underestimate the fun of babies and a box :) So fun!

Sarah Tucker said...

I just love them! And you, of course. I will say that I lol'd thinking about you doing solo trips with the girls and imagining you trying to get the stroller in the back of your car while the other car was watching. Provided a good visual and made me laugh this morning! Love you!

Katie said...

your girls are just the cutest! i was all planning on starting a baby book and working on it each month. six months it and not even on page one :)

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