Supper Club 2010-2014

Hey, I want to start a Supper Club..  Want to partake?

Supper Club has come a long way from the random group of people thrown together for dinner one night by my sweetest Ashley.

Wayyyy back pre-babies (we were babies) Our first Christmas together in 2010.
Then the Lallaway's became the Dunaway's in 2011
Photo Booth fun with these crazies.  I still laugh-till-I-cry when I look at this picture.  Jacqueline's very pregnant belly did not fit into the booth.  I was sitting on the right knee of Travis and the left knee of Chris- and how we fit a grown man (Jordan) in the front is beyond me.  My word we've had some good times.

Fourth of July 2011 Baby Landon was just a few weeks old..now he's about to be THREE.
Supper Club at the Massey's- we planned our first trip together on this night..
..and then took that trip in October 2011: Broken Bow Bonanza.  THE most perfect weather you could imagine.  Such a good time!

Christmas Traditions being made: Christmas 2012
Celebrating Birthdays: Jordan turned 30 in 2012!
St. Patty's Day 2012- One week before going on Clomid to start the process of getting pregnant.  Diana and I had a serious conversation about getting pregnant on that day.. one month later (April 8th & April 10th) we would both become pregnant within 2 days of each other:)
Maine Lobster.. shipped fresh (and ALIVE) from Maine!  We do Supper Club right!
More birthdays!  Landon turned ONE in June 2012
Another trip.. this time to Cedar Creek Lake.  Our Gender Reveal.  Jarrett is clearly excited to find out that Baby A is a girl.

Dude.. wait till you bite into the second cupcake;)
I loved sharing this special time with these people.
These girls threw me the most amazing baby shower.  I was overwhelmed by the amount of thought they put into it celebrating my sweet Parker and Jolie.
The next day it was time to celebrate baby Jacob!
Jacqueline turns 30! Final Supper Club at our house before the girls arrived:)
Celebrating baby Juliette.  Adding another baby girl to our group!
..And here we are- 2014. Our group went from 4 young couples to seven (30 year olds - mind you.. I won't be 30 until September!) and FOUR babies.
We may be on a downward slope to mid-life, but we are still young at heart.

LOVE these people.



Ashley Sanderson said...

such a sweet thing to have a group of friends like that!!

Lara said...

What a great group of friends. I want to start my own group!!!! Special moments.

Alisha said...

That is so sweet! It is wonderful to have such a great group of friends like that!

Ashley D said...

Loved this walk down memory lane! Xoxo

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