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The Night Plague

Its 4:07am and I can honestly say I have yet to sleep. 
I'm sitting here waiting for my clothes, Parker and Jolie's clothes, sleep sacs, bed sheets, puppy, wubby, 3 towels, and 2 blankets to rid of puke.  not even dinner puke.  I'm pretty sure the broccoli and strawberries are from lunch, but I can't say for sure.

thats what I'm dealing with tonight/last night/this morning.  

as tired as I think I am, all I could think about was a cup of coffee. 
I'm such a mom.

let's regroup.

Today...err, yesterday I came home to a weird afternoon for me and my girls.  Not fussy - still relatively happy babes (per the usual), but when it was time for dinner neither of them had any interest in anything I placed in front of them. I didn't think too much of it because they refused breakfast for their daddy the other morning, and just about every few months, like clock-work (coupled with breaking a few new teeth) one or both go through a hunger strike.  

dinner went a little something like..
baked quinoa with brussels sprouts (refused)
bowl of dry cereal (threw it at the dog)
cereal with milk (slung milk all over my mopped floor)
toasted English muffin with peanut butter (Jolie refused, Parker licked the muffin clean of the PB)
Chobani yogurt pops, frozen.. winner.

so.  to sum it all up - we ate frozen yogurt for dinner.

Jolie then proceeded to cry for 68 minutes, through bath and into her jammies until I laid her in her crib for bed.  Parker refused to lay down, and after 51 minutes of rocking her, she finally gave up and fell asleep. 

{10:40pm} Parker is awake again. I'm thinking she must be starved.  I offer a banana and milk, and she refuses both.  
rocking, again, gets her back down. 

let me go back here for a second.  Jordan is at the fire station. 
just so we're clear.  I'm solo.

I had a few more Twin Talk blogging things to do before I called it a night, and right as I was shutting life down for the evening, Parks is awake.
totally not normal at all, so I started to be somewhat concerned. 
not hungry, not thirsty, no fever.. 
I'll stay away from the milk for now, just to be safe.

awake. again.
I'm thinking she just needs her paci and wubby, so I slide my hand across the mattress to guide me in the dark. 
chunky goop. 
I immediately pick up my poor girl and she proceeds to throw up, all over me and into my hands. we make it to the bathroom, and by that point she is making sure I know that I have yak all over me in so many jabbers and babbles.
thank you for the comic relief, chick-y.  

so, I'm not complaining.  a little puke never hurt anyone.  We both un-dress and re-dress, I strip her mattress (all in hopes that Jolie doesn't happen to wake for any of this circus going on around her.), and take a little carpet cleaner to the places when she missed my hand on our way to the bathroom. 

{2:40am} Jolie is sitting up.  
I smell it.  
puke laced with strawberries and broccoli.  puppy got it the worst. 

deep breaths at this point was the only thing that kept me from crying.  I hadn't a clue how to actually handle all this - two puking babies at once.  
while solo.
I felt sick.

{2:43am} stripped Jolie.  stripped her crib. 
stopped the already running washing machine and threw more to the load- cranked the power to heavy soil and moved on.

where to put these girls, now.  pack and plays. 
I have one.  where is my other pack and play.
BB's house.
son of a horse. why is this happening. 

 {3:00am} ONE pack and play in my room.  king size bed sheet in a crib in the nursery will do for now.. 
we are all crying at this point.  
thank goodness I'm a 29 year old woman that sleeps with a teddy. 
here, Jolie.  

for the 4th time of the night/morning I rocked a babe to sleep.  while the other cried until I could come soothe her to sleep again.  I didn't have a choice at that point being the only parent in the house.
it sucked.
{3:34am} Parker is asleep.  Jolie - sweet girl, come here. 
I was terrified one would get so upset and start throwing up again, but thank you sweet Jesus, that has stopped for now.

{3:44am} Jolie is asleep. Parker is awake.  
back to the nursery and again with the rocking.  
belly aches are not fun at all, and it is breaking my heart to see these girls so uncomfortable. 
Parker is asleep, finally.  I decided to enjoy the quiet and shut my eyes while we snuggled.
regurgitated strawberry in my hair.

and here we are.  I really need a shower.  I really need to go to sleep. those clothes and sheets really need to make their way to the dryer 
(my washer sang to me to let me know the cycle was done)
but, I'm really enjoying this cup of coffee.
 Jordan will be home shortly and he's got daddy duty this morning.

I'm such a mom.
I can do anything.  bring it.   



The Yarbrough's said...

Poor thing. I hope your little ones get to feeling better very soon and you get some rest. I know how exhausting it is.

Kristy said...

You are super mom for sure! Feel better little ones!

Kristy said...

Way to go super mom- it's amazing what we as me moms can do in times of need... Feel better little ones

Unknown said...

Oh my gosh I almost started crying in sympathy just reading this!

Bitzsoi said...

My husband and I literally went through this last night! I feel your exhaustion, Amber. Every time we thought we had new covers and that Sofia was done vomiting, she would do it again and another pillow case and sheet would go in the laundry. She seems fine now but I'm still wary...I hope your little ladies feel better soon!

Chelsey said...

Oh my, mama. You are a rock star. I hate rough nights - especially when both babes are unhappy and sick. Emerson has an ear infection and Sunday night I was up all night (literally). Thankfully Brooklyn slept through the entire thing! I hope your babies are feeling better.

Christina T. said...

Your attitude is wonderful! I hope when I have babies I can handle situations like this!

Unknown said...

If I lived closer I would have come to help you! My heart is reaching out to you and those sweet girls today hoping that you 3 girls got some sleep today :) hoping the worst is over and you all are on the mend. Big hugs and luvs from Vancouver.

Sarah Smith said...

I loved reading this. I'm so sorry for your babes but you rocked it!! Inspiration to moms everywhere!

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