First of the Season | Water Babies

I've been dying for this {warmer} weather to return.  I can guarantee that I will be eating my words in just a few short weeks when its 100+ degrees and just plain hot. Last year we had a blast with our $12 investment into a kiddie pool, and I couldn't wait to pull it out again once the crisp evenings wouldn't warrant water play to be a miserable time.

A good investment for this year would be bathing suits that actually fit.  

We'll get there.
Drinking the dadgum water. They think its hilarious when I holler at them for it, so I (attempt to) ignore..but then they just keep drinking.

I'm losing this battle.

Its not funny, Parker Jane.  Such a stinker.

It actually is funny,  but she will never know that I think so, too.

Last year we had a couple of baldies. 
I cannot believe how much has changed since then.  I can't decide whether to swoon in all this baby sweetness or bawl big baby crocodile tears for how fast time seems to fly.

I need an emoticon for this.. 
With such an amazing return on our investment with the kiddie pool last year, we decided to wager our success and go for the water table. 
Jolie- let me show you what this is..
The girl boasts all kinds of knowledge already.  How is this going to go when she's 14?
Dad put it together in a snap, and it took a little education of these smart cookies to figure out how to make it all work.

Of course- it became too bright, so we had to pull the diva card.
Shades for dayz
I am still impressed with how well they do with the sunglasses falling off their face. Just a quick push with their tiny fingers and they are good to go.

How do they even know what they are doing with those? They are so observant and it makes me a little nervous.
At one point Jolie was actually ON the water table.
Jolie.. I don't think that is actually how you are supposed to play.

As bad as we need a couple of suits.. this is the greatest of great pictures that will ever be taken while playing with the water table.  And after this weekend, I have taken 1,094 pictures.

Still numba one.

Baby Bootie {swoon}

..and I need another emoticon.

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Laurie @ Disney 'n Diapers said...

Ahh! Can't take it!! Little adorable baby butts! Cuteness. This winter was BRUTAL so I was soaking up every ounce of sunshine I could get this weekend. What is the actual name of that water table? I've been looking to purchase one for my princess and want one with plenty of activities!

Joanna said...

your girls are adorable! loving your blog :)

new follower

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