Red Balloons

photo from @babyboybakery
My heart is in turmoil for this sweet family and the sudden loss of their son.  I've not been able to rid the thoughts, emotions, and feelings I have when thinking about little Ryan Cruz since I heard of his tragic story yesterday morning.  This red headed full-of-life 3 1/2 year old lost his life while playing in the front yard over the weekend- a frisbee went into the street and he was struck and killed by a truck.  I have followed Jacqui for just a short while, but her IG feed (@babyboybakery) drew me in to click +follow simply because it is filled with the joy-filled face of Ryan.

Her last post was 5 days ago.. they were having a blast at Disney.

Jacqui shared her story with her best friend Alissa & asked that people would honor his memory by sharing his photo with the hashtag #redballoonsforryan.  Many artists and vendors are teaming up to raise money for the family to help in any way that they can. Costs of funeral arrangements etc. should be the last thing Ryan's parents should have to worry about and these shops are outwardly showing their support of this sweet little boy and his family.  When I first read about Jacqui and her family, her Instagram page (@babyboybakery) had just a couple thousand followers.  As of the last I checked, she had over 40K followers.  The outpour of support and rally around this family through social media is outstanding and like nothing you could imagine.  I am struck in awe by how small this internet community becomes when dealing with something like this. It has been amazing to see my social media feeds flooded with his sweet, red curls.  The relationships I've built since having Parker and Jolie through blogging and IG (@masseya) is nothing I can describe, and you probably wouldn't really understand unless you have experienced it for yourself.  
Truly amazing.

photo from @babyboybakery

I can't imagine the heartbreak these parents are experiencing right now.  If ever that fear of losing one of my girls creeps across my thoughts, I immediately feel sick and light headed. I don't hardly have the words to express how deeply pained I am to hear of this tragedy and I feel like I'm repeating myself over and over.   
photo from @thrivemoms
Thrive Moms (HERE) has created a donation button on their side bar for proceeds to support this family with anything they need.  

A few other shops that I know of that are taking donations as well as hosting auctions are listed below.  
Loved by Hannah and Eli
Shelby Chic Boutique (IG Auction: @shelbychicboutique)
Two Little Bees Boutique (IG Auction: @twolittlebeesboutique)
Indie Nook 
Freshly Picked through gofundme
Little Boogaweezin
Lisa Leonard Designs
Geo Fox Apparel (HERE & HERE)
The Kindness Box
Mulberry Press Co.

I didn't want to lay my tiny and perfect little girls down to sleep last night.. I wanted to hold them tight and never let go.  Prayers and boatloads of virtual hugs go out to this family. All we can do is pray for them (I haven't stopped) and hug our sweet loved ones a little tighter today.  



The Mile High Mom said...

I feel the same exact way. I couldn't even imagine. My heart breaks for them.

The Mile High Mom

Amanda Dupree said...

I am just so heartbroken for this family. I could not in a million years imagine losing a child. At any rate, I am sending my prayers. Thank you for this post, I am not sure a lot of people know about this unless on IG!


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