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a week with the babes

ever heard of the phrase "it takes a village"?  well.  literally our amazing trip to Cabo wouldn't have been possible without the village of amazing family and friends to care for our crew while we were gone.  first stop was BB + Papa's house.  the girls absolutely LOVE their BB and Papa and even more they love to have sleepovers.   when we dropped them off on Sunday night before we left on Monday morning bright and early, they walked in without a care in the world!  such a relief for that ease of transition, but hello- break a mama's heart!!  they started the week and didn't skip a beat.

I got this picture on Tuesday morning before BB took them to school.. and I couldn't focus on anything else but Jolie's sponge roller hair!  

 Papa's Happy Place
 BB + Auntie made the exchange on Thursday afternoon and it was up to the four babes to keep Auntie and Uncle J busy, busy, busy

 in true Auntie fashion, she had fun things planned for my girls + Grayson.  it wasnt too long ago that it was just Parker and Jolie to run the day's events. Now they are proud big sisters to help with the little ones as often as we let them:)

by far their most favorite part of visiting.  Uncle J has played the guitar for Parker and Jolie since they were born.. and then for Grayson and now for Baker, too.  
I absolutely love how much he loves them all!

so much has changed since the last time we did the Mexico shuffle! thankful for these people and for the way they love my people

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